Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Tshirt Project Spoof Shirts

I've seen this brand a couple of times before but had only, recently gotten the chance to take a closer look on what they offer.

It was a fun and an amazing experience to be able to browse the different designs they have. The wittiness of the statement shirts and spoof brands is just pure epic.

Store Locations

I couldn't stop myself from buying these two awesome shirts for me and my wife. I normally cringe at the idea of couple shirts but these are too fun to pass.

The shirts cost 519.00 each when i had bought those at an online store that's affiliated with "The Tshirt Project" They usually have a random sale going unfortunately, I bought mine before the sale LOL.

Summary? The design itself made it the right decision for me and it's definitely a plus factor that the cloth feels nice. Unlike some of the shirts that I've check which for me are a tad too thin to wear. 

Got my Dad the "The Incredible Hunk" Shirt, My Father in law the "Pray Boy" Shirt and the Spoof Shirt of "The Avengers Shield"  ^_^ can't wait for them to be delivered too.

Visit their page here to get more information.

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