Saturday, October 10, 2015

It’s not complicated: Online Shopping at ZALORA~

I’ve been working in the call center industry for quite some time now and the usual sentence I hear in the floor is “I don’t have time to go shopping”. That’s why business minded agents usually bring brochure or clothing in the office to sell to the busy body agents.  I can’t blame them, night shift takes a bit of toll and most of the time, day becomes sleepy time.

What comes to my mind when I hear the word online shopping? Not that much actually but here are a few after coming across ZALORA:

Is it a legit site?
100% legit as it can get. ZALORA is Asia's leading online fashion destination.

How to find what I need?
It’s easy as 1 2 3. You can type in the search bar for what you’re looking for.
There are also categories for each type of items you can purchase and on the left side you can filter the items per category

Example for Clothing: T-shirts, Polos, Button-Downs and etc..
You’ll also find the Fiter by Size, Price, Brand and Color splendid which makes it absolutely easier to find your best fit may it be for your Budget or Taste!

How do you pay?
Here’s the most sort out question amongst everything else. It’s amazing how the site values security and the worries of shoppers. Just in case you don’t want to use any of your credit card information. You’ll love the fact that CASH ON DELIVERY is available. There’s a 30 day free return policy and anything worth a thousand of purchase is automatically shipped for free.

Like Zalora on Facebook, you might get a chance to win on some of their promo for free shopping. Just enter the promo code and voila!

Tips: If your're a first time shopper use this voucher code ZBAPZm2 and get a 15% discount off your first purchase.

Will it fit me?
This shouldn’t be much of a worry since you can return the item if it’s too big or too small but just to be sure you can always go the help part of the site and click on the “What Size Should I Choose” option. This helps you convert sizes from international, uk, us and so forth.

Delivery TimeFrame?
2-3days within metro manila and 5-7 days outside manila. Base on experience though i got my order the next day i order my items. Nice right?

Here’s what I got for myself, my dad and my father in law ^__^
All in all, my entire first ever experience with online shopping has been incredible thanks to ZALORA and If there’s any down side to it, it's that you can easily get addicted on how fast and convenient it is to shop when you’re tired and just want to lay down in the sofa or bed but want to get in with fashion.

~Daddy Poreber

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