Thursday, October 22, 2015 Selling Fake Products?

When it comes to products and services we often look at how much we can save but is that enough reason to compromise the quality and our safety? Do you remember my previous post about my Bad Experience from LAZADA's Service? I knew that i wasn't the only who had problems with them and that there's other issues that needs to be resolved.

Here's a recent issue of an alleged news where the said online shop is selling FAKE Etude House products. Here's the official statement of Etude House Philippines who had taken action of filing criminal charges agains't LAZADA.

"We have not consented to any sale of such products by and and is not in any way connected with the website and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity and/or genuineness of the product sold by the said website.

In connection with this, Rosa Fiore House Corporation had filed criminal charges against the responsible corporate officers of for violations of Sections 155, 168 and 169 of the Intellectual Property Code due to the selling and/or facilitating the sale of fake and/or counterfeit Etude House of Korea product before the Office of the City Prosecutor of Makati which had been docketed as NPS DOCKET NO. XV-05-INV-15G2846."

~Daddy Poreber

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