Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Advice for Moms Starting New Families

Starting a family can be the most rewarding thing you do in your life, but also the scariest. You’re tasked with making sure another person is properly trained to be their own person for 18+ years. Caring for another human being, especially babies who can do so little, is a daunting task. There are millions of parenting books on the market but parenting advice is always changing.

If you decide to parent your child one way, while someone else says it should be a different way, then it’s totally okay. There is no perfectly right way to start or raise a family. Just ensure that all of your children are given love, compassion, and support.

For those wanting to start a family and looking for a little parenting advice, here are nine tips to consider for your parenting techniques.

Monday, February 26, 2018

3 Tips to Keeping the Perfect lawn made Easy

A beautiful lawn adds aesthetic value to one's property and nature at large. Keeping a perfect lawn ensures good health for you, your family, and also your pets. In the past, a perfect lawn was tiresome to achieve, despite being everyone's dream. It was hard to keep up with routine maintenance and yet keep up with your daily work. The following tips are a manual on how to easily attain a perfect lawn:

1. Frequent Mowing.

Cutting the grass helps thicken the blades. During mowing, thumbs rule should be adhered to; only cut one-third of the grass. Cutting the grass too low kills the lawn as it is deprived of its nutrients. Cutting and leaving the grass too high also leaves the weed too high and controlling them becomes a menace. It is advised to sharpen the mows blade or replace blunt blades to avoid injury to the grass that will cause the lawn to look rugged. Sharpening the blades also ensures that your equipment is highly maintained. Mowing should be done regularly with different patterns and directions to avoid the grass bending to one side.

2. Watering and fertilizing the lawn.

This process should be done to achieve a greener and healthy lawn. When planting the seeds, watering should be done early in the morning to ensure high germination of the grass. For grown grass, it requires water and nutrients for healthy growth. Nutrients need to be replenished, especially after recent mowing. The grass requires phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen as nutrients for a healthy and a green lawn. Potassium and phosphorus are easily found in the soil and they are not easily lost as compared to nitrogenous fertilizers. Therefore, when choosing a fertilizer, nitrogenous fertilizers are highly recommended as they ensure the leafy growth of the grass blades. These two activities can be done manually or can be automated and it depends on the size of your lawn and the time available.

3. Persistent Control of Weeds and Pest.

Controlling weeds in your lawn can be a headache if you don't know the target weed to be controlled. Small weeds can be manually uprooted with care to ensure that the weed does not grow back and at the same time, great care is taken to avoid injury to the grassroots. The uprooting should be done at the right season before the weeds pour out its seeds. Leafy weeds can be controlled by spraying them with right herbicide directly. Timing is of great essence, the best time to spray the herbicides is just before they germinate. Pest should be controlled with pesticides that do not harm your lawn, you or your pets. When spraying these chemicals, ensure you are properly dressed and read carefully the instructions manual. In a case where the whole lawn is infested with weeds and pest, full lawn spraying should be done with the right chemicals.

The way to achieve a perfect lawn has been made easy and there are professionals all over the world dedicated to helping you achieve your dream lawn. Ziehler lawn Care Company has trained personnel who work hand in hand with the client to help them achieve and maintain a perfect lawn of their dream. Visit their site on ziehlerlawncare.com for more information and services.

M2 Tea Drink: Delicious breastfeeding diet for pregnant and nursing moms

Are you a breastfeeding mom or are you an expectant mother who's goal is to breastfeed your little bundle of joy?

Breastfeeding can be beneficial and rewarding for both mothers and babies, but at the same time entails a lot of hard work and can be a bit tedious. I know because I breastfed Brianna for more than 2 years and it's something that I am very proud of doing. 

In order to keep quality breast milk supply sufficient, it is essential to always stay hydrated because breastfeeding can make the nursing mother really thirsty. This means that nursing mothers need to be sipping liquids most of the day. But most important of all, the health and nutritional state of the mom must always be at the optimum to make sure quality milk is being produced for her baby. 

Although water is good, it can get a bit dull as well as lacking nutritional value and content. 

In 2011, NatureEarth has introduced M2 concentrate tea drink. With malunggay (moringga), okra (lady finger) and ginger as its main ingredients, it is packed with powerful nutrients, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium and has been proven to significantly improve the amount of milk of nursing mothers. It is, by far, the best and most convenient diet for breastfeeding mothers, which are important for a baby’s growth. Malunggay, okra and ginger are also low calorie vegetables that are excellent sources of calcium and healthy antioxidants, important for both mothers and theirs babies. 

It is a known fact that malunggay is a good enhancer of breastmilk. And to further support this claim, a case study research was conducted by NatureEarth wherein twelve moms ages 18 to 33 years old with babies ages 2 weeks to 2 months old were asked to participate. Half of them were asked to drink one glass of M2 concentrate tea drink daily, while the other half were asked to drink 2 glasses. After a month of regularly drinking M2 concentrate drink, the 6 mothers who drank 2 glasses daily claimed they produced more breast milk. While the other 6 who drank only a glass did not notice any changes on the quantity of their breast milk. 

On the second month, all mothers claimed to have an increased amount of milk being produced, including the ones who only drank a glass daily. 

Then on the third month of continuously drinking M2 concentrate drink, everyone noticed that they felt better because no one got sick during the three-month period and there was an ease in bowel movement. Some mothers even claimed that their skin became smoother. 

M2 Tea drink is available in concentrated form wherein you still need to dilute it in water and the other one is the ready to drink. 

There are many ways to drink your M2 Tea Drink, add milk to make your own milk tea or just add lime. It can also be served hot or cold.
Early this month, I received a box of M2 Tea Read-To-Drink, this is the first time that I actually heard about this product and all I can say is that it stays true to it's claim that it is "Surprisingly delicious. Refreshingly nutritious!". I recommend it not just for breastfeeding mommies but to just about anyone who needs a quick vegetable fix, even kids love it!

Here comes the exciting part of this post, a giveaway! I will be sharing with you some bottles of M2 Tea Drink, head on to Instagram and FB for the mechanics! 

For more information about the product and other updates, please follow their Facebook page, M2LactationClub

This cool and refreshing tea is available in all Robinsons Supermarkets and Andoks Litson Manok stalls.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Share The Love: 5 Ways To Show Your Parents You Care

When you become a mom, it can be easy for your view of the world to focus solely on your children. You still love your parents, of course, but your world has shrunk, and you find yourself completely consumed by the lives that you are nurturing and raising-- it’s inevitable, understandable, and incredibly relatable. 

Your parents, of course, understand this; they likely went through the same thing themselves when they had you. However, you may occasionally find yourself wanting to do something for your parents; something that helps to show them that, no matter how busy you are, they still mean the world to you. 

Taking the time to do something nice for your parents is always going to be appreciated. Below are five different options that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the people who raised you. Anything you can do to make their lives easier, improve their world, and -- ultimately -- bond you closer as a family will always be appreciated. Below are several options that can help improve the life of your parents, from small practical help to big grand gestures; whatever your preference, there will be something that suits your family here… 

#1 - Spend a day with them alone 

“Alone” in this case means “without your children”. 

There’s no doubt that your parents adore your children and will absolutely revel in their role as grandparents. However, when was the last time you spent a little time on them just you and them, without your children?

For most moms, the answer to the above is likely to be “I can’t remember”. If that’s the case for you, then spending some time with just your parents can be a wonderful, unifying experience that you all enjoy. Whether you go out for the day or just prepare a lunch for them at your home, you’ll all find the experience incredibly beneficial and affirming. 

#2 - Help them unravel a knot 

Figuratively speaking, that is! 

When you are busy with your everyday life, your parents will likely avoid asking you for help and advice. They do this because they don’t want to bother you, even if they know you would drop everything to help them if they asked. They don’t want to ask, as they don’t want to stress you… and their knot keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

This is why, sometimes, you’ll need to ask if they have any knots in their lives that you could help them with. Here’s a variety of areas you may want to explore: 

Health. Are they receiving the appropriate healthcare? Are they happy with their doctor? Have they investigated their insurance options by taking the chance to read more at gomedigap.com about supplemental insurance? Are they happy with the medication they are taking? 

Finance. Are they confident about their finances? Do they need any advice? Do they know what their tax responsibilities are? 

Household. Are there any household jobs they need doing? When is the last time their central air was serviced? Are there any yard chores they need assistance with? Is their insurance up to date?

Well-being. Are they taking time for themselves? Is there anything they are worried about? Is there anything that is stopping them from socializing as much as they might wish to?

Obviously, you don’t want to demand answers to these questions directly-- they should be used more as a part of general conversation. When a knot reveals itself, spend a little time helping them unravel it; sometimes, fixing the small things is just as wonderful as a grand gesture.

#5 - Host a movie night 

A movie night may sound like a fairly standard idea, but here’s how you make it a special treat for your parents: show only their favorite movies. You can find out their favorites in general conversation a few weeks before the big night, then surprise them with a movie night selection specified to their tastes on the night itself. If you want to make the night extra special, then add in a few touches for the perfect movie night from the guide on the guide on lemonlimeadventures.com

#4 - Help them organize an aspect of their lives 

You may find that your parents need a helping hand with organization of their lives from time to time. 

Here are a few areas they may require organizational assistance with:

Their home. If the house is not well-organized or is in need of a good declutter, they will appreciate the offer to help them tackle the issue. 

Their record-keeping. The older your parents are, the more likely they are to have a huge amount of paperwork clogging up their home. Spend a day helping them to digitize their files so as to keep track of things as efficiently as possible. 

Their garden. For older people, constant maintenance of a garden can be extremely testing, especially during the winter months. If you notice there’s weeding that needs doing, then volunteering for the task is a great way of improving their lives in a small, but significant, way. 

If you notice any of the above aspects are in need of some attention, then offer to help in any way you can. They may refuse out of preference to manage the issue themselves, but they’ll be delighted you asked.

#5 - Arrange for relaxation

Giving your parents the chance to relax and enjoy themselves, without having to worry about the basic requirements of everyday life for awhile, is the perfect way to show you have been thinking of them.

Gift them a set of homemade “coupons”. These coupons can be redeemable for anything; common examples include “1 hour of vacuuming” or “a day trip to the city of your choice”. 

Arrange for a cleaner to visit their home for a week, so they don’t have to worry about household chores. 

Arrange for a gardener to improve their outdoor space as a one-off, just-because gift. 

Invite them to stay at your house for the weekend, so they don’t have to worry about their own housework and chores for awhile. 

All of the above are gifts in a sense, but they also show a huge amount of thought-- which ultimately is what makes for the best gifts. By issuing coupons, you’re showing that you think about their needs and preferences. By arranging for a gardener or cleaner, you’re thoughtfully showing that you think they deserve some time to relax, and you want to help them achieve that. 

In conclusion

The five ideas above are all lovely ways to show your love for your parents, ease their lives, and perhaps even make a few extra memories. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed that your parents will be truly delighted by your efforts.

Friday, February 16, 2018

SkinCell To Lead Medical Aesthetic Services, Opens new Clinic in BGC

The growth of medical tourism in the Philippines is on the rise because people are increasingly aware of the world-class facilities and services offered by our highly skilled medical professionals. They are well trained locally and abroad, can converse well in English and, always give that extra care Filipinos are known for. One of the services most sought after by tourists, especially by women, is aesthetic services.

However, problems in the aesthetics industry occur when some clinics fail to deliver the desired results of the treatment. This arises when inexperienced aestheticians fail to conduct a proper skin care analysis, are not knowledgeable in the handling the equipment, or are ill equipped to manage side effects. The end result is a disappointed client with damaged skin and an aesthetic industry with poor reputation.

The field of medical aesthetics wants to change all of this. Practioners of medical aesthetics are experts trained in the art and science of clear and healthy skin by using only the safetest and most effective medications and treatments that are well researched and evidence based. 

Skincell Doctors headed by Dr. Clarissa Cellona, MD FPDS, Senior consultant of
SkinCell Advanced Aesthetics Clinics.
"Many people don't realize that they have sensitive skin and learn about it when they develop eczema and other skin problems after undergoing a skin treatment or after using a skin product," said Dr. Clarissa Cellona, MD FPDS, Senior consultant of SkinCell Advanced Aesthetics Clinics, who is a U.S. trained dermatologist specializing in environmental dermatology and skin allergies.

A lot of our skin problems like allergy, pimples, and wrinkles are compounded by our lifestyle and environmental exposure to industrial and commercial pollutants. That is why at SkinCell, a thorough skin analysis is always performed by a board-certified dermatologist before the start of any treatment. SkinCell strives to be at the forefront of the medical aesthetic industry by combining advanced technologies in laser medicine and anti-aging with exclusively formulated medical grade products.

New clinic at BGC

SkinCell is officially opening its newest clinic at the Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill, Taguig City. The strategic location of this clinic enables it to serve the nearby residential communities and businesses. It is open everyday until 9 in the evening- making it convenient for the busy young professionals who seek treatments for various concerns of the skin, hair, and nails.

The clinic's Acne Solution Program is one of the most sought after treatments by many of SkinCell's clients. It addresses any form of acne problem with lasting results. In addition to this, SkinCell can customize its medical grade facial treatments based on the need and lifestyle of patients.

SkinCell's ReSET (Rejuvenating Skin Enhancement Technology) treatment is the latest, top-of-line non-surgical procedure that aims to removes signs of aging and makes patients look up to 10 years younger. SkinCell is the only clinic that is licensed to offer this treatment, which is powered by U.S.-patented Time Machine Procedure.

SkinCell also offers other non-invasive treatments such as permanent laser hair reduction, skin resurfacing for minimizing scars and pigmentation, skin whitening and tattoo removal, treatment of pathologic skin conditions such as alopecia and eczema, and energy-based procedures for skin lifting and tightening. 

SkinCell Venice is located at the 2nd Floor of Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig. It is open on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. For inquiriess, please call (02) 625-4552 or (0917) 603-4769.

SkinCell Forbes branch is at the 2nd floor of San Antonio Plaza Arcade, McKinley Road, Makati City. It is open Mondays to Saturdays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. For inquiries, please call (02) 526- 1379 or (0917) 799-1412. 

SkinCell Bocobo branch is at the mezzanine floor of Bocobo Center along J. Bocobo Street, Manila City. It is open Mondays to Saturdays, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. For inquiries, please call (02) 777-2355 or (0917) 832-2445.

Feeding A Chore? Three Reasons It Doesn't Have To Be

If you recognize how important feeding your child naturally can be, both for their nutrition and the bond it can forge between mother and child, then you are probably willing to suffer through all kinds of discomfort to make sure your baby gets their milk. However, you don’t necessarily have to suffer through it quite as much. Here, we’re going to look at three of the most common issues mother have with feeding time, and some of the tips on what, exactly, you can do about it.

If you’re in pain, you can do something about it

Breastfeeding can be a very new experience, physically, and a lot of women do suffer pain from it, but they might not be aware that there does exist some solutions depending on what kind of pain they’re suffering. If it hurts to nurse, it could be because your baby doesn’t have a proper latch. Wearing a nipple shield as shown at Balanced Breastfeeding can protect you while directing the baby to the correct latch. Cracked nipples are far from rare when your child’s been feeding away, too. Creams like Lansinoh can help soothe some of the pain you’re feeling and help you heal much quicker. Since they’re all natural, you don’t have to worry about washing it off before the next feeding time.

Keep it on your schedule

The kind of breast pumps shown at Mom Activity aren’t just good for those mothers who work. A breast pump allows you to feed your baby a lot more flexibly. They don’t always have to be latched onto you and you don’t always have to be in “high storage” mode to feed them. Whether you pump independently, or you use the pumps after a natural feeding, it helps you keep in supply. This means you can feed the baby when it suits your schedule, and your family can help take over if you are utterly drained and need to lie down for a few hours.

You shouldn’t worry about propriety

Most mothers will agree that any kind of taboos around feeding in public are not only silly, they’re counter-intuitive. The idea that anyone should stop rearing a healthy baby because it makes some people uncomfortable seems ridiculous. But as a result, many mothers feel self-conscious about feeding. That can’t be helped, but breastfeeding covers as shown at Made for Mums can do away with that notion entirely. You want to make sure that the fabric is light, maneuverable and breathable so you don’t worry about smothering anyone under there. A fabric that can stop leaks from showing through is going to save you from any embarrassment that a dark spot on your top might cause you. Hopefully, we can move past the complex that society has about public feeding, but until then, breastfeeding covers are a lifesaver.

Learning to feed your baby, to get into a routine, and to make it as comfortable as possible for both of you can take some time. Hopefully, the tips above help you find that happy regularity that can make a new mother feel much more at ease.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Top 4 Heating And Air Conditioning Tips And Tricks

The HVAC system comprises of a heating, ventilation and an air conditioning component. This system is fundamental to buildings and houses as it ensures the residents' wellbeing and enjoyment. In an ordinary building, HVAC costs account for 50% of the electricity bill. It is even more expensive in buildings which require refrigeration.

Many HVAC systems are still using the R22 gas also known as Freon. This gas is not only expensive but also harmful to the environment and your health. If inhaled in large quantities, it can cause irregular heartbeat, unconsciousness, and even death. Its composition of dangerous gases such as HCFC destroys the ozone layer.

Bluon energy has invented a Freon substitute known as the Bluon TdX 20. This new refrigerant will revolutionize the market. It is cost effective, well regulated and much friendlier to the environment. 

Here are 4 useful techniques for replacing the refrigerant in your heating and air conditioning equipment.

1. Modernize Your HVAC System Without Replacing Your Existing Equipment

It is uneconomical to replace a HVAC system that is working well and in good condition. The good news is that you don’t have to buy new equipment when replacing your Freon with the new Bluon Tdx 20. This is because Bluon has made things easier by creating a mobile app and appliances that can be used by a skilled workman to remove the old Freon and replace it with the new TdX20.

This switch is not only cost effective but also very friendly to the environment. You will only pay for the TdX20 and the labor cost. 

2. Lower Your Energy Consumption

It is important to find a refrigerant that saves on energy. TdX 20 has been tested and has shown a significant reduction in energy consumption by 5-25%. This energy savings will result in smaller electricity bills since HVAC accounts for about 50% of your bills. Secondly, your equipment will last longer as the wear and tear will greatly reduce. Upgrading to TdX 20 will give you real value for your money.

3. Get Full-Service Installation

With all the advantages that come with the new TdX 20, Bluon has also guaranteed to give you a smooth transition as you replace your R22 gas. Bluon has come up with a program where they partner with your local technician to fix any damaged parts in your equipment and thereafter replace your Freon with the new TdX20 refrigerant. In case you don’t have a local technician, do not worry. Bluon has a team of dedicated workers who are readily available to get the job done for you.

4. Upgrade To A Readily Available Refrigerant

With the worldwide phase-out of Freon and the current hiked prices, it is advisable to look for alternatives sooner rather than later. A readily available refrigerant is the way to go. TdX 20 will easily replace Freon as it can be used in any equipment that previously used Freon. Upgrading to TdX20 will ensure that you have a cost-effective refrigerant that will not run out in years to come.


HVAC is expensive, but with these four tips and tricks, you can save on your energy costs without having to buy new equipment. 

Need an alternative to R22 gas? Discover how this freon replacement will give you value for your money.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Be strong and sexy at any age in the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018

This summer 2018, Century Tuna, the country’s number one tuna, ups the ante, raises the stakes, and pushes the envelope once more as it launches the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018—the most awaited and most exciting summer event that spotlights health and fitness for men and women of any age! 

The hunt for the fittest and healthiest men and women all over our islands returns to break the norms of what our bodies can do. Whatever the age, there should be no limits, no boundaries, in what you can achieve in order to be fit and healthy, especially with Century Tuna!

For the first time ever in this most awaited bi-annual event, the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 search features two exciting categories with 36 finalists: 20 finalists in the 18-37 years old category and 16 finalists in the 38-50 years old category. Yes, you heard it right! This year’s Superbods search, truly summer’s hottest event, will now also welcome ageless participants in its bid to prove that, indeed, you can still be fit, sexy, and beautiful regardless of age.

This year’s Superbods search revolves around the theme of ageless,” says Greg Banzon, general manager of Century Pacific Food, Inc. “This time around, we want to put forth the message that age should not be a hindrance to staying fit and healthy, and that we should never stop in our pursuit of physical fitness and wellness. That’s why we added a totally new category for those 38-50 years old.”

Making their presence felt and serving as the ultimate ageless fitspirations are Alice Dixon, Ina Raymundo, and Sunshine Cruz, Century Tuna’s Power Women, who previously appeared in the all-new ‘Red’ TVC that highlights their ravishing bodies and gorgeous looks despite their age. Joining them are the Yummybodies of Century—Gerald Anderson, Matteo Guidicelli and Paulo Avelino.

The Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 kicks off with the nationwide go-sees on February 11, 18, 24, and 25 in Davao City, Cebu and Manila, respectively. These will be followed by a slate of exhilarating activities that are sure to add spice and delight to the search! There’s the VIP Night to be hosted by Mond Gutierrez and Gelli Victor; the Ultimate Challenge that will test the finalists’ mental and physical health to be held at the Inflatable Island, Subic; the Superbods Weekend including the fun Underpants Run in Filinvest; the Zalora Fashion Show, which culminates in the Finals Night on April 12, 2018 at the Cove, Okada Manila.

Up for grabs are a whopping 500,000 pesos each for 4 winners, a chance to have a training contract with Star Magic this year, and a chance to win a Chevrolet Trax! Also at stake are special awards including Stylish Superbod of the night, People’s Choice, Best in Congeniality, Superbods Photogenic, Runway Superbod of the night, Superbod Beach Bod, and Superbods Challenge Winner.

Whether you’re in your fittest best at 20 or still in your peak at 40, we want to prove that age is just a number,” Gela Pecson, Century Tuna marketing manager relates. “Which is why, this year, we’re encouraging and motivating everyone, especially those in the ageless bracket, to take part and prove to others that nothing is impossible if you set your mind and heart into it.” So go ahead, conquer yourself! Show them what you got in the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018.

Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 is made possible by Cove Manila, Philipps, Indesit, Mabe, Tanduay Distillers, Inc., Zalora, and Chevrolet.

For more details, updates on events, and registration, visit Century Tuna Superbods on Facebook: www.facebook.com/centurytuna.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

5 Tips To Using iCloud For Personal Use

iCloud has been in existence for quite some time now but regardless of this fact, most Apple product users have no idea whatsoever on how to make use of it for their personal benefit. All they know is to synchronize their device with iCloud to back up their data and nothing more.

But there’s more to iCloud that you as an Apple user can utilize to perform other numerous personal tasks. Let’s review 5 useful tips for using iCloud that can help you a great deal:

1. Build Backup and Synchronize App Data

When using the Contacts, Notes, Reminders, or Calendar app on your iPad or iPhone, make sure you activate the iCloud functionality. The benefit of this is that as long as your device has an active internet connection, it will perform an automatic data backup and synchronize the app-specific data in your iCloud account. 

This data can automatically synchronize with other Apple devices that are linked to your iCloud account and you can access it on your MacBook regardless of whether you did a backup from your IPad, iPhone, or iMac.

2. Make Use Of Shared Photo Stream For Digital Photo Sharing

iCloud’s My Photo Stream feature gives you the provision to backup and share 1,000 digital photos. With the Shared Photo Stream, you can share images through the internet with other Apple users on whichever Apple device they’re using. 

You can create numerous Shared Photo Streams so long as you have a Wi-Fi internet connection. These Photo Streams won’t use the 5GB free online space for storage provided on your iCloud account.

3. Utilize The ‘Find My iPhone/iPad Feature

iPhones and iPads do get lost or stolen, occurrences which you may not have control of. If you have the Find My iPad or Find my iPhone feature on before such an event happens, you greatly improve your chances of tracking your device and finding it.

Once this iCloud feature tracks your phone, you are presented with several options, some of which are to recover the device, lock, or erase all the content on it to prevent unauthorized users from accessing it

4. Store Your Usernames And Passwords in iCloud Keychain

When surfing the web on your iPad or iPhone using the Safari Browser, iCloud can perform a backup and synchronize your Open Tabbed Browser Window, Bookmarks menu, Reading List, and Favorites Bar.

You can have the iCloud Keychain feature set up on your device to automatically store your credit card details securely so you don’t have to re-enter them all over again when shopping on specific websites online

These usernames and passwords are stored online in your iCloud account and they automatically synchronize with other Apple devices linked to this particular iCloud account.

5. iCloud Family Sharing And Location Sharing Option

With the iCloud Family Sharing feature, you can share with your family the storage available in the cloud. You can also restrict family members from doing certain things such as making purchases.

With the ‘Share my location’ option, you can share your location with your family members while on the move.


These 5 tips will help you make the best use of iCloud for your personal use and your experience using Apple devices will become even better.

Need to unlock your locked iPhone iCloud account? Here’s Why The Lucky Stiff website will help you get it done easily.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Family Travel: Reducing The Cost More Easily

Are you hoping to jet off to somewhere sunny this summer with the kids in tow for a fun and relaxing family break? However, despite being excited about the concept of actually taking a family break, you are also feeling a little stressed out due to the high cost that can come with family getaways, particularly during the summer months when school is out. 

The good news is that although family travel can be expensive, it doesn’t have to break the bank. If you are smart about how you go about planning your trip, you can significantly reduce the cost that comes with it, making family travel much more affordable and budget-friendly. For everything that you need to know to do that, read on. 

Go self-catered or all-inclusive

When it comes to cutting family travel costs, you have two options. One is to choose self-catered accommodation so that you can cook for yourself. Two is to choose all-inclusive, so that the cost of your trip includes all food and drink, from breakfast and lunch to dinner and even snacks. Both options can be cost-effective, the one that you pick will depend on your family’s dietary needs and whether or not you are happy to cook while you are away. 

Book early

The earlier you book your trip, the cheaper it will be. So make an effort to get your trip booked as soon as possible so that you don’t end up having to pay the higher prices that come with travel the closer you get to your going away date. By booking your trip early, you can save up to 25% off the cost of it, so this is something that is most definitely worth doing. 

Take advantage of the benefits of a credit card 

Do you have a credit card that offers you travel perks? If you don’t, consider getting one. Did you know that a range of credit cards come with various travel perks, such as bonuses on hotel bookings and airfare when it comes to credit card points? These points can be used for things like car hire, days out, and the cost that comes with using a travel agency to book your trip? If you need some help getting to grips with which credit cards are best for travel, the credit card travel blog The Points Mom could be a resource that it’s worth taking advantage of. Not sure what your current credit card company offers? Give their customer service team a call and find out. 

Fly at night 

To beat the cost of airfare, a hack that can work well is booking tickets for late at night. Admittedly, with kids in tow, this is far from ideal, but the fact is that late night flights are undesirable, which means that they can be up to 50% cheaper than daytime flights. If you are keen to make your trip as cheap as possible, flying at night is an option that it is worth considering. 

There you have it, everything that you need to know about reducing the cost of family travel more easily. Holidays in the summer don’t have to be off limits; it’s just a case of taking steps to make them as affordable as possible. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018


Microsoft office is a must have for any business around the world as it offers a wide array of applications that help individuals in their work. You can download Microsoft office for Australia for use in your business, as it is easy to use and install. Here are a few tips to using Office in Australia:

1. Microsoft Office has a simplified way of sharing documents

Microsoft Office 2016 offers the user the ability to share documents with others via a share button that has been integrated into all Office apps. This button is located at the top corner of the applications and it helps the user to share any documents with their contacts at ease, one-click only. Additionally, Office 2016 makes it easy to attach documents to an email, especially if the document in question was one that the user has worked on recently. Instead of accessing the location of the document in the computer first before attaching like in previous versions of Office, the new version allows the user easier attachment. The document shows up in a list of documents you can share in your Outlook account. This however only works with recently worked on documents. For older documents, the procedure used in older Office versions still applies. 

2. Microsoft Office offers a more organized setup

Office 2016 offers a new email toolbox for Outlook called “Clutter”. Everyone gets a huge number of emails every day, and sifting through the messages to categorize which are important and which are not can take a lot of time. With the new clutter folder, the user can prioritize the low priority emails and put them into the clutter folder. Additionally, any future messages which are similar to the ones in the clutter will be automatically sent to the folder. This makes it much easier to organize your Outlook.

3. Office 2016 offers some new important tools

When you get your Office 365 subscription, you get a new analytics tool, Power BI, that helps the user keep details about how their business is running. In addition to Power BI, you also get Delve into your subscription. It is stored in the cloud which gives the user the ability to access it from anywhere and from any device. Delve gives the user the ability to access anything that you have ever worked on or shared using Office 2016.

4. You get OneNote notebook sharing

Office 2016 gives the user the ability to share a OneNote notebook with a vast contact list. OneNote works with any type of document, be it emails, images, text and worksheets and this versatility make it a very important tool when working with a team that knows how to use it. The only problem is that OneNote is very rarely used by anyone besides it being one of the most useful applications available in Microsoft Office. 

5. Office 2016 gives access to real-time co-authoring

Office 2016 gives the user the ability to co-author in real time. Even though co-authoring has been available even in previous Office versions for a number of apps, the new version allows the user to see what the colleagues are working on as they do it in a PowerPoint presentation or Word document. Your colleagues will also be able to see what you are working on, regardless of location or the device you are both using.

The Most Affordable And Private Way To Notify The USPS Of Your Next Move

It is imperative for you to notify the USPS of your next move. Only then will you be able to receive your important mails at your new address. Failure to notify the USPS can be costly. You wouldn’t want your financial records to be sent to the wrong address now, would you? If that happens, you will be vulnerable to identity theft. 

The USPS has truly made it easy for you to change your address. You no longer need to physically visit the local post office to get your address changed. You can easily do it online. After USPS processes your COA (Change of Address) request, it will take around 7 to 10 days for your mails to arrive at your new address. 

So, the question arises—what is the most affordable and private way to notify the USPS of your next move? 

Changing addresses online is often the preferred method for convenience and speed. Therefore, if you are looking for speedy work and convenience, we would suggest you to change your address online. So, how can you change your address online? Basically, all you need to do is to visit the official site of USPS, USPS.com, and simply follow basic instructions. 

You will be required to fill an application form and submit your credit/debit card details, your valid email address, and address change. The post office then electronically verifies the information you submit with the issuer of your credit/debit card. You will be charged $1 as verification fee. And, if the card billing address matches the address you are moving from, you will receive an email confirmation of the change in your address. Therefore, all it takes for you to change your address is a dollar! Isn´t that affordable or what? 

However, if you don't even have a dollar to spare, you can also get your address changed for zero cost. Basically, you will need to ask for Form 3575 at your local post office. And, if you visit the post office yourself, you won't have to pay the verification fee. It is also possible for you to submit the printed online address change form to the post office. 

You can also change your address by phone. To do that, you will need to call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). You will then have to go through an identity verification process and you will be asked to submit your credit/debit card details. You will need to pay a measly sum of $1 as verification fee for the address change over the phone.

If you need further help with changing your address, we would recommend you to visit the site, addresschangeus.com.