Saturday, October 10, 2015

Flyff All Stars Adroid App Game

I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who felt blue when Flyff (PC version) ended and if you also did by all means continue reading on.

It has a unique game feature and the BGM definitely gives you that Flyff feel on it. The graphics is also good All 3d characters and effects.

I settled with this 3 beauties to start with my game. Luckily I got Alice to boost the other two heroes.

Although i secretly wish i got these other two together with alice. ^_^

Here they are now.

 I'm quite happy with my current journey on this game since i got the chance to get these cool characters speficically Silphia and Luana (All long range character)

I love Long range characters. It's pretty awesome especially in boosting your other character or farming.

Hope to add you in game in soon. ^_^ Add me "Brianna111213" It's my daughter's name.
(It was a great game until the updates stopped.)

~Daddy Poreber

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