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Monday, March 21, 2022

Zenutrients joins Shopee's #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair!

Shopee makes Filipino-made products accessible for more people with their #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair! It also helps local MSMEs grow their businesses online.

When we support local products, not only are we doing good for ourselves but for the environment too.

Locally made products mostly use natural to raw ingredients, making them good for the body and the environment. And when we support local MSMEs we are generating more jobs for Filipinos which helps boost the economy.

Among the many brands participating in the fair is Zenutrients and they offer discounts of up to 20% off!

Friday, January 21, 2022

Dazzle up a simple and plain outfit with Mikana!

No matter how plain and simple an outfit is, you can always elevate the style with the right kind of necklace. That's why charm necklaces are definitely a must-have in every wardrobe. I am not much into accessories, but I see to it that I have at least 1 to 2 necklaces to pair with my plain fits. 

And, I'm glad I found out about MikanaMikana is a Japanese Inspired Jewelry store in the Philippines expressing modern traditions of detailed pieces, that are pretty yet affordable. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Easy Ways For Exhausted Moms To Still Look Amazing

It’s a universal truth that being a mom is totally exhausting, and almost everything else pretty much has to take a back seat. Whether it’s teenagers or toddlers that take up your time, it can feel like we don’t even have time to brush our hair or wash our own clothes, never mind consider makeup. With so little sleep, it can be pretty difficult to pull off the no makeup look and still look stylish. But all is not lost - here are a few things even the busiest mothers can do to get that chic mom style.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Kill the Mom Zombie! 3 Makeup Hacks for Looking Human

When you’re a Mom, looking good is so much harder than it was before you had children. You don’t have the same amount of time to spend getting ready, and instead are dedicating it to dressing little people; you probably don’t have the same amount of money to spend on the products that you used to love, knowing that there are better and more deserving things that your cash now needs to fund. Some mothers ditch the makeup altogether, as they don’t have the room for it in their change bags - again, instead of cash that can be used for other things, it’s space that can be used for something a bit more important. 

But stop right there! You are important too. You deserve to look good, you deserve to feel great. You don’t have to give your life up just because you are looking after another one. Keep your makeup bag compact and stick to the essentials, and you’ll already be so many steps ahead of those who don’t. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

3 Tips To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

While many say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is also a sense of natural features that people need to remember. The beholder, the one who finds you beautiful, knows all your features, all your beauty spots, all your curves and your flats, all your chubby and skinny bits, all your too big or your too small self-criticism, and still sees beauty in you. And that is because everyone has a form of natural beauty, and there is no need to always distract from the elements that you hate in your appearance, because these may just be what makes your special charm. You are beautiful, and it’s time to show it!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Brazilian Treatment Experience at The Beauty Lounge by Bianca Festejo in Taguig + Giveaway!

Happy December 1st! Wait, it's December already? Oh how time flies so fast. Where have all the days gone? Anyway, the past few days wasn't good to me so I would like to start my December with something beautiful. I would like to share with you my Brazilian Treatment experience at The Beauty Lounge by Bianca Festejo.

Reception area of The Beauty Lounge by Bianca Festejo, adjacent to it is a couch for waiting customers or their companion
Does the name ring any bell with you? Bianca Festejo is the owner of Mary Pauline Salon and Spa in Starmall Las Pinas which just celebrated it's first year last October 2016.  I've been to Mary Pauline before already and have tried some of their services and I swear they are one of the nicest salon I've ever been to! You can read here about my Hairtastic Makeover and My OxyGeneo Super Facial Experience with them. Her humble beginning with her first salon turned out to be a big success and became a hit not just in Las Pinas but to many customers from different areas in the Metro. With her desire to provide more people with affordable but competitive beauty service, Bianca finally opened her newest branch, The Beauty Lounge by Bianca Festejo in Taguig.

The Beauty Lounge by Bianca Festejo is a one stop salon that caters to all our beauty needs, hair, nails and skin, you name it! In this fast paced world and given the traffic condition here in the Philippines, multitasking to be able to maximize our time is a must. And, for a mom like me who barely have time to pamper myself it's a relief to know that I can have my hair done, my nails and even my facial in one place which will surely help me save a lot of time. 

The Grand Opening of The Beauty Lounge was last November 14, 2016 but before that, Bianca held a Bloggers Pampering day last November 10, 2016 and I was one of the invited bloggers. Such a perfect timing because my crowning glory needs some rescuing and pampering. 

The Beauty Lounge by Bianca Festejo looks so posh. It can cater up to 7 customers at once for their hair services. They also have other rooms exclusively for non invasive derma service. They have their own resident Dermatologist who will asses you prior to any derma services to ensure safety.
This is their posh nail service area. I also attended the Grand Opening together with Brianna and my blogger friend Eihdra of We both tried their foot spa and pedicure package.
Living the blonde life ain't that easy, especially if you weren't born with it. I should know because I've been living the bleach blonde life for almost 6 months. You can read how my hair transitioned from back to blonde on my blog post here. Bleach blonde hair sure is high maintenance and needs extra care compared to the regular dyed hair. Once you go blonde you have to commit to taking care of your hair or else it will become dry and damaged which exactly what happened to mine. Since I gone blonde last June I didn't visit any salon for the required treatment nor did any maintenance at home such as using the proper shampoo and conditioner. 

Days prior to the event I already made up my mind, I wanted to have a hair color and rebond. But upon assessment, my hair is not eligible to any of the 2 service I wanted. I actually have the option to still have it done but that will add more damage to my already damaged hair. I sure don't want that. My hair needs nourishing and rescuing according to my stylists, Sir Edward and Sunshine so they recommend the RMANES Brazilian Treatment and that's what we did! 

I just found out then that there are actually 2 types of Brazilian Treatment, the Alfaparf and the Rmanes Brazilian Treatment and the Rmanes is the one suitable for my hair. The treatment took about 2 hours only, they have a timer to ensure that the treatment stay on my hair only on the required span of time. There never was a dull moment during the treatment because the staffs made sure to cater my needs, drinks, snacks and a good conversation. 

In about 2 hours time, my hair is done. It has never been this soft and smooth in 6 months time. Up to this posting which is already past 3 weeks, it still is soft and manageable. I still have to go through the same treatment this month though and after that I can already have my hair rebonded. My hair is naturally thick and wavy so I yearly opt for hair rebond. 

I forgot to take my before photo because I actually came in late for the event, but here is 
my hair after treatment photo. As you can see it's only straight because it was blow dried and ironed.

One of the many reasons why I love Mary Pauline is their exceptional customer service and I experienced the same with The Beauty Lounge. They care about their customer, they provide teaching and recommend the suitable treatment for their customers. But of course in the end, the decision is all up to you. I may not have achieved a straight and cool hair color but at least my hair is now healthier which is what matters most. Another thing that will surely make you a loyal customer of these 2 salons is their affordable rates that wont cost you an arm or a leg. Above all these, their services are very competitive which will leave you satisfied. 

Thanks to my stylists Sir Edward and Sunshine!
With Bianca Festejo, the beautiful and generous owner of The Beauty Lounge. Thank you and congratulations Binca!<3 p="">

Here are some of the services that Beauty Lounge offers together with its prices:

Hair Services:

Package A: Php. 800
Hair Color + Keratin Treatment + Cut
(No bleach included)

Package B: Php. 1,300
Rebond + Keratin + Cellophane + Cut

Pacakge C: Php. 1,800
Rebond + Color + Cut

Package D: Php. 1,999
Brazilian Blowout + Cut

Package E: Php. 2,500
Brazilian Blowout + Color + Cut

Package F: 2,500
Rebond + Brazilian + Cut

Package G: 3,000
Rebond + Brazilian + Color + Cut

Package H: Php. 1,500
Color + Bleach + Keratin Treatment + Cut
(Ombre or Balayage)

Non-invasive Derma Services

Basic Facial: 249
International Facial: 350
Whitening Facial: 399
Acne Care Facial: 380-800
Diamond Peel: 500
Xlase Plus: 10,000 (package)
Xlase Face Whitening: 1,800/ session
Diode: 800/session
Oxygeneo: 1,250
RF Arms: 700
RF Tummy: 900

Take a look at those amazing deals! The Beauty Lounge by Bianca Festejo is indeed a one stop shop for all your beauty needs! Visit them now at Petron Station, C5 - Diego Silang, Taguig.

They are also active online and hosts giveaways from time to time so make sure to check out The Beauty Lounge by Bianca Festejoinas on Facebook. <3 div="">

Alright, we're now on the exciting part. Giveaway! They gave us home treatments and GC's and since it's almost Christmas time I want to treat you all for some hair, nails and skin pampering as an early Christmas treat so I am giving away 1,000 worth of GC's that you can use for any service at The Beauty Lounge. Just follow the simple steps on the Rafflecopter below.

P.S. 1 voucher is valid for 1 person per visit.

Good luck ladies!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 Finally a Beauty Destination For Everyone + Haul

I'm a self confessed late bloomer when it comes to make up. I don't know a lot about make ups, nor how to properly apply it, in fact, the only beauty products I use is a powder, lipstick and blush on sometimes. Well, except of course when there's an occasion and there's a make up artist who'll do my look. Although I'm not a beauty expert, I'm a certified beauty enthusiast. I like discovering new products and occasionally make purchases especially my favorites. But I rarely shop for make ups in a physical store. Since I don't know a lot, I need to research and read reviews about a certain product first before buying and it usually takes me a while so buying it online is more convenient for me. And recently, I discovered about, finally a beauty destination for me and I will be sharing with you why it could also be your beauty destination and I'll show you my mini haul, so read on.

What is BeautyMNL?

BeautyMNL is the number 1 and the biggest beauty website in the Philippines. BeautyMNL wants us, Filipinas to feel our most beautiful every single day thus they offer something pretty and new every day! They have their own online magazine section which is called the "Bloom" that features tips, easy how-to's, and great beauty trends from celebrities and beauty gurus. Aside from their magazine they also have their Shop where you can find wide array of beauty products from both local and international brands. 

And here are the reasons why I love BeautyMNL.

1. Curated assortment of over 300 authentic beauty brands including Organics

BeautyMNL carries over 300 beauty brands from both local and international, giving us wide selection of products. This only means that BeautyMNL can cater even to our tightest budget. They also offer promos and discounts from time to time. The great part is, all their products are 100% authentic so no need to worry about getting fake ones.

With their curated "shop" section, shopping is as easy as ABC! Speaking of ABC, they have an alphabetical list of the brands, so you can just click on your favorite brand and it will redirect you to all it's products. They also organized their products according to its categories such as skin care, make up, hair care, organic, nails and scents, accessories and essentials. 

For the Green advocates, organic products from brands like Human Nature, By Nature and more that are  that are gentle, eco-friendly, and baby/kid friendly alternatives to traditional cosmetics are also available at BeautyMNL.

2. Rewarding review system

Aside from the accurate description of each products, they also have reviews from the those who purchased and have used the products. I find this very useful since I mentioned above that I do a lot of reading before actually buying. And to encourage shoppers to make their reviews, BeautyMNL rewards "Top Reviewers" with Php500 worth of credits for every 50 reviews successfully completed until they reach 200 reviews. Not only are reviewers helping other shoppers but they also get rewarded for it, awesome right?

3. "Bloom" - Insightful Online Magazine

Your daily dose of fresh, interesting tips, easy how-to's, and great beauty trends from celebrities and beauty gurus. Something new to discover from time to time that will surely make you feel like a pro!

4. More Payment options including Cash on delivery

You can select your preferred payment option, it can be via Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Deposit or if you don't have any of those mentioned above you can opt for Cash on Delivery.

5. Personal delivery service and Fast Shipping

After successfully placing your order all you have to do is sit back an relax while waiting for it. They have their own delivery service so you are sure that your package will arrive to you in good condition.

The part that I'm impressed the most is their fast shipping! For Metro Manila, you can expect your package within 24 hours or the next business day. For Provinces, it will be within 5 to 7 business days due to the holiday season. They don't ship on weekends.

I placed my order 2AM of October 14, 2016 which is Friday so I already anticipated to receive my order by Monday, October 17 which is my birthday. But around 9AM, I received a text message from BeautyMNL informing me that my order will arrive within the day. Whoa! Seriously? Almost 11AM came and knocking on our doors is my BeautyMNL rider personally handling me my beautiful package! It was like an early birthday present for me! Yey! Can you believe it, just less than 12 hours? You know when they say, that when something is too good to be true, it probably is? Well not this one! It's the fastest online shopping I've experienced so far. 

Alright so I got my package on the 14th of October but it was just last November 8 that I unboxed it and I made a VLOG for that which is on my YouTube Channel. Posting it below as well:

Can you imagine how hard was it for me to resist the temptation of opening the package? Haha! I just had the guilt feeling of opening the package and use the products without blogging about it so I had to resist the temptation. Anyway I would also like to apologize for this super delayed post, on the VLOG is my explanation why. LOL! Moving on, here's my BeautyMNL mini haul which are comprised of products that I haven't used before though they are not relatively the latest products there is. 

Buttery-soft formula applies rich and creamy; delivers vibrant, opaque color payoff; glides onto lips seamlessly for comfortable wear; long-lasting formula with a shine-free, velvety finish.

 I've been eyeing on these ever since it came out, I was just hesitant to buy at first because it may not look good on me since I already have pale lips. But bought it anyway as I wanted to achieve a good natural look for everyday errands.

Covers and conceals pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections; absorbs excess oil for a fresh, radiant finish; protects against harmful UV rays and pollution; can be used wet or dry; suitable for all occasions indoors or outdoors.

Foundation is another product that I am hesitant to purchase. I use to hate how oily and sometimes cakey they turn out to be. I was in 2nd year college the last time I've used a foundation and ever since I've only used baby powder. But I'm giving foundation another chance since now I've learned some beauty hacks lol.

An easy, two-step hair treatment designed to revitalize hair. Perfect fo salon-less hair therapy.

My hair was bleached 2 times in just one session last June and since then I never went back to the salon for the maintenance. I know! It totally took a toll on my hair, it was dry and damaged so I bought this, but haven't used it yet. Last week I finally had my hair treated and I need hair treatment once week so I'm going to use this!

As of posting, I have used all the products already except for the hair treatment, hopefully I could post a review about these even just on social media.

Overall, I am pretty much impressed with my BeautyMNL online shopping experience. I didn't have any problem with my transaction with BeautyMNL except that I actually had a hard time deciding what to get haha. I am very indecisive and takes a while to shop, but other than that everything went well. Everything was smooth, from choosing the products through it's organized list, it's unique and beautiful packaging and most of all the superb fast shipping! Finally, an online shopping destination for all my beauty needs! I highly recommend shopping at, and since it's holiday already they have gift bundle promos, discounts, and an exclusive holiday promo of free shipping when you spend at least Php1,500. On regular days, you can take advantage of free shipping for purchases Php2,000 and above. 

Oh and last bu not the least, if you like taking selfies (Selfie what? Lol), you can join BeautyMNL's #selfieMNL contest! Get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a PHP200  worth of BeautyMNL GC! For the complete mechanics, please click here. Good luck beauties!

To stay updated with their promos and more visit their website:
or follow their social media pages:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beauty Magnet: House of Authentic and Effective Beauty Products celebrates it's 9th Year

Nowadays, cosmetics and beauty products are selling like hotcakes and that is because more and more people are getting conscious with the way they look. People are open with the enhancement of their physical features like their complexion and body figure. While others might be against it, I personally think that here's nothing wrong with it. If doing so makes you feel good about yourself then we should go for it and don't let anyone dictate otherwise, right? Feeling beautiful and good about yourself attracts positive vibes!

I'm actually surprised to find out that there's a wide range of beauty products both from local and international brands, most I haven't personally tried. And, beauty enthusiasts need not to search far and wide for beauty products because aside from malls and drugstores beauty products can be bought online.

Speaking of online shop, last month I attended the 9th anniversary of Beauty Magnet Store, it was also a celebration of the owner, Ms. Manette Calupitan's birthday. 

Beauty Magnet Store is a registered company with the Department of Trade and Industry in the Philippines. The company started operations on 2007 and has built a reputation as an online international seller of authentic and quality health and beauty products. They take pride with their QUALITY and AUTHENTIC product ranges. All their products are carefully researched before they are put in display to the store to ensure that they bring nothing less for their customers. For this, they also provide money back guarantee on authenticity of their items. I believe they wont last for 9 long years if they are not legit right?

Fifty percent (50%) of their customers are from the United States while the next fifty percent (50%) are from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Philippines, The Middle East and other countries. Here in the Philippines they have been issued a License To Operate (LTO) as Food Distributor/Wholesaler (covering health/food supplements) by the FDA. Beauty Magnet aims to expand into distribution of quality health and beauty products both in the Philippines and abroad. 
The 9th anniversary and birthday celebration was fun and guests were served with sumptuous food. During the event, they announced that they will be opening their first physical store. Ms. Manette also gave us a sneak peek on some of the latest products that they will soon launch on their store. And of course, I'd like you to have the first dibs on these beauty products 

Here are some of the items that beauty junkees should watch out for.

QQ Collagen Jelly (20000mg Collagen)

We all know by now that Collagen is essential to the health and appearance of our skin. It is an important building block for elasticity, and its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen supplements comes in many forms, capsule, tablets, powdered and now in jelly form! For me this jelly form is the most convenient and delicious way to take collagen supplement daily. QQ Collagen Jelly comes in different flavors, peach, grape, orange and kiwi. I got to taste one during the event and yum, it's so delicious I think I can finish 1 box in just one sitting. Haha!

Bee Zin Snow White

This whitening tablet is a combination of the latest and most powerful skin whitening ingredients-- PYCOGENOL®, GLUTATHIONE AND ARBUTIN. 

Studies show that PYCOGENOL® is 4 times more powerful in skin lightening than KOJIC ACID
Pycnogenol ® = Grape seed x 10 times, Vitamin E x 40 times, Vitamin C x 350 times, Lipoic acid x 1000 times.

Magic Vitamin C Powder

This is also a whitening product and will provide you with a spotless white beauty. I got to try this too during the event and I was impressed with just one try. It instantly lighten the back of my hands where I applied it. This is not just for the face but also on dark underarms and other dark spots on the body. 

Bee Zin DD Supplement with Royal Jelly Plus+ (5000mg)

This supplement is also anti aging and can make the breast firm.

These are just some of the latest products that will soon be available in Beauty Magnet Store. Most of the products will undergo repackaging and will be in English language for Filipino consumers. Aside from the products I mentioned above, there will be more surprises for everyone. 

With my fellow bloggers and Ms. Manette Calupitan- owner of Beauty Magnet Store
"Beauty Magnet believes in the power of attraction or magnetism and everyone can exude this characteristic with a little boost of self-confidence through beauty." 

So if you have any physical feature that you're not really confident with or something that you'd like to enhance now you can definitely do it just don't be afraid to explore. But of course on top of that you must also bear in mind the quality and authenticity of the products and Beauty Magnet Store is definitely worth checking. Watch out for the launch of their latest products!

Check them out online: 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My SEOULfully Delightful Shopping Experience and Haul at Mall Of Korea + Giveaway!

Here in the Philippines, anything South Korean has become a big hit! Admit it or not, but we sing along to K-pop music even without understanding the lyrics right? Haha. We religiously tune in to Koreanovela's, good thing they are being aired in local channels and are dubbed in Tagalog. Kimchi, Bibimbap? name it, Korean food are yum yum! I'm sure I am speaking on behalf of the majority of Filipinas when I say that Korean's spotless and flawlessly beautiful skin are to die for, that's why most of us patronize their skincare and cosmetic products, don't we? And don't forget about their charming and trendy fashion style! 

I can go on and on talking about this Korean craze but here's three words that will surely get you hyped; Mall Of Korea! It is a fashion retail haven for everyone who loves anything Korean and the good news is, they finally opened their first ever branch here in the Philippines! No need to shop online, with the constant worry of not getting the right product or the right size, the waiting game before it gets to your doorstep and of course the amount of shipping you have to shell out. Hooray!

Mall of Korea held their soft opening last July 14, 2016 and I was among the lucky ones who got the first dibs on what they have to offer. We also got to meet the person behind Mall Of Korea, Nina Lee who is a Korean designer since 1975. She was also the Director of Korea Business Association from 1987 until 1992. Nina Lee opened her first branch in Myeongdong, Korea. She now has more than 60 shops and now she proudly brings authentic Korean Shopping experience here in the Philippines! 

It wouldn't be fun without these 2, Eihdra and Lhyzie!
 It's been a while since we last saw each other.  

Mall of Korea has everything for everyone from stylish clothes, accessories, cosmetics (soon! as they are still awaiting approval from BFAD) and other fabulously interesting finds. It carries all-original and branded apparels, collection of designer products from Nina Lee, Luisa Spagnoli and many more! The prices are least expensive compared to the leading malls since the products are directly imported from Korea. For the budget conscious people they also have the SALE Section but don't worry because the quality are all excellent!

Whether it's casual wear, everyday wear, party dress, name it you'll find them all here. The place is also spacious enough so you'll definitely enjoy shopping with your friends.

They also have Disney apparels for kids! 

Photo from Mall Of Korea FB Page
Guys need not to worry as there's also something for them too!

Pretty "Mommy and Me" set for the moms and daughters.

Cutesy jewelries and accessories from OBBA Seoul 

This is my first Authentic Korean shopping experience and probably one of my best shopping experience ever. I went crazy over the adorable and trendy pieces. I spent a good amount of time shopping and totally forgot about my dysmenorrhea and my aching legs. Lol! I even went in the fitting room with my two hands full of clothes. If only I can take them all home with me! Haha.

Here are some of the pieces I was able to try on. I really like the first one, too bad the top was kind of loose on me. The jump-short on the middle photo is so nice and comfy, I'll be back one day and get it. I bought the pink skinny pants and the flowery dress-like top on the third photo and some other pieces which I wasn't able to take photos anymore.

Indeed it was a SEOULfully delightful shopping experience, I can't wait till my next visit! 

And, I would also love for you to experience a SEOULfully Authentic Shopping spree at the first ever Mall of Korea here in the country so I'm giving away 2 MOK Cash Cards. Each Cash Cards are in 300 denomination only so 1 winner will get a chance to win 900 and 1 winner of 600 MOK Cash Card. To enter the giveaway please follow the easy steps on the rafflecopter below. 

Note: Please follow mandatory steps to make your entries valid. This giveaway is open to all participants nationwide as long as you can claim your prize personally at the Mall of Korea located at the 2nd Floor of Metrowalk Complex, Ortigas Pasig City. Store is open from 10AM until 11PM daily.

Good luck everyone! 
UPDATE: Congratulations to Emcel F. - 900 MOK Cash Card and Liberty F. - 600 MOK Cash Card. Please email me your Complete name, address and contact number at for you to claim your prize! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

I Dared to Get Whipped at Whipped Sugar Waxing and Scrub Salon

There's nothing I like more than trying out new things! For the past years and months, I've lived a pretty mundane life as a full time mom. I'm not making any excuse here, I love being a mom but motherhood perhaps is one of the reasons why I've fallen off the bandwagon. However, as cliche as it may sound I realized that being a mom should be the reason, and not an excuse for me not to feel good and look good. Remember the adage "Happy Wife. Happy Life"? It's true, when mommy/wife is happy everyone in the family benefits from it, right mommies? 

So, aiming to break the monotony, I've started working from home. To balance it out, I do blogging as a hobby and attend blog events for my social life where I get to meet people from all walks of life and through blogging I get to discover and try out new things, which is really fun! 

In line with this, few weeks ago I discovered Whipped Sugar Waxing and Scrub Salon and they dared me to change my usual hair removal habit into a sweet, fun and new concept; Sugaring or Sugar Waxing!

I get rid of unwanted hair through shaving but I also tried Hot Waxing once before so Sugar Waxing really sounds new and interesting! So I excitedly accepted the dare, scheduled an appointment and went to their branch at Alabang Town Center. They share store with Kitchenails.

Upon seeing their salon, I became more excited! It looks looks like a candy store, with the pastel colors and girly theme I thought to myself, the owner Ms. Bing Fabi,  must be very sweet and chic herself!

The staffs were also nice and accommodating, I was then taken into 1 of their 3 waxing room, it was actually 4 rooms but I guess they used the other one as a storage room. Each room was spacious enough, it has 1 single bed in it and a side table with some essentials, like alcohols, tissues and gloves. 

After asking which service I'll avail, ate Alyssa my sugaring technician left me in the room to prepare the sugar wax.

What is Sugar Wax made of?

Sugar wax is made of all natural food-grade ingredients mainly sugar, lemon juice and water. Sounds yummy right? Well aside from that, it is definitely a wise and green choice, it's safe for you and for the environment. Hot wax on the other hand are also made of natural ingredients like essential oils but also contains chemicals and preservatives that could be irritating especially to those who have sensitive skin. 

Aside from Sugaring, they also offer the following services:

The process: 

So I availed the brow and underarm sugaring. They started with brows which doesn't need shaping anymore since I already had it tattooed before. It only needs grooming, you see I honestly don't know anything with brows,  I don't know how to apply make up on it, I don't pluck it, I only have it shaved or threaded in salons. It's my first time to have it sugar waxed and surprisingly, it's least painful compared to threading, and probably plucking. The procedure for both my brows lasted for about 15 minutes only and the remaining small hairs were just plucked with tweezers.

Next was my underarm. Ate Alyssa noticed that the hair on my pits was thick and coarse she knew I was shaving it. I also have chicken skin which she said is the other negative effect of shaving. I also don't have a light/white underarm, which is probably caused by using different kinds of deodorant and maybe caused by pregnancy that's why I was happy when she said that sugaring has a lightening effect. (crossing my fingers on that lol) The underarm sugaring doesn't hurt at all and it lasted around 15 minutes as well. Afterwards she advised me not to wet my brows and underarm for the next 4 hours. 


I love it! Aside from the fact that it's made of all natural food-grade ingredients, sugaring is more gentle as it only attaches to the dead skin cells. Sugaring is also applied cold or at room temperature so its less likely to cause skin burning. It's also not sticky and if there are any wax residue left, it can easily be removed with water as it is water soluble. Most of all it's not really painful and although it might cause a mild redness or blister it subsides in no time. I also give my sugarist a thumbs up as she was very nice and conversational. Will I come back again? Surely I will and I'm excited to try out their other services especially the sweet treats! 

Ladies and gents too, if you want to experience the new craze in hair removal and body scrubbing, check out Whipped Sugar Waxing and Scrub Salon and dare to get Whipped!

Visit their branches:
1. 3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces
2. 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center
3. 2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center. 

You can also check them online on Facebook for promos and updates: Whipped

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mom Gone Blonde: Going Straight Salon x Nouvelle

On my previous post, I talked about how Barbie empowers little ladies to follow their dreams whatever they may be, and for the adults to encourage them on their journey. Inspired by Barbie's You Can Be Anything Campaign, I have finally listened to the inner voice and my long time dream of reinventing my looks and becoming blonde. Lol!

This is the my hairs' transition through the years.
Let me share with you a short history about my hair. Back in the days, I have wavy black hair. Then during College, I grew tired of my frizzy wavy hair thus I had it rebonded but I kept the color. It never crossed my mind back then to have my hair color altered. Came 2014 when I had a change of heart, I decided to be a cool mom lol. So when I went to have my hair rebonded I also decided to have it colored as well. I really liked the ash blonde hair color but the stylist informed me that we wont be able to achieve it since my hair was black. I agreed and was actually kind of  relieved since I think I wasn't brave enough to make a drastic change that moment. More than a year after, around October 2015 I again had my hair rebonded and colored. Still opted for ash blonde even though I know it wont turn out that way. 5 months after I had a Brazilian blowout and hair color retouch again with ash blonde, I really have a thing with ash blonde lol. 

#TheManeEvent was held for 2 days. I together with Lhyzie was part of the 1st day, where I also got meet Melissa Ungco of (first photo) who is also from Las Pinas. 
Then last month, I got an  invite to The Mane Event, thank you Sir Jhong Medina! #TheManeEvent was a hair color service and professional hair care treatment event for Bloggers in collaboration between Going Straight Salon and Nouvelle. It was very timely because I was also thinking about having my hair colored again. Prior to the event, I spent days thinking about what hair color to get. I can't decide!

And then, #TheManeEvent happened, it was held at Going Straight Salon in SM North Edsa. But before we started with our hair makeover, we were first briefed about the event.

So let's go ahead and get to know more about Going Straight Salon and Nouvelle. 

Going Straight Salon is founded in 1988 and is one of the pioneers in hair straightening. They offer the ultimate experiencein beauty care. Their paramount concern is to be known in the industry in terms of service dependability and a leader in innovation techniques for more affordable services. Going Straight aims to keep up with their standards being the pioneer in the industry they also constantly send their stylists to training and for this event, they gathered their top stylist from different branches to style us.
Nouvelle is one brand that is being used by Going Straight Salon. Leading player in professional colouring and with thirty years of experience plus the constant search for innovation, Nouvelle is synonymous with style and trend on top of being a guarantee of hair care and attention. Always searching for different, modern, creative looks, Nouvelle is the trendsetter that has created a new young and contemporary generation of colour and style boasting more than 15 product lines.

For The Mane Event, they introduced and used their latest products on us; Lively and Eslabondexx. 

Lively is the new generation professional line for coloring and protecting hair. Its special formula, without ammonia and parabens, does not damage hair and does not irritate the scalp, providing a delicate coloration, suitable for sensitive skin.

The color is intense, natural, bright, and provides a perfect coverage of white hair. Lively is not only coloration but also a veritable nourishing treatment that takes care of the hair structure, thanks to the use of active ingredients of natural origin, such as sweet almond oil and lotus flower, known for their soothing, softening, moisturizing and invigorating properties.

Eslabondexx is used in combination with Lively or any chemical hair treatment, prevents damage before it can even start, preserving and protecting the hair structure whilst the chemical treatment is acting: in fact, Eslabondexx strengthens the hair structure delivering elasticity, strength, enhanced condition, and preventing it from breaking.

Competent stylist and new generation professional line of hair care treatment, what more can I ask for than to get #TheManeEvent started! Ooops I almost forgot, they also showed us models with hairstyle pegs then they let us choose who among the stylist we prefer to style our hair. I chose Ej as I like what she did on her model, blonde with pink highlights, it was similar to what I have in mind. 

Here comes #TheManeEvent

Here's what my hair looks like BEFORE the hair makeover 

When my stylist asked me what I like, I hesitated at first but finally gave in to what I wanted ever since I started having my hair colored. I said I wanted an ombre type, Ash blonde on the upper part and pink at the bottom. I was aware that in order to  achieve that color, they have to bleach my hair. A lot of people told me that it will make my hair dry and damage it, that's why I hesitated but I still took the risk and rest my trust with Going Straight and Nouvelle. *fingers crossed*

We carried on with the bleaching, not just once but twice. I guess my hair was yellowish after the first bleaching that's why they have to do it again. I like blonde but not yellowish blonde, I like it to be lighter. Again, I was scared that my hair will be damaged, imagine bleaching it two times in just a matter of hours? However they assured me that it wont damage my hair because of the Eslabondexx. Without it, on the second bleaching my hair would have broke already but it didn't, so yey! 

I really didn't expect that the process would take a while, we started around 12 noon and it was around 2PM or 3PM I guess when we finished with the bleaching and then we started with the coloration. I kept reminding my stylist, Ash blonde but I was surprised when the color he was applying on my hair was dark! I asked him if it's ash blonde and he said yes. So I let him continue, afterwards, he applied the color pink on the bottom part of my hair. He then left it on my hair for few minutes, washed it and then he blow dried my hair. 

This is what my hair looked like after. I know it isn't Ash blonde. I though to myself, maybe all he heard was "Ash" so I asked him again and he said it will be washed off when I take a shower. I felt a bit dissapointed at first because this is not what I expected, but he assured me that it will be washed off anyway the ash gray color wasn't that bad after all. Then they also gave us Nouvelle Re-styling Serum and Going Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. I just found out though that the shampoo and conditioner is for black hair only and not really suitable for bleached hair. But I like the serum, it's a life save, I use it everyday.

I then went home, it just felt weird because people kept staring at my hair, haha! Upon reaching home, my kids were all like "Mommy, what happened to your hair? I would answer them back with a question, "Why, is it not nice? Don't you like it?" and they'll answer "It's nice, we like your hair mommy!" lol! When I asked Jaear what he thinks, he said it looks good however it just looked weird haha. 

True enough, after several washes the ash gray color got washed away. This is what my hair looked like exactly four days after the event. And, as they passes by I feel like it's getting lighter and lighter. Honestly, I like it because I wanted my hair to be blond anyway. However, the pink bottom part isn't as pink anymore, well I guess it wasn't pink in the first place. My son said it was purplish LOL! 

 And this is my recent photo. Regardless of the color, some people thought that bleaching my hair wasn't a good idea, they felt sorry for my hair. However, I knew about the possible damage bleaching will cause my hair but I willingly embraced it. I'm glad I did, rather than regret about not giving it a shot one day when I look back. Thanks again Nouvelle and Going Straight Salon for the privilege, it was just once a wishful thinking and now here it is! I wouldn't have done it without #TheManeEvent and if I didn't trust the product and the people behind it. I will visit one of your branch soon for my Green Tea Treatment which was included on our take home loot bag! 

So ladies, cool mommies and daddies if you want to have your hair colored make sure to check out Going Straight Salon, with their 28 years in service, competitive stylist and staffs you're in good hands. Also make sure to ask for Nouvelle's new products Lively and Eslabondexx for a good quality and free of harmful chemical professional line of products that won't go breaking your hair!

For more info about their products please feel free to visit the Nouvelle Brand's official website:
You can also visit Going Straight Salon's website:
Twitter: @goingstraightph