Saturday, October 10, 2015

Top 5 questions in an interview for a call center agent.

Don’t let this happen to you by being prepared and answering correctly.

Fake it, till you make it is the name of the game called Interview. Most of the interviewers will tell you offhand to be as honest as possible because that’s how they will see your capabilities so they can put you on the right nature of business. This, however, is only partially true. It’s pretty much just to also make sure they don’t hire any of them bad apples.

Here are the top 5 questions you might encounter during an interview to be a call center agent:

#5 What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The key to this question is to have at least 3 things ready beforehand. Make sure your strengths are really something that makes you an asset for the company and for weaknesses you have to have a good comeback for each trait you mention. E.g. “I’m Lazy that’s why I use the most efficient way to finish work easily”. 

#4 What kind of account are you looking for?

One of the trick questions by those interviewers trying to catch you off guard. It never hurts to say that you want to be placed in a Sales, Care, Collections, Technical or any other account but if you really want to get a job. Your best pick is to say what you really want but follow it up with “I’m also alright with any other accounts. I’m always willing to learn just in case that the said position is not available”. They’re looking for someone that can be pretty much thrown to any accounts without complaints.

#3 What are your achievements?

When you have some call center background this one is easy. Just tell them any random stats that you’re previous call center values most and say that your one of the best at those but if you’re a fresh graduate, focus on your school achievements such as being part of any school organization even if you never got into one because you were busy playing video games or going to the mall. 

#2 How many times in a year have you been absent/late and what are the possibilities that it can happen again?

What’s the use of hiring someone if that person will not be present when the work needs to be done? I’m sure you understand that this is one the crucial parts of the interview. Try to say something dramatic like “I can only think of a life and death situation to make me go on absent or become late” or you can say something simple and short like “I couldn’t really think of any reason why I would be absent or late” Remember less is better. Less talk, fewer mistakes. Try to make it short and concise.

#1 How much is your expected salary?

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for right? It’s a good idea to be straight to the point here because the interviewer understands that we need money and that’s the main reason why we are applying for a job. In case you get asked if it’s negotiable or not go ahead and say yes. Patiently wait to get to the Job Offer part before you stop. Victory only happens until you hear the Job Offer part of the deal and since you’ve allotted some time already, try to do your best to get at least to that part.

Hope these tips become handy during your interview cause it worked like a charm in mine ^__^ Always be confident and remember “Fake it till you make it”.

~Daddy Poreber 

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