Friday, October 23, 2015

Chinese Food Fest! Part 1 at King Chef Seafood Restaurant (Lucky China Mall)

It's a big coincidence that practically almost all of my family member's birthday are all from September to October and for some reason we always end up eating at different chinese restaurants around Manila. I actually doubted a little on what Lucky China Mall can offer but soon changed after having our eyes and tummy filled with wonderful experiences.

The mall itself actually looks really good like SM like good in terms of construction and ambiance. There are different well known stores of clothes and restaurants included too. We took a quick stroll of the available restaurant until we ended up at King Chef Seafood Restaurant.

Birthday Selfie :)

The place looks pretty good. We stayed on the side cause we don't like people walking around us while eating.

We ordered some food the we normally order at chinese restaurants like the beef broccoli, broccoli soup, birthday canton , siomai, chicken feet and yang chow. We also tried some new dishes which was surprisingly superb like the fish tofu, shirmp balls salad and  the shirmp, crab and fish fillet all tied up together with sotanghon noodles. We normally have a lot of leftovers. I don't know if we were just really hungry this time but everything really tasted good that we only had a very small portion of the birthday canton left. I'd say this is one of our favorite places to eat from now on after just one dine in. It only costed around P 3,500 for 7 adults and 3 kids. I'd say it's "Sulit sa Sarap" Indeed.

Note: from 3-5pm and 8-10pm they have a 50% discount on their dimsums.

I forgot the exact name but it's shirmp, crab and fish fillet all tied up together with sotanghon noodles.

Shrimp Siomai

Birthday Canton

 Yang Chow

 Fish Tofu

 Beef Broccoli

 Chicken Feet

Crystal Prawn Balls

Happy Tummy for Everyone

Sansrival Birthday Cake :))

Our first family picture with food on our tables. (most of our eat out pictures have empty plates cause we only remember to take pictures after we already ate hahaha)

Surprised birthday song from the Staffs of King Chef Seafood Restaurant

It was a fantastic surprised birthday celebration made even more special with how good the food and service of their restaurant. It's definitely added into list of must try chinese restaurants. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

~Daddy Poreber

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