Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Joining Promos/Contests is CHEAP!

I've recently read somewhere (nope we're not gonna disclose who and where) that joining promos and contest is CHEAP! I would like to say that I and my wife admits on being a “Promonatic”. I believe that it's only a matter of one's perspective. I'm just wondering though, who in their right mind would say no in being able to get something for FREE? I mean come on, let's not be a hypocrite. It's not like we're simply joining promos and contest for the sake of winning right? We got cool prizes such as cash, all expense travel packages, gadgets, GCs and many more! We looked back on the blessings (that's what we call our prizes) and to our surprise, we have already accumulated a total amount of 700K worth of prizes for the past 2 years. Believe it or not, that’s not an exaggeration. There are others who have gotten more. I’m not saying this to brag but to share what others could possibly get too! It could be for yourself, for your family or for someone you wish to give a little surprise. 

Trip for two to Japan from Pepsi (convertible to 100k cash

Trip for two to Palawan from Charmee

P 50,000 cash from Manulife

$ 1,000 cash from Flyff All Stars (part promo and part blogging)

iPhone 5s 32gb from 1'M Blue Eco-Safe Driving Campaign

3 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini from Chachos

15k SM GCs from SM Supermalls

8k National Book Store GCs from Enfagrow A+
Oh God Thanks for all the blessings.

We’re not an exception to the sharp tongues and eyes of those Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. We see comments like: give chance to others, it’s them again and don’t be greedy. There are those who know how to be a sport which we really appreciate. We also have our fair share of defeat in terms of the ones we joined. In fact we have more loses than winnings. The secret is to always do your best in each and every promo because that way you won’t have to make excuses such as “Give chance to others”. You have your chance the moment you decide to join a certain promo and that’s to do your best to win. We don’t join in everything we see especially for prizes that would benefit other people more. We do have other things to do aside from joining contest such as enjoying our prizes. Hahaha! We enjoy sharing these prizes with our family, friends and sometimes even to less fortunate people. It’s not a profession because there’s no security and assurance on promos but it’s definitely a chance you shouldn’t be missing out on. Now if joining promos and sharing these blessings to people is called CHEAP then we wouldn’t mind at all.
On a lighter note let me just tell you a short story of how me and my wife started in the promo world. We also used to ignore all these promos on different social media sites thinking that we’re unlucky and that all of it is either fake or scams. It was going to be our first daughter’s 1st birthday. She saw a Facebook page giving away customized cupcakes to one lucky winner. My wife thought that it would be a great addition for our baby’s birthday celebration. Thank God we won after we kept bugging our friend to vote for our entry. ~_^ She continued to join other promos with two cups of courage And a little pinch of pluck, A quarter pound of cleverness ,A dash of plain old luck, Then you mix them up all together and hope to God you win. (That’s a part of lyrics from the kids show Sophia by the way :D ) My wife is the reason why I also started getting hooked into promos. One day after work she was surprised to see me in the computer late at night. Busted!!! She saw me joining a promo. I opened up and said that it’s also a good way to get something FREE for our family. We’ve been partners in joining promos ever since and will definitely continue to join.
We’re not going to be hypocrites because our main reason for joining a promo is and will always be the prizes but in between as husband and wife and as a family we enjoy all the funny antics that we do. It’s like playing a game which you get a reward for winning. Last words, don’t laugh but as I remember, the first thing I won was a bar of soap! Yes you read it right. Exactly one bar of soap. I was thankful still and things just got bigger and better.

~Daddy Poreber

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