Sunday, October 11, 2015

A9 HD 1080p 5MP Sport DV Camera 2" LCD (Review)

No GoPro? No Problem! We recently got this A9 HD 1080p 5MP Sports Camera from GreatValuePlus A9 HD 1080p 5MP Sports Camera

We already played with it, Used it and pretty much abused it. All we really wanted was to be able to capture videos and pictures underwater like what action cameras are made for and we didn't get disappointed.

(Pretty much everything you might need like the accessories that normally cost around P 2,000 for GoPro)

                                            Front View                                     Back view of LCD

Price: P 2,999
Special Price: P 1,999 which gives a 33% discount!

1080p + Waterproof
Video: 1920*1080 pixel 15fps
            1280*720 pixels 30fps
Wide Angle Lens: 120 degree
Waterproff: Up to 30m
2-inch LCD
Storage: Micro SDHC card (not included)
Battery: 900mAh (1.5hours) (2 Batteries Included)
Input/Output: Micro USB
Dimensions: (L*W*H) 59.3*24.6*41.1mm

Picture wise we didn't expect much out of 5MP.
Here's some sample pictures taken from the Action Camera:

 What surprised us is really more on the video quality. Videos seems to be much clearer than pictures. I love this Underwater video that I took while swimming in the pool 
(Can't wait to test it out in the sea)

All in all I love the price, Like the pictures, Love the videos and there's a bonus point for the accessories included! Definitely worth it if you're in a budget and your main concern is more on taking action videos!

~Mommy Poreber

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