Saturday, October 10, 2015

Iceberg Restaurant at the Tip of your tongue~

When all else fails there’s always Iceberg Restaurant to fulfill our satisfaction for some good savory food and mouth watering desserts.

My old time favorite is their “Spicy Pork Chop” 1pc P178 and 2 pcs P238. I don’t usually eat spicy food but this one have just enough hint of spiciness. Unlike those that feels like prickly needles on your tongue. This however provides just the enough heat you need to induce your appetite and keeps you coming back for more.

My wife went for the “Crispy Fish Fillet Glazed In Adobo Mango Sauce” P198. A perfect combination of adobo sauce and ripe mango. The blend is just pure bliss. It didn't occur to us that we’d enjoy it as much as we did. The saltiness and sweetness is just perfect.

Finally the most awaited part of the meal, desserts! We usually go for the Halo-Halo P108 or Mais Con Yelo P128 because they definitely don’t hold back on their ingredients but we decided to try the “Strawberry Sunday” P148 and from presentation to taste it definitely didn’t let us down to our expectation.

See the almost clean plate on the background? We just couldn’t resist eating every bit of it haha.

Every visits definitely makes us look forward to coming back for more. Hope you enjoyed reading and go try it for yourselves!

~Daddy Poreber

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