Wednesday, October 28, 2015

When Mom and Dad goes Trick or Treating

Every year we hear kids knocking in our door saying trick or treat. We greet them with smiles and hand them candies. This year we thought of getting back at them for all the candies they took. *Evil laughs* (Kidding on the getting back part) We decided on trick or treating door to door and getting some candies for our kids. We asked our kids to come with us to say trick or treat while we surprise our neighbor with our costumes.

Here's some Scary Halloween Costume Ideas: Made with some props we bought and some DIY costume. :

Would you let this nurse help you?

Want a bite?

We borrowed my sister's nursing uniform which she hasn't used for 2 years. Good thing because we splashed some red acrylic paint on it. Blood here and there with wounds made out of tissue papers and a bit of make -up. I made gelatin last time which was an epic fail cause it didn't taste good at all haha. We used it as props for something that looks like human flesh. Also made a nurse paper cap and added the big nail on the head for a more dramatic feel. (Nail cost 30 pesos)

I actually had fun doing this. :))

I bought the horns which cost 30 pesos only (it actually lights up) Splash some acrylic paint from my face down to my chest. Added red lipstick on my teeth and made some paper claws which i've been making ever since i was in elementary school. It was scarily fun!

Here's our little boy with his ordinary clothes made to look like my costume. He won as one of the best costume in his school. Quite a shock actually since we bought him a costume last time but he didn't win. 

This is how we pretty much look every time we greet our neighbors in hopes to actually surprise them. We saw some smiles from the adults, heard some screams from the kids and laughing in between. :D It was fun all in all especially with the candies for our kids to enjoy at the end of the day. Now who says Halloween is just for kids?

~Daddy Poreber

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