Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lazada's Bad Customer Service

It was way back in 2012 when we first had a bad experience with the said Online Shop. We placed an order for a baby bag for our upcoming baby and to our dismay we never got the item and never had any updates about it. Good thing we chose cash on delivery as an option that time.
Everyone deserves a second chance thus, we gave LAZADA another shot. Only to be disappointed once again.  Me and my wife placed an order for 1 vacuum for our house, 1 vacuum for our car, 1 set of blender and 2 packs of Pamper’s active dry (82+8).

We got weird notifications saying that we made a request to postpone our orders which we didn’t! Then we got another email and text notification that the orders are on its way.  To our  surprise another notification was received that we requested to delay the orders again! The notifications happened 6 times which was really annoying.

(First Package)

The order was place on September 27 2014 and we got the Diapers and the Max health Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner on September 30 2014. We already had a hunch and has been wondering why the car vacuum and the blender still hasn’t arrived but we waited patiently. It’s already October  5, 2014 and still no blender and car vacuum…


I can’t remember how many times I’ve called the representatives of lazada. I can’t say anything good with the previous representatives I’ve talked with. Each time I call I get a different information. First call said the order is already in the warehouse ready to be shipped. Second call the agent advised me that the order is already at 2go courier and even gave me a tracking number! I searched the tracking number at 2go’s website and nothing showed up. Third call I was already mad as the third representative informed me that the item is still on their warehouse. They made an escalation and said I would get an update on Monday. I hope they do give me a follow up about it…

Things just went from worse to worst. The vacuum cleaner we bought is defective! We tested it when we got it and it was working fine. Now that it’s Sunday “The Perfect day to clean the house” it didn’t even last for half an hour and it’s already not working! I already went to LBC to get the thing replaced and I’m hoping they would replace it or else I might have a heart attack! All items even the ones that are a still being shipped are already paid. I don’t pick money out of trees. Like all other people I work for it and definitely want value out of these products.

All in all it was a nightmare making transactions with this Online Shop. It’s sad because I was just getting used on making online transactions and never had this experience with other online shops.

I know it looks like I’m ranting but I just want to express my opinion and experience.

 Lazada keeps on sending me emails and surveys about my experience. Well now they have it here.

~Daddy Poreber

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