Saturday, October 24, 2015

Biogesic will feature how Team Poreber's story started in a short film!

I'm still so hyped about the announcement of Biogesic last Oct 20, 2015. My husband convinced me to join their promo where the three winners will receive twenty thousand cash as well as having their story featured and made into a short film. I'm really excited about the cash prize since it's like getting an advance Christmas Gift from above. 

We started from being officemates to soulmates and with that being said here's some throwback pictures of when we we're still working on our first job as call center agent for a sales account of a telecommunication company from the U.S.

My first Teammates and Team Leader

Sneaky shot inside the floor.

Our favorite hangout place. (The Pantry) hahaha!

On the other hand my husband seems to be very excited about the short film that will feature how Team Poreber pretty much started.I can't blame him since the previous short films for year 1 and 2 came out really nice. 

The directors from last year were:

Director Jerome Pobocan
Director Ruel Bayani
Director Rory Quintos
Director Cathy Garcia Molina
Director Jerry Sineneng

We have already been contacted by a Biogesic representative and was given the M.O.A. Memorandum of Agreement for using our story. They're still finalizing who's going to be the Director for our short film but it would be an honor if any of the previous ones were to bring life to our story.

I'm really grateful for all the blessings we receive whether it's small or big. I'm a stay at home mom so every bit of gifts we received is always appreciated. I can’t wait as well to get a glimpsed of the short film. I hope we can get a copy of our own because I’ll definitely treasure it. One day when were old and forgetful maybe we can play it to reminisce our happy memories together. Ingat~

~Mommy Poreber

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