Friday, November 8, 2013

LJS 5th Warehouse Sale!

It's already the Christmas season. Christmas songs playing in the air, colorful decors in every houses and brightly lit Christmas lights everywhere, indeed Christmas is just around the corner! Have you done your early Christmas shopping yet? Well if you haven't, fret not because LJS is having it's 5th Warehouse Sale! And this year a lot of brands are participating wherein you can enjoy up to 70% Off on selected items.

The 5th LJS Warehouse Sale is a 4-Day event starting November 7- 10, 2013 at LJS Warehouse 3555 Magistrado Arellano St., Bacood Sta. Mesa Manila.

It's such a perfect timing since I will be having my third bundle of joy anytime this month, and I am still lacking some baby essentials. 

So I'll see you there!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Share your Blessing Giveaway! CLOSED

I still can't believe that October is already over. As much as I wanted to maintain my blog, but for some mommy reasons I am unable to do so. Kids issues and throw in pregnancy, it's really hard for me to concentrate. October ended with just 3 posts that is why this month I am trying to blog as much as I can. In a few weeks or even days from now again my blog will quiet because anytime soon I'll be having our third bundle of joy. Even this is already my 3rd I am still very anxious just thinking about the whole labor and delivery.

Moving on, since I wont be that active for this Month and maybe until next month I am hoping that you keep on visiting my blog and I am giving you a reason to do so. I have planned a simple giveaway for all of you giveaway fanatics. Me myself is a giveaway fanatic, but a late bloomer one I only started last July. I have my share of winnings and in return I would like to share some of my blessings with you.

So this giveaway will start today Nov. 8, 2013 until 12mn of November 30, 2013.

There will be 3 winners, and the prizes at stake are the following:

Set 1: Holdak GC (Box of 12pcs Korean Fried Chicken) For Metro Manila residents only

Set 2: Avon Beauty Products

Set 3: 100 Load (Any Network)

Here's how to earn your entries:
1. Like Mom-derful World! on Facebook.
2. Follow @pearlbliss on twitter.
3. Follow me on GFC
4. Follow me on Google+
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6. Like Drypers Wee Wee Dry on Facebook
7. Hit Like on This photo entry
For those who have previously liked the photo entry no need for you to put the LIKE no. just your name so you still get the allotted point.
8. Vote for This ENTRY
I hope you don't mind this part. But the good thing is if either of this entry wins I will be picking another lucky joiner who
will win a special prize from me.

9. Leave on the comment box your Name and email address
10. Share about the giveaway on your Facebook wall
11. Tweet about the giveaway

or you can just use the Rafflecopter below to earn your entries.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will contact the winners through email so make sure to provide a valid e-mail address. The winners should respond within 24 hours after notification or else I will draw another winner. That's it. Good luck!

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Cherifer Story: Reaching The Top!

Cherifer is a multivitamin trusted and proven over the years to promote a child with optimized growth potential. It is definitely a perfect partner for a mom like me who wants what's best for their children.

I started giving Cherifer Syrup to my eldest Tristan, when he was around 3 years old. It was recommended to me by my sister in law who is a Pediatrician when we went home to my hometown in La Union last summer. I didn't think twice and even bought Cherifer drops for baby Athena my second child who was less than a year old by that time, I guess she was around 7 months old. Unlike before, my kids especially Tristan would often get sick, and has a very poor appetite. But since we switched to Cherifer, his appetite improved, I couldn't recall the last time he got sick, he's active, and most of all he looks healthier, same with Athena. I have learned to trust CHERIFER and I am very happy with the change I did because Cherifer indeed gave me a favorable outcome. Who wouldn't love that?

By the way here are some facts you need to know about my trusted Cherifer vitamins.

CHERIFER is available in the following preparations:

CHERIFER DROPS- recommended from infants up to 2 years of age
CHERIFER SYRUP- recommended for children 2-6 years of age.
CHERIFER FORTE Syrup- recommended for children aged 2- 6 years old (during this time, growth gap years occurs). Same as Cherifer syrup but with double strength CGF.
CHERIFER PGM- recommended for teenagers 10-22 years of age
CHERIFER PREMIUM- recommended for young professionals, athletes an geriatrics and people with active, stressful lifestyle .
CHERIFER Syrup, Forte and PGM are also available with Zinc, which is best for those who needs a boost with their immunity.

But all Cherifer Vitamins has Chlorella Growth Factor which promotes rapid growth. Cherifer does promote TANGKAD SAGAD!

Some parents might be looking for affordable Vitamins for their kids, but all I can say is that with Cherifer I believe that our money is well spent.

By the way, I 'm sure all mommies would be glad to know that CHERIFER together with FOX International Channels properties (Star World, Star Movies, FOX, FOX Filipino and National Geographic Channel) has launched an on air contest entitled "My Cherifer Story" and Promotion Period is from October 9- November 20, 2013. All mommies across the Philippines are eligible to join and joining is very easy, here's how.

1. Registration- You will need to provide your Personal information such as Complete Name, Address, Contact Number and email address, however all of these will be kept confidential.

2. Submit a photo or a 60 seconds video entry along with your Cherifer Story.

The Criteria for Judging are as follows:


50% Cherifer Story. Which will be judged to the following: 20% Impact, 15% Relevance to the Brand, 15% Originality and Creativity.

There will be 3 Winners and each will take home huge and exciting prizes which are the following.
  • Php 80,000 Cash Prize
  • 10,000 worth of Salon Gift Certificate
  • 5,000 worth of Nail Services Gift Certificate
  • 5,000 worth of Spa Services Gift Certificate
  • 5,000 worth of Cherifer products
Pamper Package from the following Outlets:
  • Louis Philip Kee Salon
  • Tips & Toe
  • Toccare Spa
NOTE: This pamper package is not convertible to cash but can be transferable
  • Php 50,000 Cash
  • 5,000 worth of Salon Gift Certificate
  • 3,000 worth of Nail Services Gift Certificate
  • 3,000 worth of Spa Services Gift Certificate
  • 3,000 worth of Cherifer products
Pamper Package from the following Outlets:
  • Louis Philip Kee Salon
  • Tips & Toe
  • Toccare Spa
NOTE: This pamper package is not convertible to cash but can be transferable
  • Php 20,000 Cash
  • 2,000 worth of Salon Gift Certificate
  • 2,000 worth of Nail Services Gift Certificate
  • 2,000 worth of Spa Services Gift Certificate
  • 3,000 worth of Cherifer products
Pamper Package from the following Outlets:
  • Louis Philip Kee Salon
  • Tips & Toe
  • Toccare Spa
NOTE: This pamper package is not convertible to cash but can be transferable
Whoa! When I found out about this I was really enticed. I thought to give it a try since my kids are on Cherifer anyways. I was just concerned about the VOTES because 50% of the score will be based from it. Some entries that were submitted earlier already has lots of votes while some are just starting to earn it. However I already contacted them about this, and they told me that they will have an internal computation with regards to the number of VOTES.

By the way, here's my entry. I really don't know anything about video editing, good thing my hubby knows a bit so we were able to come up with this video entry.

We came up with the title "Reaching The Top" since it's all about Tristan literally trying to reach the top. He would always climb on our table, on the couch and likes going up the stairs. Even through his younger years until now, he is already showing so much interest on basketball. That is why as soon as he finishes his bottle of Cherifer Syrup we'll transition him over to Cherifer Forte. We literally don't have tall genes, so Cherifer Forte would be best for him because it has double strength of CGF which will promote rapid growth for him plus it's perfect because Tristan is already on the growth gap years.I believe that it is all parents desire for their kids to be on top right?

Are you interested? Well I suggest you head on over to to know more about the contest and to check other entries as well. By the way while you're at it, could you please Vote for my entry? Thanks in Advance :)

Pregnancy Update: 35, 36 and 37 Weeks

My last update was 32, 33 and 34th week. My Prenatal check up was postponed for several times already, but I was able to meet up with my OB last October 24 and today, November 4.

October 24, I had my Ultrasound done to check baby's position and the gender. But unfortunately at that time baby's still on breech so again we are unable to determine the gender. My unborn baby also weighs less, just 2371 grams or 5.2 pounds which made a difference on the my expected delivery date, instead of November, it showed as December 7, 2013. I was worried that my baby weighs less when I know that I am eating a lot and that I take on my daily vitamins. However I was a bit guilty since I always sleep late at night.

Moving on, today again I went for my weekly appointment with my OB anticipating a good news. And guess what? Finally my unborn baby was able to maneuver inside my womb in to a favorable position, yes he/she is now on Cephalic presentation. That explains the pain I felt a few days ago. The pain was kind of unbearable I even thought I am already having a labor. So it only means, I will be having a normal delivery, and we'll be able to find out the gender. However I preferred to keep it a suspense for another week, we'll get to know the gender on my next visit. My unborn baby also gained weight, my expected delivery date again varied from Dec.7 to December 1. But nothing is certain, basing on my LMP (last menstrual period) it should be November 15, 2013. So I am really getting anxious as early as now, because it could be earlier.

So nowadays, as my anxiety increases I am also feeling that my energy is decreasing. I am feeling unusually lazy that I don't get to do the things that I used to enjoy. I am sleepy even when I just woke up and it goes on all through out the day. Well as they say I gotta save my energy for the big day, and yes that's what I'm going to do!

Hubby's Birthday!

I can't believe that October is already over and looking on my blog, I am not happy at all. I wasn't active with blogging lately which left me with only 3 posts for the whole month of October, when I know there's a lot that should have been posted. I have a lot of catching up to do, so moving on here's another long overdue post. I'm starting off with Hubby's birthday celebration.

October is my birth month, so is my mom in law and hubby's. Birthday is a special occasion celebrated by all, it's a celebration of life and to be thankful for everything. October 21st was Hubby's birthday it falls on a Monday so we celebrated it a day in advance together with my in laws. 

We decided to eat out, a lunch buffet at Yakimix. We already anticipated a long queue in SM Mall of Asia so we went straight to Yakimix Macapagal. It was definitely a good idea because as soon as we arrived we were able to find a good spot and was seated right away. 
And the rest was history :)

 My first plate

 My Salad Plate


 Caught in the act hehe, my in laws busy eating

There will always be a family shot :)



With the first plate I already felt a bit full but was still able to have another serving of rice, I also had sushi which I wasn't able to take photos of, in fact I was only able to take a few shots.

Yakimix has an ongoing promotion, wherein a birthday celebrant gets to eat for free all you have to do is to present a valid ID that includes your birth date. But since we just celebrated it a day in advance we weren't able to avail of it but instead took advantage of a "Happy Birthday" jingle from the staff, good thing I was able to record it. 

Not so good looking shot from my father in law, who was the only one
 left on the table with us right that moment. tee hee!

We all had a happy tummy, I already forgot weather we still had dinner or not lol.
The next day, October 21st Hubby's official birthday I prepared something special for him before he left for work. Lunch time I left the house for my prenatal check up but it was pushed to a different date since my OB had an emergency operation to perform. So I went straight to SM Center Las Pinas and bought some ingredients for my pasta, and went to a nearby Starbucks.

 Using my Starbucks Card I was able to purchase 2 Venti sized Frap
and a complimentary slice of blueberry cheesecake since it's my birth month.

 I wasn't able to use the Card during my birthday so  just gave the cake to hubby


I cooked Creamy Tuna Pasta. (Pls excuse me for our messy dining table)

That's it! It was a double celebration of hubby's birthday. Indeed celebrating birthdays has been a traditional thing. Weather it's a grand celebration or just a simple one, what matters is that it is celebrated with the most important people in your life. I am happy how hubby appreciated the simple thing I did on his special day. 
How about you, how do you celebrate special occasions like Birthday? Or what special thing have you done for someone special? Feel free to share :)