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Popular Morning Drink Linked to Improved Liver Health and Reduced Alzheimer’s Risk

When it comes to liver health and reduced Alzheimer’s risk, usually the first though that pops into people’s heads isn’t coffee. Eating right and exercising may come to mind, but when you think of coffee, usually the first thing that you think of is your morning beverage. There’s nothing special about it, right? But the fact of the matter is that coffee has been shown to promote liver health and to reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s.

The Liver

The body’s largest internal organ, the liver, sits on the right side of the body. It is responsible for many things. The liver makes blood clotting factors and proteins, for instance. It produces bile and synthesizes glycogen. It also manufactures cholesterol and triglycerides. The liver also metabolizes toxins. These can include alcohol and drugs, natural substances, chemicals, and medications.

Because the liver makes and secretes chemicals, it is both an organ and a gland. Also acting as a storage unit, the liver stores many things, such as vitamins. Just like any organ in the body, the liver can get sick. Cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver, often comes from prolonged alcohol abuse. Cirrhosis can also be caused by fatty liver.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious disease of the mind that causes dementia. It causes memory loss and problems with behavior and thinking. Most people who are affected by it are senior citizens. Though it sounds like a normal part of aging, it is not. Alzheimer’s starts off relatively mild, but can progress to a point where people can stop responding to conversations and external stimuli. People with this disease can literally forget who they once were and everyone around them. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s.


Black & Decker DCM600B

Coffee was discovered in the 11 th century in Ethiopia. A popular Ethiopian story states that a goat herder discovered the plant when he found his goats frolicking in a field of the fruit. Coffee is actually a red fruit with the coffee bean in the center of it. He ate the fruit and found himself full of energy, like his goats. Upon seeing this, a monk brought some of the plant back to his monastery where he and others also spent the night awake and alert. People back then believed the plant to be magical and hold medicinal value. 

The fact of the matter is that coffee does hold some medicinal properties. In relation to this article, coffee makes a difference in liver health and Alzheimer’s disease.

More frequent drinkers of coffee have a chance to protect against cirrhosis. Not only that but coffee drinkers also may reverse some damage caused by cirrhosis. Coffee also breaks up fat, which can help break up the fatty tissue in liver, which may lead to cirrhosis.

In addition, studies have shown that people who drink coffee have a reduced rate of getting Alzheimer’s in the first place. It is unclear why. But caffeine blocks inflammation in the brain. This can help reduce the beginnings of Alzheimer’s. Drinking coffee can even delay the onset with people who already have the disease.

Caffeine also has a positive effect on a particular protein in the brain that’s linked to Alzheimer’s. Caffeine is linked to the reuptake and disentanglement of this protein. Drinkers of coffee also have better memory. Caffeine works with long term memory, by strengthening it. It also boosts overall brain function.

Type II Diabetes can lead to Alzheimer’s. Drinking coffee, even decaf, can help reduce your risk of getting Type II Diabetes. Reducing the risk of diabetes comes with its own set of rewards. However, it just happens to reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer’s as well. 

The Ethiopians seemed to have gotten it right. Coffee may not be magical, but it does have medicinal properties whether you’re drinking it for a healthier liver, or because yours isn’t so healthy and you want to make it a little bit better. Maybe you’re drinking it to stave off that feared disease, Alzheimer’s. Maybe you have another reason all together to drink this delicious beverage. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to have coffee in your back pocket protecting the largest organ in your body. And there’s nothing to be done once you have Alzheimer’s except take medications to try to slow it down. So never getting it at all is a blessing. 

If drinking some coffee may prevent Alzheimer’s, then that’s just one less thing you ever have to worry about in life. If you’re already drinking this dark, delectable drink, then keep doing it. If not, you may want to try. So if you’re the Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker type or more of a Black & Decker DCM600B Coffee Maker type, grab your coffee maker and drink that coffee for a better life.

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How To Create A Grown Up Room For Your Newly Turned Teen

When your baby suddenly turns into a teen, the first thing you often wonder if where the time has gone. Because this always seems to happen overnight. One minute they’re you’re little one, and next they’re well on the way to adulthood. But, after you’ve managed to get your head around the fact that they are now a teenager, you’re then going to want to focus on the fact that they need their space. Because they are getting older, and it’s time they took on some more responsibilities. Not only does this mean that they might get themselves a part-time job, but they’re also going to want to feel like they’ve got some space to themselves too. A great way to do this is to transform their bedroom into a teen paradise. So let’s take a look at how you can do that.

Let Them Pick A Theme

First of all, you’re going to want to think about coming up with a kind of theme for the room. And this is definitely something that they need to have some input in. Remember, they need the responsibility, so search for teen bedroom ideas so they can pick a theme they love. If you choose yourself, you may get it all wrong and your little project won’t turn out as well as you’d of hoped.

Invest In A Queen Bed

Now that your theme is all picked out, you’re going to want to think about getting a new bed for them. It’s cool to keep them in a smaller bed, but now that they’re a teen, they should definitely move on up to a queen bed. It will look much more grown up in their room and it can often be much more comfortable for them too. Remember, they’re on their way to adulthood, so they deserve it.

Change Up The Furniture

From here, you’re then going to want to change the furniture. Whether you actually replace it with something new, or you just spruce up the stuff they have, you’ll find that changing their furniture will bring the new room to life. By adding a vanity, or a game station, it will definitely look much more grown up for them.

Dress The Room In Style

You may think that the room is really coming together, and in some ways, it may be. But you’re going to want to think about pushing that forwards with some funky new additions to match their theme. If you browse Zen Like Products for 3d elephant bedding or search for a fun vintage print, you can bring the look together. This can be a lot of fun for them to pick out with you too.

Add Some Stunning Finishing Touches

Finally, you need to finish off with some really cool effects that they’re going to get really excited about. Whether this is a gallery wall, a cool chair, some fairy lights, or a study space, this is what will really bring the teen room to life and make them super happy with the finished result.

How to find the right table saw

The table saw plays a key role in woodworking shops by enabling users to cut different types of materials, including plywood sheets. The tool is also designed to handle crosscuts in miter or bevel without compromising on accuracy. Equipped with the right accessories, the saw can make repetitive cuts. In addition, it can be used to cut long pieces of wood. 

Choosing the best table saw, requires careful consideration. Both novice and experienced woodworkers need to identify key features that meet specific requirements. Doing so provides a surefire way to make the right decision. Table saw reviews allow buyers to compare the available options based on customer and expert feedback like Protoolzone

The blade of a table saw is fixed and the operator pushes the workpiece to make the cuts as desired. The workpiece is held on the table. To guarantee a clean cut, the unit comes with adjustable parallel guides, which are useful for making identical cuts. An attachment system adjusts the blade height according to the thickness of the material. 

Types of table saws 

Woodworkers can pick the right table saw from four basic variants: benchtop (jobsite), contractor, hybrid and cabinet table saws. Some of the portable options available on the market are lightweight and can be moved around easily. These units weigh less than 60 pounds and are equipped with a motor, which is directly connected to the saw. These tools are typically made of aluminum or composite materials.

Contractor table saws are heavier and have a wider work surface. They are driven by an induction motor that is quieter than portable variants. The contractor units weigh on average between 220 and 290 pounds. The motor attached to the unit can deliver power between 0.5 and 2 horsepower (hp). 

Cabinet table saws are generally similar to the contractor saws in terms of size. They come with internal motors, which can last for many years. It is not uncommon to find motors on cabinet saws operating for a period of about sixty years. Motors fitted in these saws are rated at between 3 and 5 horsepower (hp) 

Key consideration

Some tables are equipped with supports that extend the work surface. This is important for tasks that require a wider work surface. It is also vital to choose a table equipped with a mobility system, such as wheels. The power of the motor is a key factor that should not be taken for granted. A powerful saw can cut harder materials and handle heavy-duty operating cycles with ease. 

It is essential to opt for a table saw that is equipped with a dust and chip extraction system. Opting for a unit with a dust collection port is important for the health of the operator. 

Safety features should be carefully considered. A saw with an automatic shutdown system is a good investment because it reduces the risk of serious accidents, such as amputation. 

A blade guard is designed to prevent accidents that may result in serious injuries. The clamping feature is mounted behind the saw blade and keeps the material fixed, thus ensuring precision cuts. The distance between the splitting wedge and the saw blade should not exceed 0.31 inches. The clamping mechanism also prevents workpieces from hitting the operator. The pinching or tilting of the wood should be avoided. 

On the other hand, selecting the correct saw blade depends on a variety of factors, including nature of the project. Also, the blade's dimensions must match the saw on which the blade should fit. 

In the next step, you determine the desired quality of cut (fine or coarse) and the material involved. The number of teeth and the coating of the blade are also key considerations. 

For average cutting quality along and across the material, saw blades with 18 to 24 teeth (so-called universal blades) and interchangeable teeth can provide good results. For fine cuts, choose a saw blade with many teeth - the more teeth, the finer the cut. 

Many teeth are suitable for cuts across the workpiece and thin materials. For rough, fast cuts along the material, use a saw blade with fewer teeth. Chrome vanadium steel blades are suitable for rough, fast cuts, but must be re-sharpened regularly. In addition, the blades are not suitable or approved for all saws.

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5 Tips to finding a part-time job

Knowing where to start when trying to find a part-time job can be difficult, especially when taking into consideration that different employers have different requirements. Many people resort to part-time jobs for various different reasons which include low pay in their current jobs which cannot cater for their bills and needs or a way to boost their resume to enable them to transition to a new career path.

Finding a part-time job depends on what you’re looking for and in which fields you’d like to develop new skills or improve your skills. Whether you are just looking for a part-time job as a way to settle your bills or are a student with the aim of getting hands-on experience, the below tips will get you started on finding that part-time job.

1. Networking

Using your contacts is an effective way to get the word around in case they hear of a vacancy or someone hiring. Network through your family, neighbors, friends and make inquiries to find out if they are aware of any vacancies around. Active networking is an effective way to get part-time jobs, especially in small organizations that mostly use referrals in hiring.

2. Holiday part-time jobs

Numerous job openings can be found during the holidays especially during summer that students on holiday can do to earn some extra money. Some employers are only in need of part-time workers during a specific season. Small businesses like restaurants, boutiques, and marketing firms are among some of those that might require the services of a part-time worker during the high season. Most of these businesses are looking into hiring fast before the period ends and you have to be fast in attaching your resume so that they can decide whether you are an eligible fit or not.

3. Uber jobs

Working with Uber is a great way for you to earn cash part-time or permanently depending on your availability. Getting started is easy and what you will earn depends on the number of times that you drive. With their flexible schedule, you can earn a lot of money. If you’re looking for part-time driving jobs, and you want to find out about some Uber driver requirements, Ridester provides you with all the information that you need.

4. Approach the employer in person

A face to face approach can increase your chances of getting hired. Employers that own businesses like restaurants, resorts or hotels are a good choice for a personal visit. Research more about the place and the work that they do. Dress appropriately carrying along all the relevant documents with you and introduce yourself to the manager before inquiring whether there are any vacancies. Convince them that you can deliver and explain how you plan to use your skills to help them grow their business.

5. Find an online job

Not everyone is able to find a part-time job on the ground. There are numerous jobs online that you can get. Some require a lot of expertise while others require regular practice before you can get started. Either way, you can supplement your income by signing up for online work and work from home. Find legit online jobs that are not scams and you can go a long way in sorting your bills.

With the right steps and saying the right things to sell your skills, you can easily get a part-time job which might even turn into a permanent job.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Letting The Outside Of Your House Reflect the Inside

When people set out to redecorate or revamp their homes, they immediately think about what they can do to improve the interior and don’t think that much about the exterior. Most people only work on the outside of their house when it really needs something doing, and not just because it should look as lovely as it does on the inside. The outside of the house is what everyone, including yourself, sees first. You want it to be welcoming, light, fresh, and a wonderful haven to come home to. Your job in decorating your home isn’t finished until the exterior looks as beautiful as the interior. 

The reason the outside is neglected more is that each task out there seems so much bigger. Painting the front wall means painting an entire side of the house, and not just the one wall in your lounge. But if you have just repainted most rooms, how much different is that to painting the outside too? You might need to hire the right people to give you a hand, as some jobs need a professional touch - but that’s the same as when you re-fit a kitchen or bathroom. 


You want each person who crosses your threshold to feel welcome. So make that feeling happen by creating a lovely area around your front door. A little stoop or porch is great, especially if your guests are waiting out in the rain or snow - they’ll already feel warmer and happier out of the weather. Wooden doors may just need sanding down and paint, or you might decide to change to a UPVC - or the other way round. Either way, if you are going to change your door, look into double glazing and a good seal - these will save you tons of money on heating bills. 


Your guests and your family will feel a whole lot safer with some sort of security on your house. Use motion-detecting floodlights across your drive and yard, and install a surveillance camera or two in good locations to see and be seen. Nothing scares burglars away like obvious security measures. 

A lick of paint

You would be surprised at what point many homeowners let their painted homes get faded and chipped before they think to repaint it. Your house might be brick, shingle, plaster or some other material. But if your house is painted, then you need to keep on top of it - not only will it look nicer, but it can also improve the worth of your home. If you’re thinking of painting your house for the first time, remember that whatever color you choose needs to be something easily changeable, just in case it hinders your sale if you ever decide to move on. 


Pretty much every household these days has at least one car. Which is way so many houses have extended driveways. Keeping the drive clean and tidy goes a long way to making your home look lovely. While you are doing a spot of gardening, take your trowel round to the drive and rid it of those pesky weeds. Have fun with a rented jet wash and make your drive look as fresh as the day it was laid. You might consider re-laying your driveway with bricks or tarmac, or it just might need a high-powered wash. 

The roof of the issue

You may not have thought about it ever, but your roof is an essential part of your home. And the one that is exposed to the elements the most. They don’t often need work, but it is always worth having someone check it now and again for any loose tiles or damage. If you have a thatched roof, then you should already be aware of the importance of cleaning and caring for it. 

The Cyber Connection Every Parent Should Have With Their Children

Things had changed since the 1990´s when video games were just beginning to come out onto the mainstream technology scene. As parents, it's our job to make sure no matter what avenues our children verge down, we keep up with their interests. Parenting itself is a hard enough challenge without not having a bond with your kids that goes beyond dropping them off and picking them up from school. Learning about what’s new in the gaming industry isn’t difficult at all, in fact quite the opposite. You may not know this, but video gaming is a larger industry than Hollywood, regularly pulling in trillions of dollars in annual revenue. The plethora of titles, brands, franchises, companies and media channels serves any needs and answers any questions you might have. Rather than aiming blindly, it's wise to keep track of the hottest trends right now which will help bring you closer to your children’s hobby. 

VR explosion

Virtual reality is also known as just VR in the gaming world, has exploded onto the scene. This technology is simple to use, but complex in its logistical applications. The basic premise is putting on a cyclops screen around your head, whereupon the user is then made to feel as if they’re experiencing another world when playing games. Sounds simple enough, but at the moment this kind of tech is only worth getting for PC gaming. The styles you can explore are aeroplanes focused such as War Thunder and Pilot Flight Simulation. Controls are done via two handheld joysticks which are wirelessly connected to your WiFi router. 

Gaming news 

You never know but keeping up with the daily gaming chatter could do wonders for your relationship with your children. Usually, young children will only confide in their friends who have similar tastes but if you invited into their inner circle as well. Gaming news websites such as have the latest news on different categories and delve deeper into the top trends that most likely any teenager and or growing child will know about. The online publication features articles presenting the latest news for console lovers too; such as the big three brands of Sony’s Playstation 4, Xbox and Nintendo. The titles that are a hot topic get great coverage so you’ll never be out of the loop and always have something to connect with your children with. 

Gaming icons on YouTube

The era of the gaming influencers has well and truly arrived as at one point completely strangers who loved video games and shared their experiences online, have become megastars. Sitting down and watching YouTube videos of your children’s favorite players of their favorite game is just as the same as watching Netflix; except it's free. Notable gaming icons online are PewDiePie, JackFrags and FrankieOnPC1080p. However most of the time you’ll be able to find the top trending videos for gaming on the trending page itself.

Being a part of a subculture that the younger generation love and enjoy allows you to get involved with the growing up of your children. Playing video games with your mother or father is an experience no child or teenager forgets when they grow up. 

A Healthy Lifestyle Is A Good Lifestyle

We can all admit that it is really hard to try and live a healthy lifestyle. Junk food is just sooo appealing. It looks good, it tastes good, it’s quick, it’s cheap… we don’t carry on listing the benefits or we’ll be here all day and this article will seem pointless. But, the point I am actually trying to make is, it is made quick for a reason, it is cheap for a reason. It is all processes, and it is all filled with chemicals that simply aren’t meant to be in our bodies. But why do we keep shoveling them into our mouths? Well, it is a mixture of social media influence, money being tight, and marketing methods that draw you in. Eating all this rubbish food, however, is only doing damage to your body, both on the inside and the outside. It might not seem like it at the time, but we all eventually learn that a moment on the lips actually is forever on the hips. This article is here to try and change your or should I say our bad ways in time to reverse the effects on them. Here’s why a healthy lifestyle truly is a good one.

Want to Get Ahead? Gaming Cheats Could Be the Way Forward

Have you ever invested hours in a game, only to find that the people who “pay to win” are always ahead? Maybe you are just sick and tired of watching people buy their way to the top, while you’re stuck at the bottom trying to play the game legitimately. Either way, cheating is the best way for you to get ahead without spending any money at all. Take a look below to see some of the benefits of cheating, and what games they are best for.

Shooting Games

It’s annoying when you spend a couple of hours a day playing a PS4 shooter game, only to find that everyone can quick-scope and kill you in one second or less. You can’t beat this type of gamer. Those are the type of people who spend days on the game, so their muscle memory is completely on-point. Unless you are willing to do the same, you probably won’t get anywhere and this can cause you real anger issues, to say the least. Cheats can help you to avoid all of this by showing you how you can get ahead without having to spend hours leveling up or even by learning the game. With cheats, the world of shooting games is at your doorstep and you can get that perfect shot every single time. This is the case whether you’re playing online, by yourself or anything else of the sort. You can even buy cheats online here, so you know that nobody else will be able to have the same experience as you.

Science Fiction MMORPGs

A lot of science fiction games are played online. Take Star Wars Battlefront for example. When your game online, you have a base of hardcore gamers and they all have every single button combination mastered. It’s not a case of pointing and shooting, you need to master each move and develop strategies to overcome the competition, and sometimes this isn’t always possible. After all, you don’t have the time to learn every single map out there and you also don’t have time to learn the environment and how it can be used either. For that reason, cheats can go a long way and they can even help you to get ahead so you can take advantage of the higher-level guns, lightsabers or swords. So it doesn’t matter what game you play or what style you have because by cheating you can not only help to give yourself a better playing experience because you can also help yourself to really take that next step with your gaming character as well.

With so many games released every year, there is always something new for you to play and it is a great way for you to really take advantage of the fun and excitement that they have to offer. If you don’t want to spend the time to learn the physics of a game, such as a bullet drop, wind or anything else, then cheating can be the way to go and even if cheats are not enabled in the game, there are still ways for you to access everything you need.

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Protect Your Child's Vision - Eye Care Tips

Protecting our own eyes is extremely important throughout our life. As parents it’s our job to ensure our children’s eyes stay healthy too. Children learn about their world through what they see. Unfortunately the very nature of being a child means that their eyes are more vulnerable to infection. A common complaint in childhood is conjunctivitis because it is so infectious. Good handwashing and a trip to the gp will help prevent and treat this. Our eyes are our windows to the outside world and looking after the health of our eyes will ensure that any problems can be identified and rectified. 

Eye examinations

It is recommended that children should have their first eye examination before school, following which our eyes should be examined at least annually by a qualified optician or eye specialist. Specialists not only look at correcting your vision with spectacles or contact lenses, they also look at the health of your eyes and will refer you for further examination by an ophthalmologist if necessary. Your child's eyes will probably be screened at school in the first year. This is to identify whether your child needs their vision correcting or if they are showing signs of astigmatism. 

Family history

Children who have a family history of eye conditions may need extra screening, being aware of your family history regarding eye conditions will enable yourself and your eye specialist to be on the lookout for the conditions affecting yours and your child's eyes. Many eye conditions are hereditary. Conditions such as glaucoma need to be treated early either by medication or surgery. There has been a lot of progress in treating conditions in recent years.

Conditions such as cornea ectasia can now be treated by a procedure called corneal cross linking, which strengthens the cornea and stops it from changing shape. 


Your child’s eyes need protecting from bright sunlight by the use of sunglasses with uv protection. Goggles with uv protection are also necessary for skiing as the combination of sunlight and white snow creates extremely bright conditions. 


Give your child’s eyes the chance to rest and recover from the onslaught of technology. Try to monitor screen time and encourage teenagers to avoid being on their mobile phone for long periods of time, checking social media accounts or simply just surf the web!

School work is often completed on computers or tablets nowadays, which often means long periods of time looking at screens. A lot of children enjoy gaming as a hobby or watching TV, added together all these activities mean a huge amount of time staring at screens. Encourage regular breaks and time away from screens in the evenings if possible. Too much screen time can cause your child’s eyes to feel dry and gritty. Too much screen time can also cause headaches.

By following this advice and encouraging your child to eat a healthy well-balanced diet, your child’s eyes should remain in good health. For optimal eye health visit your eye specialist regularly and ensure your child’s diet consists of lots of leafy green vegetables, oily fish and carrots - yes the old wives tale did have some truth in it!

The C Word - Helping Friends With A Sick Child

There’s nothing worse than hearing the dreaded C word. Even if you and your immediate family aren’t directly affected by cancer, this terrible disease can still infiltrate your life. One of the most common ways is if one of your friend’s family is affected by it. As a friend, you will obviously want to be there for your friend and support him or her as much as you can. But what if it is their child who gets the diagnosis? This can be a devastating diagnosis and many parents will take this harder than if had been themselves who had been hit with the C word. 

Want to help a friend whose child has recently been diagnosed with cancer? Here are some things you can do without overstepping any boundaries.

Winter Activities to Keep Your Little Ones Active

In some parts of the world, they are now in the midst of winter and if you're one of those people, chances are that you’re running out of things to keep your little ones occupied. In the summer, there seem to be endless opportunities for fun and play outdoors. But when the temperature drops and weather starts getting wet and windy, we end up cooped up in our homes. There are only so many films on the television that everyone is interested in and so many board games to give a go. What’s more? If your kids are of school age, they’re breaking up for the holiday season, so will be around the house all day every day. So, what can you do to keep everyone busy and content over the next couple of months? Well, here are just a few ideas to try out!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Starting A Family: Important First Steps To Take

You’re here because you and your partner have decided to take the all-important first steps towards starting a family. You may be a little nervous, possibly even overwhelmed, but mostly excited. Below are a few steps that you should consider when you’re thinking about starting a family which should help the whole process feel less stressful, and more like a journey you and your partner are taking together.

Get a health check

The very first thing you want to do is have a full health check-up for you and your partner. Pregnancy will be taxing on both your bodies, so it’s a good to make sure that everything is working the way it should. You should have a general health check to ensure that you have no pre-existing conditions and are fit and healthy. You should also go to a fertility clinic to make sure there are no reasons that you shouldn’t be able to conceive. Most of the time, everything will be perfectly normal, and your doctor will send you on your way with a little advice to help you. Sometimes, however, you may be told that conceiving could be a little more difficult for you due to low fertility in you or your partner. This may feel like bad news, but don’t be alarmed. While low fertility can decrease your chances of falling pregnant, it does not eliminate them. There are also plenty of options for IVF treatments and Hormone Replacement which can increase both of your fertility levels, helping you to conceive quicker.

Examine your diet, exercise, and rest

The next step you should take is to make sure that all aspects of your physical and mental well-being are geared towards falling pregnant. Diet is key as you need to be fueling your body correctly so it can function in a way to optimize your efforts. Obviously, there are certain foods you should avoid while pregnant, like caffeine, alcohol, and raw seafood. And you would be well advised to avoid these during your attempts to conceive also. You should also make sure that your diet is balanced, and that you are neither eating too much, nor too little. Ensure that the five food groups (fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and cereals/grains) are present in most of your meals. You should also have a healthy balance of macronutrients. Around half to two-thirds of your daily calorie intake should be from carbohydrates, and the rest should be split fairly equally between protein and fat. Try to receive the bulk of your carbohydrate intake from whole foods, avoiding simple carbohydrates (labelled as ‘of which sugars’) as much as possible. Fat is an important part of your diet and should not be excluded. It helps to provide slow-release energy and can help keep your heart healthy. Try to keep your saturated fat levels as low as possible, but avoid foods labelled as ‘low fat’ or ‘light’. These have had the fat artificially removed, and are instead full of sugar to keep them tasting the same. You would be much better having the ‘full-fat’ version in moderation, or finding a healthier alternative.

Though exercising while pregnant can help keep you active and healthy as your body adapts and changes, it is important to make sure you are exercising while you are trying to conceive also. You don’t need to be running a marathon every morning; just half an hour of exercise per day will make a huge difference. Pick an activity that will make you sweat, up your heart rate, and cause you to be slightly out of breath. The aim here is to keep your body in good all-around health to increase your chances.

With all this exercising, planning your diet, and keeping on top of daily life, it can be very easy to over-do it. Be sure that you are getting plenty of rest to help your body and mind to recuperate. Try and aim for eight hours per night, preferably getting two or three hours in before midnight. Turn off all electronic devices an hour or so before you get into bed so help your body to unwind naturally.

Perfect your timing

There are specific times in your monthly cycle where you will be more fertile, so it’s best to make sure that you are making the most of these windows of opportunity. There are many products that can help you to know when you are ovulating, such as fertility or ovulation tests, as well as an app that can help to track your cycle through the month, letting you know when you are most and least fertile. This means that you can plan your efforts accordingly, leaving you free to spend more time together doing other things.

Keep the romance

With all the planning and effort that goes into starting a family, it can be easy for the whole process to become a little too clinical and matter-of-fact. Take some time to maintain the connection with your partner. You decided to start a family together because you love each other, so make sure you both still feel that way while you’re trying. Have a romantic meal, go for a walk at sunset, plan out activities you can enjoy as a couple. Discuss things together beyond the details of your day. Although starting your family is likely to be something that is very important to you both, try not to let it consume every aspect of your relationship. Take this new chapter in your lives together as an opportunity to reconnect, and remember why you got together in the first place. Having children is a journey that cannot be rushed, so make sure that you give yourself room to enjoy the view as you travel the road to parenthood together.

Hopefully, these few tips have given you enough information to suitably plan out and prepare for your first trip into parenthood. It is a remarkable and rewarding thing to do with your partner, and the whole process should be something you enjoy together. Good luck, and may your family be strong and healthy.

Size Has Never Mattered Less When It Comes To Beauty!

For the longest time, it has felt as though to be considered beautiful; you had to fit into a pretty rigid and unrealistic image. Of course, while there are people out there who are that perfect size 4, most of the time this is an image that has been fabricated by the media in order to shame women into feeling as though they need to change things about themselves. This attitude towards beauty has always been a lie, and one of the best things about the modern era is that it's a lie that's finally being rejected. Modern women are finally standing up ourselves and saying no to this ridiculous attitude that women need to fit into a specific size and shape in order to to be beautiful. With that in mind, here are a few ways in which size has never mattered less to the idea of whether or not you're beautiful.

Companies are embracing styles for larger sizes

It shouldn't really come as much of a surprise that if you really want to make some changes to the way that people feel about which clothes they can wear, the best place to start it to supply them with those clothes. There's nothing more discouraging than seeing clothes on the mannequin at the store that were clearly designed with someone who's barely skin and bones in mind. Luckily there are companies who are beginning to realise this and change the way that they do things. Companies like the Australian business, The Iconic are paving the way with their line of city chic tops, specifically tailored to women with more curves. And they're certainly not the only ones. There are plenty of businesses that are not only expanding the range of sizes that they stock but also that are creating clothes that are more specifically designed for larger sizes.

Cultural ideas are getting broken down

It's a slow process, but over time there are some big changes being made in the cultural perceptions of beauty. For one thing, there are more and more models on modern runways who don't fit into the strict mould of how they're traditionally supposed to look. Just look at someone like Ashley Graham who was recently named as one of the top ten highest earning models of 2017. In previous years that would have been unheard of, but these amazing, brave women are speaking out and refusing to put up with people telling them that they have to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. Sure, there are still going to be people who will want to shame women for the way that they look, but as time moves on, cultural ideas do change, and it's only a matter of time before the idea of a single image of beauty will seem ridiculous.

More women are in charge

Of course, it's not just women on the runways who are making the difference. There are more women in positions of power who are able to influence the way that modern society views itself in terms of beauty. Someone like Elaine Welteroth, the Editor-In-Chief of Teen Vogue has spent this last year pushing the magazine to tackle topics that might have previously been considered taboo, including sexuality, body-image, and other topics that the mainstream media has been incredibly reluctant to talk about. The more women in these kinds of positions of power, especially women from diverse backgrounds, there are, the more of an influence they're going to be able to have on the culture as a whole. Taking all of the power to guide the culture away from a few specific people is always a good thing and it's only going to get better as time goes on.

The reality is that this is still only the beginning of this kind of movement. There is still a long way to go to break down many of the unhealthy ideas people have about beauty. People still treat so-called "plus-size" models as an exception to the rule, and far too many companies insist of projecting this image of a certain style, size, and even skin colour, as the default of what is considered beautiful. If we really want to break down the unhealthy attitudes that so many people still hold about beauty, companies need to start embracing a broader, more diverse, and more realistic spectrum of female beauty in everything from film and TV to beauty products and fashion. Only then are we going to see the world start to except that there really is no single type of beauty that is superior to all others.

NOVUHAIR turns favor with Holiday bash promo

So you’ve got your festive outfit set and the fancy gift wrapped for your “monito” or “monita”. All that’s left undone is a party season-perfect hairstyle. 

The fresh out of the shower look can be seductive yet temporary. Blame it to tropical climate, it can spoil your appearance, besides making you feel sweaty and stale. The heat and humidity brought about by extreme weather condition, likewise, dries out the locks easily and make it more fragile. 

Adding damage to your delicate strands are the chemical contents of various products on hand. From shampoo to conditioner and hair treatment, down to styling goods to groom it to your liking, their harsh synthetic materials jeopardize the natural oil and luster of your mane.

Because you are what you eat, the fate of your crowning glory is in the plate. Your diet must mhave the correct balance of vitamins and minerals to supply hair with all that it needs to become shiny and strong. So don’t overindulge, especially this time of the year when gastronomic feasts are spread almost everywhere you go. Be careful on what you take in, thinking that it’s also what you feed your ‘do.

Even stress can wear off the beauty and health of the tress. And that’s exactly what you should avoid this Yuletide season. Never put pressure on yourself just to please everyone. Just take it easy, let your hair down and party all night long. 

In this time of gratitude, NOVUHAIR makes everyday “a good hair day” for its valued patrons like you with its Christmas and Year-End Promo. Get an extra NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo 200 ml. worth P1,040 for FREE if you buy a NOVUHAIR 3-in- 1 pack at participating WATSONS stores nationwide (DOH-FDA CCRR Permit No.: 967 s. 2017).

Packed with 19 natural ingredients—mostly standardized herbal extracts, essential oils and co-factor nutrients—NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion does not only help prevent the hair fall malady, but also aids in stimulating hair growth. NOVUHAIR helps prevent hair loss, improve overall appearance, promote nourishment and rejuvenation. It is clinically-tested and proven safe and effective.

Opt for the best with this Christmas and Year-End promo. Whether it’s a luxury gift for your loved ones, or a self-indulgent treat for you, NOVUHAIR has the perfect gift to inspire and keep you party-ready this Holiday season, while providing you with the ultimate styling result.

For inquiries, please call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575. You may also visit or Novuhair’s Facebook page – Novuhair Official.

Common Causes of Household Furnace Problems

If you own a furnace then you will understand more than anyone else how important it is for you to keep it well-maintained and running as it should. Eventually however, your furnace will experience wear and tear, causing it to exhibit problems such as very little heat, no heat at all or even excessive noise. If you want to try and avoid these problems then take a look below.

Lack of Maintenance

The main reason why furnaces malfunction is because they are not maintained enough. They are left for months without cleaning and the filter may have accumulated dirt, dust and grime over time as well. Other maintenance issues include the wires becoming loose, rusted or even disconnected altogether. By checking your furnace on a regular basis and by making sure that everything is connected as it should be, you can avoid the most common reason why furnaces themselves malfunction. When checking over your furnace, it’s important to check the piping and gas outlet but if you do see a problem here or if you know that there are signs of corrosion then don’t try and be a DIY expert and fix it yourself. You could risk leaking gas into the room and that could cause you even more problems. The best thing to do here would be to call a reputable HVAC contractor.

Filthy Filters

Filters gather dirt all the time. It doesn’t matter how much you maintain your filter or how much you try and stop this from happening because eventually your filter will need to be changed. Some people believe that if they keep their home very clean, then they won’t experience dust-build up in their filter but this isn’t the case at all. Filters can still trap dust from the air and they can even trap mould spores as well. For this reason, it’s very important that you change your filters to make sure that they are clean. If you don’t then the dust could stop the airflow from circulating the room properly and it could even lead to health issues. If your Kaiser Air Conditioning furnace is blowing cold air then it’s a good idea to check the filter for blockages, the pilot light and even the temperature of the air it is blowing out. This will help you to determine whether the air is not heating up enough, or not at all.

Damp Electrics

Another problem that people experience with their furnace is that the electrics don’t work or that the pilot light on the furnace doesn’t come on. This can make it very hard to heat your home. This could be due to an electrical outage, even if you have a gas furnace. You may also find that the electrics that you have are damp, and this is especially the case if your furnace is located in the cellar or basement. 

This isn’t uncommon and it happens more in homes that have a problem with leakage or even damp in general. It will take a while for this issue to become visible in terms of the general operation of the furnace but it can still cause devastating effects throughout your home, such as the furnace not turning on at all or even it blowing out cold air and reducing the temperature of the home overall.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Mommy Bloggers Philippines shared the love to kids in Marawi through Nutri10Plus Syrup Vitamin Blog Campaign

One of the outstanding qualities of mothers is their devotion to providing quality nutrition to their children. This is primarily done by preparing healthy foods and giving effective supplements to sustain and nourish their growing family needs. Nutri10Plus Syrup, a multivitamins packed with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Taurine, Lysine, Zinc and Vitamins C, A, D3 B1 and more, had been assisting mothers all around the Philippines in developing children with strong bodies, active brains and healthy appetite.

Military officers helped in distributing the Nutri10Plus Syrup and DayCee pouches to the kids

In the effort to help our co-mommies and their children in the war-stricken village in Marawi, 100 Mommy bloggers from Mommy Bloggers Philippines community including She´s The Mom had collaborated to bring boxes of Nutri10Plus Syrup, DayCee Vitamin C Syrup and several toys, to a hundred kids in Marawi through SinagTala, a non-profit organization headed by Ms. Kaye Koo. SinagTala had been sending help to villages in Marawi since the war erupted and it had sheltered hundreds of children inside the Playroom which served as the mini-school and play area of the children.

Assorted toys for the kids

Each pouch contains 2 bottles of Nutri10PlusSyrup, 2 bottles of DayCee Vitamin C and Daycee chewables

Through the Nutri10Plus Syrup, DAYZINC vitamins and toys, we wish to help uplift the children’s spirits and restore their health as they start on picking up the pieces of their lives as families.

We all thank WERT for this campaign, Kaye Koo of SinagTala and all the staff who have helped in sending the vitamins to Marawi.

To learn more about the benefits of Nutri10Plus Syrup, check through their Facebook page

We are grateful to the mommy bloggers who participated in campaign using their blogs to bring hundreds of pouches of Nutri10Plus Vitamins full of nutrition for the children in Marawi. Find out more about our lovely mommy bloggers and their experiences as they document their life journeys in their mommy blogs.                 

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10 Places to visit with kids in Hawaii

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The paradise island of Hawaii is considered to have some of the most perfect spots for families looking to take to take their children along for a memorable vacation. Hawaii offers many different types of tours and activities, which will not only fulfill the needs of the adults but keep the little ones occupied as well.

Having said that, when it comes to planning for a perfect Hawaii vacation with kids in tow, it takes some doing. From beach side activities to tubing or visiting museums, the choices are not only endless but confusing too. In order to make things simple for your next sojourn to this exotic place, I have made my research on some of the favorite haunts of a family with kids, apart from chilling in your fancy rental house in Hawaii.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island

Located near Hilo, this famous park is home to two active volcanoes, Mauna Loa and Kilauea. Odd as it may seem, despite the constant volcanic activity, the park is quite safe and draws a large number of visitors, especially the young ones, who love to explore the remnants of the frequent outbursts from the two volcanoes. The Thurston Lava Tube, which is a cave-like aperture formed by a flow of red lava, is a great hit with kids who enjoy walking through it.

Honaunau National Historical Park

Known in the ancient culture of Hawaii as “Place of Refuge”, the park provides a meaningful experience for persons of all ages. Visitors can access the remains of the old Kiilae Village and
the Royal Grounds. Children will love to explore the fish ponds, salt vats, animal pens and the centuries-old temples to have a great educational experience. The waters near the landing are prime nesting grounds for sea turtles, which too are a great hit for everyone.

Kahalu’u Beach Park

This is the best park in the whole of Hawaii for water-related sports, especially for the younger generation. This marine preserve is well protected by reefs, as a result, the waters are always calm and ideal for swimming, snorkeling or just wading. Children will be engrossed with sightings of a large variety of marine life like sea turtles and different kinds of colorful fish. Kahalu’u is the right place for snorkeling beginners and there are many outlets renting out gear for the little ones as well as the grown-ups.

Atlantis Submarine, Maui

This perennial child favorite takes visitors to a depth of over one hundred feet on a two-hour underwear adventure. The trip allows guests to get close up views of the different fish in a dry and warm environment.The months of December through May are reportedly ideal for even whale sightings.

Maui Ocean Center

This engaging and rather compact aquarium provides great glimpses of the diverse marine life found in Hawaii. A Marine Mammal, Tide Pool and a Discovery Center are a great draw of school-age children, as is The Living Reef. This place exhibits vividly what life on the seafloor is all about, by taking guests to the deep reef zone of the ocean, which is home to sharks, tuna fish, and other deep-sea water life.

Bishop Museum, Oahu

This is one of the biggest museums in Hawaii, housing a huge number of family heirlooms and other precious artifacts pertaining to the state.The Hawaiian Hall occupies three stories of local history, culture, and exhibits of Hawaiian gods and deities. The Science Adventure Center is a big hit with kids where they can learn a lot about the oceans and volcanoes. Children even have the option of visiting the inside of a volcano and study and experience how the eruptions occur.

Hawaiian Kids Discovery Center, Honolulu

This discovery center, though a little less known, is hugely popular with the young locals, especially for families with kids up to ten years old. At “Fantastic You” children get to know about the human body, while the history of Hawaii is aptly described in “Hawaiian Rainbows”. Kids can simulate the role of a banker, fireman, mechanic and more at “Your Town”. For the toddlers in the age group 2 to 5, “Tot World” has been created to provide fun and education in a safe environment.

Kauai Backcountry Adventures

At some period of time, Kauai was a major producer of sugarcane. The plantations were irrigated by constructing a network of channels to transport water from the other side of the island. Though the plantations have long since gone, the channels which have survived have been put to excellent use. We all know that water and kids always get along well, hence the state has started tubing adventures in the lush dense backdrop of these channels. Children can have a gala time by simply grabbing an inner tube and floating down the wild landscape. It is a wonderful experience for kids five-year-old and above and takes roughly three hours to traverse.

Kalaupapa Guided Mule Ride, Molokai

This tiny island has been able to withstand the rigors of the outside world and maintain its pristine beauty until today. Molokai is best experienced on a guided mule ride, commencing from the Mule Barn. Children who are 16 years and over, can undertake this three-mile downhill trip to reach the once forbidden village of Kalaupapa. The area is now a historical park of national importance, and the mule ride makes the visit all the more memorable.

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Winter Skincare Tips

Winter is now in full swing in many parts of the world, that means much colder, harsher weather conditions.

It also means tougher times for your skin.The weathered look might be good for a vintage leather jacket or pair of boots, but it isn’t so good for your face, and for sure Atlanta Face and Body can give you a face-lift that will remove those wrinkles for a smoother, younger you, but isn’t it better to avoid aging prematurely in the first place? If you agree, check out these simple winter skincare tips to keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing all through the season...

Use Lukewarm Water

Washing in lukewarm water might not be the most desirable thing in the cool of winter when what you really want is a hot shower, but it is better at leaving your body’s essential oils on the skin, so that it doesn't crack or dry out.

Moisturize Right After Washing

If you want to maintain a youthful glow, not just throughout the winter, but for years to come, then you should always apply your moisturizer straight after bathing or showering. Doing this will lock in more moisture, which will keep your skin soft and line-free.

Oil-Based is Best

When it comes to moisturizers, in the winter, oil-based products like AHA! Are the best to use because, despite being called moisturizers, many water-based formulations contain things that can actually dry out the skin in wintry conditions. You can switch back to your usual moisturizer in the spring.

Exfoliate Often

Because the skin is prone to get dry and crack more in winter conditions, it is even more important than usual that you exfoliate. If your skin can take it, exfoliate at least once daily to remove any dead cells and apply a face mask once a week.

Cover Up

Sometimes, the best thing for your skin is to protect it with hats, gloves, scarves and anything else that will keep the elements at bay. Luckily, you’ll probably want to wrap up warm anyway, so this shouldn’t be too much of a struggle.

Wear Sunscreen

A lot of women skip sunscreen during the winter months, especially when they live in places that don’t get too much sun, but even in winter, the sun makes its presence known and it can have a negative effect on the skin, aging it prematurely and causing fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots to form. Of course, even more seriously, exposure to the sun can cause cancer, so always apply some sunscreen before going out.

Use a Humidifier

When you have your heating system on, the air in your home, of course, gets very dry. This is bad for the skin and can seriously dry it out. Luckily, all you need to do to counteract its effects is to invest in and use a humidifier regularly, especially in your bedroom, where you probably spend the most time.

If you implement this routine during the winter, or should you ever travel to cooler climes, one thing’s for sure - you won’t have to worry about your skin!

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Achieve The Ultimate Christmas Party Look

It’s that time of year again when yule logs adorn the supermarket shelves, multi-colored fairy lights dangle clumsily from rooftops, and Norwegian pines are dragged along the streets ready to be decorated, each in their own unique way. Christmas is upon us. You might be one of those Ebenezer Scrooge type characters who abhors any mention of anything remotely festive. Or you could be one of those Kris Kringle obsessives who wish every day of the year could celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The chances are that you’re somewhere in between. You love mince pies, toasty fires, the giving of gifts, hot chocolate, mulled cider and mingling with your nearest and dearest. During the season of goodwill to all men, you love nothing better than letting your hair down at the odd Christmas party or two. So what look should you go for? Take a look at these tips to see you achieve the perfect Christmas party style.

Fancy Dress

Now, this sort of party is where anything goes. If you want to achieve the most glamorous look, the Rudolph the Reindeer outfit isn’t going to cut it. However, that’s the point of these soirees. They aren’t the time to whip out your sequined red festive ball gown oozing sexy Mrs. Claus vibes. You need to go with the flow and enjoy looking a bit silly. Pull on your elf ears, paint on your rosy red cheeks, and have fun enjoying the festive buffet that your best pal has laid on.

The Classy Affair

If a member of your close social circle decides to throw a winter dinner party, this is your chance to indulge your love of short cocktail dresses. Paired with some cute kitten heels, a festive accessory or two along with a detailed little clutch bag and you have the ultimate party look. Show some restraint and wear your favorite pair of diamond earrings and choose a red, green or similar festive hue for your outfit.

Dinner parties at Christmas remain a tad more formal than their buffet equivalents, but it’s still a time to let your hair down, talk to friends you may not have seen all year and share thoughtful gifts. Swap the ubiquitous bottle of wine that you always take around for a bottle of festive port, a liquor or bucks fizz. If you want to take a true festive plunge take along a Christmas pudding, some gourmet candy canes or a gingerbread house. By welcoming the true essence of Christmas into your festivities, you’ll be able to enjoy every aspect of the season.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are attending a themed party, a formal dance, a dinner party or a kids get together, the most important thing is enjoying the gathering. If you want to achieve a festive look, opt for a touch of sparkle, sequins or glitter. Pair with the subtlest of heels and ensure you always remain comfortable and free to have a dance, eat plenty and be merry. Happy Christmas!