Saturday, June 29, 2013

Newbie here!

Hey there! A newbie here but has a huge interest in this blogging thingy. Ever since I learned how to use the web like any one here i became so into it. I even made several social networking accounts like +Friendster , +Myspace, +Facebook, +Twitter, +Tumblr and so on. I've always wanted to blog but been very busy with a lot of things. But that eagerness to blog awaken again now that I am a full time mom to 2 wonderful kids (a 3 year old toddler Tristan and 10 month old baby Athena) and wife to an amazing husband (Jaear). Yea nothing to do much at home, so I decided to write! This blog is going to be like my online diary. I will be writing about my experience being married and as a mom.

Oh well I am not really good in writing, but I am really hoping that through this I'll be able to express and share with everyone else my feelings and opinions about several matters. I hope to meet people with same interest, new friends and yeah not to mention take advantage of online promos, giveaways and contest (yay goodluck! haha)

That's it for now. Will be posting more...soon!