Friday, October 30, 2015

Dare to shop at Divisoria, Tutuban and Quiapo? Here Are Some Tips!

I admit we do some shopping in these places whenever given the time. A mom has to be practical at some point right? We do some strolling mostly around divisoria and tutuban. There's lots of malls like 999, 168, Lucky China Mall and probably other malls. These places aren't for the light hearted. I'll be honest, those places are quite prone to snatchers and pickpoketers but if you come prepared I can assure you that you can save probably more than half of what you spend on regular malls and even get to save some extras for yourself.

Tips before going to war:
  • Try to wear comfy clothes. You'll be walking a lot with many stores to choose from so try to be as comfortable as you can with what you wear especially your shoes or flipflops.

  • Don't wear JEWELRIES! (atleast not the real ones) I know someone who got her earrings snatched in just 3 seconds or probably less. Good thing she wasn't hurt but it was too fast for her to react.

  • Most if not all the things you can buy inside the malls can be found outside for a lower price. You need to exert more efforts, though.
  • Don't wear your bag on you back. Try to keep it in your front as much as possible.

  • Don't let those kids that sell plastic bags surround you. They could just be diverting your attention while some other kids pickpockets or snatch something from you.

  • Whether inside or outside the mall don't be shy to bargain! Try to use words like, "Ang mahal naman! Wala ba tawad?" or "Last price?" It usually works.

Here are some of my hauls on my last trip at 168 mall. Would have love to do some shopping outside too but we brought the kids. The last thing i want to hear is my kids complaining how hot it was outside.

Dress for my youngest daughter (500 pesos) Shoes (150 pesos) Baby Brianna wouldn't let go of the shoes after trying it hahaha! She's growing up and making her choices for clothes.

Set (700 pesos)

Shorts (350 pesos each) Blouses ( Plain 130 pesos, Floral Design 100 pesos)

Shorts for hubby (199 each)

Shirts (150 pesos for 2) (75 pesos for 1)

50 pesos each (pambahay lang)

All these for P 3,203 only, will definitely go back again and again!

These tips will come in handy if ever you plan on going there. Just follow it all and you should be good to go for an affordable shopping experience especially since it's almost Christmas time. 

Have any tips to share? Comment it below :)

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