Monday, October 12, 2015

Spa 101 : Things to know when going to a Spa (Wensha Edition)

The thought of being butt naked in front of people made us think twice but what made us decide to go? Continue reading and you'll find out.

It was actually our third wedding anniversary. We decided to go to Wensha and we're absolutely clueless as to what to do, things to bring and what to expect! The two of us said that we'll blog about our experience.

Here's the two of us on our way to Wensha Spa Pasay Branch. We came from south so we took a bus that went drove to coastal road straight near the World Trade Center. It's a walking distance from where we got off to the Spa. (Yes Extra stress before relaxing) Don't hesitate to bring a car cause they have a lot of parking space. Note: Google is your friend.

Wensha Spa Pasay Branch

Dining Area with TV

 Waiting Area (though we didn't really wait at all)

Dining Area Inside for a more private spot. The entrace all the way back there is for the massage area.

Magnetic bracelet for our lockers (quite cool to be honest)

Things to bring: Practically almost nothing except for yourselves and cash! They'll be providing you the things you need like slippers, towels and something to change to while staying.

Rates and Services included (We availed the Whole Body Massage) which already includes an 8 hours maximum stay together with the use of amenities like showers, spa swimming pool with TV, dry and wet sauna, dining area with buffet included.

Here's a somewhat itinerary for you to maximize your stay.

Things to do: 
We arrived at around 12:00pm
First thing we did is chose a package at the front desk. You don't really have to make a reservation but it's always a good thing to call just in case. They'll provide you with your magnetic bracelets for your locker. Just leave your shoes to the attendant and change into a slipper.

It was lunch time so we immediately went to their buffet. We didn't expect much since it was just a freebie included with the service we availed. It was 50/50 for the food and by that I mean some are quite good and some are just so so. We waited a bit after eating before finally trying the different amenities.

It was a lucky visit for us at that time cause there wasn't that much people during that hour when we entered. The girls spa, sauna, and showers are all separate from the boys by the way. Me and my wife decided to meet each other around 03:00pm. I left all my things at my locker together with gadgets (taking pictures is definitely not allowed, wouldn't want to see your naked pictures on the web right? ^_~) and got towels from the attendant and showered first, then went to the hot and cold pool. Yes I had to go there naked but good thing is there were about 5 people in the place at that time. Was it relaxing? Yes there's also a cable TV to watch while relaxing. There were two types of Saunas. Dry and Wet Sauna as they call it. The first one i tried was the one that filled the room with smoke. I was alone and didn't really last 5 minutes. I then tried the other sauna one which i preferred better. I think i stayed for 20 minutes while sipping a glass of water. (They provide water which you need so you don't get dehydrated) There were some nice people I met there which taught me some of the things they normally do in the Spa. I took a dip in the hot pool for a few minutes before taking a shower so I can meet my wife.

We ate again! Haha! We ate some snacks, mainly fruits, siomai and some soft ice cream while watching TV

The two of us thought of going back to either the pool or sauna before availing our massage. It was yet again another lucky hour cause most of the people are actually at the dining area.

We availed our whole body massages. The girls and boys room again are separated. Girls automatically get a woman to massage them while guys have an option to choose who to massage them. I didn't really like massages to be honest but this was a really nice experience. The masseur ask me if i want a mineral oil or ginger oil and i asked what's the difference. I swear, he said the other one was special and the other one was just regular. Hahaha of course i choose the special! He was polite and kept asking me whether it's alright to massage me in certain body parts like the neck, the legs or face. I didn't want to miss out anything to i just kept saying yes. It felt really good in a relaxing and hilarious way. He was making this funny sounds while massaging me. Luckily my head was covered so my grinning face was hidden. One hour felt like a breeze! He handed me this piece of paper asking me if I want to give a tip. I said sure (which i normally don't do but the service was really good) He said I can just pay it later at the front desk.

I met with my wife to have dinner! Yes it's our third time and we're just trying to get our money's worth. They serve different dishes for dinner. We also got the chance to try the Shabu Shabu. It was the highlight of our dinner and I didn't expect I would enjoy it that much.

We decided to pack our things, change back into our clothes, gave back our magnetic bracelet and paid the tip. We each gave 50 pesos each for the masseur and masseuse. 

What to expect?
I wouldn't want you to expect but pretty much experience and simply relax with you stay at the spa.
I personally believe that you won't look for something that you haven't experience and I can say that going to the Wensha Spa is definitely something I would look for from time to time because of this great experience. They definitely made our wedding anniversary special.

~Daddy Poreber

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