Friday, June 26, 2020

Teaching kids self care and oral hygiene skills

As parents, it is our responsibility to take care of our children. Not only making sure their needs are met, but also being confident that they fend for themselves when the situation calls for it. That is why teaching our kids basic, and age-appropriate life skills is a must. And, self-care and hygiene skills are the topmost basic life skills we should be teaching our children. These are everyday habits and lifelong skills that will not only make them look nice but will help them become healthy overall. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


The Fit Filipino Movement (FitFil) led by Health & Fitness VIP Coaches Jim & Toni Saret and co-presented by NOVUHAIR ® , nature’s answer to hair loss, wish to invite you, your family and loved ones to join a 20-day Facebook Live FREE workout session designed for all beginners and active fitness buffs starting June 22, 2020 (Monday) at 4pm.

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Play Days 2020: Playtime for Parents and Children Amidst Coronavirus

Mommies and daddies, how are you and your kids, holding up? It's been over three months since the mandated community quarantine due to Coronavirus. And, with the school year being pushed back for a few more months, we have no choice but to stay home with our kids for their safety.

This pandemic has sure taught us a lot of things such as, slowing down and spending more quality time with our family. I hope that you get to bond with your kids at home through active play activities, and not just through watching TV or videos online but playing as in actively playing. 

Bonding through playtime among parents and kids can tend to be a rare concept nowadays, but still very much important. Playtime between parents and kids doesn’t have to end at fun. |It’s also a way to keep kids active, and healthy- physically and mentally.

Tristan, Athena, and Brianna have been playing nonstop. They play with their toys, with their gadgets, watch TV, role-playing, and a lot of active plays too. I let them be, but I make sure to allot time playing with them. We also make time for study time. Their day is full of activities, hindi maawat kahit mainit ang panahon at pawisan na. 

Johnson’s continually advocates for active playtime and bonding moments among parents and their kids as this has also been proven to help keep children healthy overall, especially with regards to their mental health. Johnson’s has continuously shown this through the yearly Johnson’s Baby Playdays campaign. We attended Playdays 2019, last year which I shared here. This summer, the best lessons are waiting to be learned and the best part about all of it is children can learn it together with their parents while at home, with Johnson’s, laro’y sumasaya kapag ika’y kasama!”

For this year’s summer season, Johnson’s Baby has made it their mission to make bonding moments of parents and kids more fun and enjoyable through playtime, even from the safety of their homes. Johnson’s Play Days Laro’y Sumasaya ‘Pag Ika’y Kasama is a call for all parents to get their children to experience the joy of playing together by going back to basics with bonding through active playtime, especially now that families are just stuck at home while at lockdown. It is also important to remember to be there for our kids because this a difficult time for them as well. It is even recommended by the World Health Organization for parents to at least allot 20 minutes of their day as playtime with their kids, as part of their daily routine. This in return will also help create structure and bring back that sense of normalcy for children.

During playtime, whether indoors or outdoors, a mom’s number one worry for their kids is the sweat it brings and along with the unbearable summer heat and the uncomfortable sticky feeling from playing all-day long. With Johnson’s Baby Powder, there’s no need to worry anymore as this helps kids stay fresh & smelling presko-bango for up to 12 hours, all-play long! Even from indoors, mas napapasaya ang playtime with Johnson’s Baby Powder -- making this every mom’s ultimate play time partner allowing their kids to play for longer.

We encourage you to join Johnson’s in this movement and see how bonding through playtime will help your little ones become the person you always dreamed them to be. Join by posting a video of your kids during your happy playtime moments and show that Johnson’s Baby is your play partner to keep your kids Presko Bango. Use the hashtags #JohnsonsPreskoBango, #PlayDays2020 and tag @johnsonsbabyph.

For more information on the Play Days 2020 campaign, follow Johnson’s Baby in their official website and social media pages , .JOHNSON’S® Baby™ Powder Presko-Bango Range are available in leading supermarkets, drug stores, and department stores nationwide.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Work From Home Guides

No work no pay, no public transportation, stress, and earning money but at the risk of catching coronavirus. These are the daily struggles being experienced by a lot of workers amidst the pandemic.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

7-day Menu Challenge: Safeguard yourself against COVID-19

It is without a doubt that meal planning has lots of benefits. First, it's less stressful as you don't have to worry about what to cook each day. Second, instead of worrying, you get to save time and spend it on other equally important things. Third, you also get to save money as you only have to buy the ingredients you need, according to your menu, which means less to zero food wasting. Lastly, since you get to plan, you are more likely to choose healthier meals. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Steamed Cream Dory Fillet in Soy Sauce Recipe

I've been a homemaker ever since Jaear and I got married, but until now, meal planning or thinking about what to prepare every meal is still something I haven't mastered. I tried planning our meal weekly, it was great as it helped me save time and from last minute worries. But, the problem is, I keep on listing the same food over and over again. I only know of a few ulam to cook! Haha.