About Me

She's The Mom is a personal blog of a stay-at-home-young-mom who loves to share her musings and adventures about anything under the sun while juggling motherhood and career.

Behind the blog is Pearl Paguio, a Registered Nurse by profession, who back in her school days is not a vocal type of person so she tends to write almost everything down in a journal. From a personal journal/diary, it transitioned into an online blog sometime in 2013. Starting out, the blog was under "blogspot" a free platform and is originally known as "Mom-derful World" and served as a catharsis throughout her pregnancy with their 3rd child. Shortly after giving birth, the blog was on hiatus but in 2015, she and her husband decided to combine their blogs together and came up with "Team Poreber". It was quite an adventure and fun working together but came early 2016, the couple decided to have their separate blogs again so they can focus on their own niche thus "She's The Mom" was born. 

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