Saturday, October 31, 2015

LIVERMARIN: For A More Alive Liver

I can't stress enough how we should take care of our liver. There's so much things we have to consider for our own safety and for us to take care of our family even better. I'm a Liver Lover and here's why!

According to a report by Euromonitor, Filipinos are the 3rd heaviest drinkers in the world. While many Pinoys may think of this as a distinction to be proud of, doctors would disagree. As, excessive alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of liver disease. While it is difficult to avoid alcohol as it is a huge part of our culture, we can protect our livers with the right supplement – LiverMarin.

ATC Healthcare International Corp. sought out the best Silymarin out there to fit into one convenient capsule – LiverMarin. LiverMarin is a dietary supplement containing 250mg of Silymarin or Milk Thistle, and 100mg of Sodium Ascorbate. Milk Thistle’s active ingredient “flavonoids” break down into two main components, Silydianin and Silychristin, which together form Silymarin – a supplement found in LiverMarin that is known to have the potential to protect your liver by acting as an antioxidant, promoting the growth of new liver cells while preventing liver damage. It may also help prevent cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver, which is an irreversible damage that causes you to have a weakened immune system. Aside from the abovementioned benefits, regular intake of LiverMarin may also help in digesting fat that aids in the treatment of fatty livers, preventing and treating hepatitis A and B, managing SGPT and SGOT levels and in managing insulin overproduction. 

It is recommended to take 1 capsule 3 times a day before meals, or as prescribed by your doctor. Treat your liver right, take LiverMarin every day. At SRP P9.00 a capsule, LiverMarin is an affordable way to protect your liver. 

LiverMarin is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide.

Farmstay's Snail Slime: the latest Korean beauty secret is now in the Philippines!

Whenever I see Koreanovelas on TV I can't help but admire these Korean actresses who seem to have porcelain like skin, wow just flawless! What could be their beauty secret or are they born with it? These are just some of the questions I have in mind. Fortunately I was one of the invited bloggers to spend "Me Time" with Farmstay, to celebrate beauty and relaxation as they launch their products here in the Philippines.

The event was held at Blue Water Day Spa Ortigas last October 28, 2015. 
Indeed a perfect place to celebrate beauty and relaxation.

Finally, Filipinas too, can now have a chance to look like Korean ulzzangs (literally "best face") with the arrival of a new Korean beauty wonder in the country.

From BB creams, CC creams, hydrating sheet masks, cushion makeup, now they've come up with something even more exotic yet organic - snail slime.

Studies show that snail lime contains a perfect balance of proteins, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants which offer various benefits like stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. Elastin is the "rubber band" of skin- it makes the skin "snap back" to it's original shape after being stretched or contracted. Collagen, on the other hand, is a protein that supports skin, keeping it strong and firm.

Snail lime had its beginnings in Chile, when Chilean farmers who were exporting snail to restaurants in Europe noticed that the skin on their hands became extremely soft and injuries and cuts also healed quickly without becoming infected.

In the past years, cosmetic products from Korea have risen to the forefront of the international beauty scene making it as the Asian mecca for beauty innovation. This is justified by the majority of Koreans known for their flawless complexions that defy aging.

Did you know? Koreans have their very own-10-step beauty regimen which involves makeup removal, cleansing, exfoliating, toning, essence, ampoule, sheet mask, eye cream, emulsion, and night cream; to which they owe their youthful and fair complexion to!

Some of Farmstay's snail products are Snail Repair Cream, Snail  Pure Cleansing
Foam, Visible Difference Snail Eye Cream,  Moisture Soothing  Gel Snail, All-in-One Snail BB Cream, and Snail Hand Cream. Farmstay is exclusively imported from Korea and distributed in the Philippines by McDell Healthcare Products, Inc.

McDell Healthcare Products, Inc. a Filipino-owned company engaged in the manufacture, import, marketing, and distribution of beauty, health and wellness products, encourages every Filipina to be beautiful as it offers unique, innovative, and organic beauty products that will surely bring out the best in her.

According to McDell Healthcare Products, Inc. Marketing Manager Nancy Pereyras:

 "It is McDell's goal to bring Korea's technical advances in skincare to be more accessible and affordable to Filipinos as we bring Farmstay products here in the Philippines.

Unlike other brands in the market which are marked with strong scents, Farmstay products have a light smell as they are made with natural ingredients."

At the event, Farmstay's brand ambassador was also revealed,  Ms. Lisette Lim Benedicion,a true epitome of beauty and passion. Lisette represents many young professional Filipinas who are career driven but still puts a premium on taking care of themselves.

"I chose to partner with Farmstay because I wanted more Filipinas to benefit from this beauty secret. I believe that these products that help bring out the best version of ourselves can help up in the pursuit of our passion." - Lisette

She is currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in Dentistry at the University of the East in Manila. She has appeared in various fashion and lifestyle magazines promoting awareness on the true essence of beauty with a purpose.

Lisette and the McDell Team sharing beauty tips during the Q and A portion.

Now, Filipinas don't have to go to various stores for their skin care essentials because Farmstay, a unique line of organic Korean beauty products, will be their next one-stop to get that Korean ulzzang look!

The product launch was definitely a huge success, Congratulations Farmstay and Mcdell Team! I surely enjoyed that much needed "Me time" thanks for having me :) 

 Korean-Japanese food to fill our tummy. 

A very relaxing foot reflexology and massage while watching movies.

I got to try some of their products. I started with the Snail Pure Cleansing Foam, Grape Stem Cell Anti-Aging Toner, Snail Repair Cream and Visible Difference Snail BB Cream. With just one use I immediately fell in love with the Cleansing Foam and the BB Cream. 

Look! We also get to take home some Farmstay essentials. :)
Product review soon!

It was very nice meeting some of my fellow bloggers at the event too.

Thank you so much Card Cruz for inviting me :)

 New found buddy Ms. Lyzette Bongon

 With the gorgeous Ms. Rochelle Rivera

With Ms. Lyzette and Ms. Nhessie Agustin

Hope to see you all again!

Farmstay products are available in McDell's Showroom in Cubao, Quezon City; through its website and in various online retailers like Lazada, Beautymnl, and Zalora. Farmstay is also distributed in other countries that include China, Hongkong, and Vietnam.

For more infornation, visit their website at or follow them on their official social media accounts.
Instagram: @farmstayphl
Twitter: @farmstayphl

~Mommy Poreber

Friday, October 30, 2015

Dare to shop at Divisoria, Tutuban and Quiapo? Here Are Some Tips!

I admit we do some shopping in these places whenever given the time. A mom has to be practical at some point right? We do some strolling mostly around divisoria and tutuban. There's lots of malls like 999, 168, Lucky China Mall and probably other malls. These places aren't for the light hearted. I'll be honest, those places are quite prone to snatchers and pickpoketers but if you come prepared I can assure you that you can save probably more than half of what you spend on regular malls and even get to save some extras for yourself.

Tips before going to war:
  • Try to wear comfy clothes. You'll be walking a lot with many stores to choose from so try to be as comfortable as you can with what you wear especially your shoes or flipflops.

  • Don't wear JEWELRIES! (atleast not the real ones) I know someone who got her earrings snatched in just 3 seconds or probably less. Good thing she wasn't hurt but it was too fast for her to react.

  • Most if not all the things you can buy inside the malls can be found outside for a lower price. You need to exert more efforts, though.
  • Don't wear your bag on you back. Try to keep it in your front as much as possible.

  • Don't let those kids that sell plastic bags surround you. They could just be diverting your attention while some other kids pickpockets or snatch something from you.

  • Whether inside or outside the mall don't be shy to bargain! Try to use words like, "Ang mahal naman! Wala ba tawad?" or "Last price?" It usually works.

Here are some of my hauls on my last trip at 168 mall. Would have love to do some shopping outside too but we brought the kids. The last thing i want to hear is my kids complaining how hot it was outside.

Dress for my youngest daughter (500 pesos) Shoes (150 pesos) Baby Brianna wouldn't let go of the shoes after trying it hahaha! She's growing up and making her choices for clothes.

Set (700 pesos)

Shorts (350 pesos each) Blouses ( Plain 130 pesos, Floral Design 100 pesos)

Shorts for hubby (199 each)

Shirts (150 pesos for 2) (75 pesos for 1)

50 pesos each (pambahay lang)

All these for P 3,203 only, will definitely go back again and again!

These tips will come in handy if ever you plan on going there. Just follow it all and you should be good to go for an affordable shopping experience especially since it's almost Christmas time. 

Have any tips to share? Comment it below :)

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

When Mom and Dad goes Trick or Treating

Every year we hear kids knocking in our door saying trick or treat. We greet them with smiles and hand them candies. This year we thought of getting back at them for all the candies they took. *Evil laughs* (Kidding on the getting back part) We decided on trick or treating door to door and getting some candies for our kids. We asked our kids to come with us to say trick or treat while we surprise our neighbor with our costumes.

Here's some Scary Halloween Costume Ideas: Made with some props we bought and some DIY costume. :

Would you let this nurse help you?

Want a bite?

We borrowed my sister's nursing uniform which she hasn't used for 2 years. Good thing because we splashed some red acrylic paint on it. Blood here and there with wounds made out of tissue papers and a bit of make -up. I made gelatin last time which was an epic fail cause it didn't taste good at all haha. We used it as props for something that looks like human flesh. Also made a nurse paper cap and added the big nail on the head for a more dramatic feel. (Nail cost 30 pesos)

I actually had fun doing this. :))

I bought the horns which cost 30 pesos only (it actually lights up) Splash some acrylic paint from my face down to my chest. Added red lipstick on my teeth and made some paper claws which i've been making ever since i was in elementary school. It was scarily fun!

Here's our little boy with his ordinary clothes made to look like my costume. He won as one of the best costume in his school. Quite a shock actually since we bought him a costume last time but he didn't win. 

This is how we pretty much look every time we greet our neighbors in hopes to actually surprise them. We saw some smiles from the adults, heard some screams from the kids and laughing in between. :D It was fun all in all especially with the candies for our kids to enjoy at the end of the day. Now who says Halloween is just for kids?

~Daddy Poreber

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hoping for a better tomorrow. #MabiniMabiskeg

I have joined this campaign in the hopes of not losing faith to humanity.

Typhoon Koppu (local name, Lando) is a super typhoon that hit Northern and Central Luzon in the Philippines, leaving a sore devastation to communities. Despite this, as nation of undeniable human spirit, we are mabiskeg enough to go through anything. Mabiskeg is the Pangasinense term for strong and firm.

Mabini is a town in Western Pangasinan. It is one of the most devastated by Typhoon Koppu (local name Lando). In Mabini, schools are one of the hard-hit structures, and some of the structures are in isolated areas. More often than not, people who watch the news or read the paper offer relief goods, clothes, medicines, and toiletries as forms of help. Only few give attention on the education of the children who are affected, how the kids can go back to their schools.

This project is to maximize and spread out the help people can offer. This may sound little, but a notebook can do so much especially that many families lost literally everything; it would help them get back on their feet and start again. Furthermore, the focus is on education because I was a child in that town who experienced being evacuated and all that. I could have saved other things, but my Mom would tell me to save my bag. I resolve that to parents, knowing that their children go back to school is quite a relief.

The main focus of the campaign is to consolidate school supplies, but it would be best to include basic needs like cash, relief goods, clothes, sheets, medicines, and toiletries because many families were not able to save a single thing due to flashfloods. For local cash donations, please contact Franz Marabe through 0999 551 4843. International cash donations are also accepted through online fundraising campaign via Indiegogo ( Anyone from abroad may click the link to donate. Rest assured all monetary donations will be converted into helping the children go to school again. In Quezon City area, donations can be turned in through Romelie Tamares (0936 694 9555). For Makati area, reach Koko Alviar (0917 826 1557). The crowdsourcing campaign runs until the 6th of November 2015. The items will be delivered on the 7th of November 2015.

Another part of the project is to tap interested groups especially student organizations, fraternities, and sororities to spearhead or partner with local teachers and government officials to help rehabilitate the damaged schools. Interested parties may reach me through If typhoons can leave a mark, why can’t we? Let us help out and rebuild our nation together. As how they put it, the Filipino spirit is waterproof.

~Mommy Poreber

Joining Promos/Contests is CHEAP!

I've recently read somewhere (nope we're not gonna disclose who and where) that joining promos and contest is CHEAP! I would like to say that I and my wife admits on being a “Promonatic”. I believe that it's only a matter of one's perspective. I'm just wondering though, who in their right mind would say no in being able to get something for FREE? I mean come on, let's not be a hypocrite. It's not like we're simply joining promos and contest for the sake of winning right? We got cool prizes such as cash, all expense travel packages, gadgets, GCs and many more! We looked back on the blessings (that's what we call our prizes) and to our surprise, we have already accumulated a total amount of 700K worth of prizes for the past 2 years. Believe it or not, that’s not an exaggeration. There are others who have gotten more. I’m not saying this to brag but to share what others could possibly get too! It could be for yourself, for your family or for someone you wish to give a little surprise. 

Trip for two to Japan from Pepsi (convertible to 100k cash

Trip for two to Palawan from Charmee

P 50,000 cash from Manulife

$ 1,000 cash from Flyff All Stars (part promo and part blogging)

iPhone 5s 32gb from 1'M Blue Eco-Safe Driving Campaign

3 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini from Chachos

15k SM GCs from SM Supermalls

8k National Book Store GCs from Enfagrow A+
Oh God Thanks for all the blessings.

We’re not an exception to the sharp tongues and eyes of those Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. We see comments like: give chance to others, it’s them again and don’t be greedy. There are those who know how to be a sport which we really appreciate. We also have our fair share of defeat in terms of the ones we joined. In fact we have more loses than winnings. The secret is to always do your best in each and every promo because that way you won’t have to make excuses such as “Give chance to others”. You have your chance the moment you decide to join a certain promo and that’s to do your best to win. We don’t join in everything we see especially for prizes that would benefit other people more. We do have other things to do aside from joining contest such as enjoying our prizes. Hahaha! We enjoy sharing these prizes with our family, friends and sometimes even to less fortunate people. It’s not a profession because there’s no security and assurance on promos but it’s definitely a chance you shouldn’t be missing out on. Now if joining promos and sharing these blessings to people is called CHEAP then we wouldn’t mind at all.
On a lighter note let me just tell you a short story of how me and my wife started in the promo world. We also used to ignore all these promos on different social media sites thinking that we’re unlucky and that all of it is either fake or scams. It was going to be our first daughter’s 1st birthday. She saw a Facebook page giving away customized cupcakes to one lucky winner. My wife thought that it would be a great addition for our baby’s birthday celebration. Thank God we won after we kept bugging our friend to vote for our entry. ~_^ She continued to join other promos with two cups of courage And a little pinch of pluck, A quarter pound of cleverness ,A dash of plain old luck, Then you mix them up all together and hope to God you win. (That’s a part of lyrics from the kids show Sophia by the way :D ) My wife is the reason why I also started getting hooked into promos. One day after work she was surprised to see me in the computer late at night. Busted!!! She saw me joining a promo. I opened up and said that it’s also a good way to get something FREE for our family. We’ve been partners in joining promos ever since and will definitely continue to join.
We’re not going to be hypocrites because our main reason for joining a promo is and will always be the prizes but in between as husband and wife and as a family we enjoy all the funny antics that we do. It’s like playing a game which you get a reward for winning. Last words, don’t laugh but as I remember, the first thing I won was a bar of soap! Yes you read it right. Exactly one bar of soap. I was thankful still and things just got bigger and better.

~Daddy Poreber

Monday, October 26, 2015

CDR-King’s advocates sustainable living thru California E-bike

I just knew it. It wouldn't be long till CDR-King comes up with different products, merchandises, appliances and now even vehicles!

Disruptors are welcome, from an old school perspective to the most advanced technological breakthroughs in power supply, whichever era you may be, CHANGE is inevitable.

Nikola Tesla during our primary days as student was sadly in obscurity till we reach high school. He challenged the existing and widely accepted manner of lighting though oil lamps to the macro voltage - electricity distribution system courtesy of his well-accepted Alternating Current most commonly known AC. 

Nikola Tesla is not as famous as Tomas Edison as taught during basic education, but his works and legacy blazes up to this day. Same aspiration as CDR-King, your one stop media provider intends to manifest, to bring products and cost efficient means of power/electricity supply to every household.

California E-bikes, a CDR-King subsidiary, open its doors in TONDO. The branch is powered by a hybrid electricity system that enables sustainable solar energy. As environmental friendly as it should be, it also aims to display similar concept Solar-kit for ones household in turn helps you save thousands of your hard earned money on monthly electric bill.

California e-bike.jpg

California E-bike started its operation in the Philippines early 2013 with E-Scooter and later on came out with other variants of e-bikes. Today California E-bike offers more than 30 variants in more than 40 branches.

With the steady growth of e-bike followers, California E-bike is gearing towards its mission to improve transportation in an eco-friendly way, one e-bike at a time and reaffirming its efforts towards Green Living to save our environment.

Visit them at their newly opened Tondo branch or your nearest California e-bike store. You may also visit and

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~Mommy Poreber

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Biogesic will feature how Team Poreber's story started in a short film!

I'm still so hyped about the announcement of Biogesic last Oct 20, 2015. My husband convinced me to join their promo where the three winners will receive twenty thousand cash as well as having their story featured and made into a short film. I'm really excited about the cash prize since it's like getting an advance Christmas Gift from above. 

We started from being officemates to soulmates and with that being said here's some throwback pictures of when we we're still working on our first job as call center agent for a sales account of a telecommunication company from the U.S.

My first Teammates and Team Leader

Sneaky shot inside the floor.

Our favorite hangout place. (The Pantry) hahaha!

On the other hand my husband seems to be very excited about the short film that will feature how Team Poreber pretty much started.I can't blame him since the previous short films for year 1 and 2 came out really nice. 

The directors from last year were:

Director Jerome Pobocan
Director Ruel Bayani
Director Rory Quintos
Director Cathy Garcia Molina
Director Jerry Sineneng

We have already been contacted by a Biogesic representative and was given the M.O.A. Memorandum of Agreement for using our story. They're still finalizing who's going to be the Director for our short film but it would be an honor if any of the previous ones were to bring life to our story.

I'm really grateful for all the blessings we receive whether it's small or big. I'm a stay at home mom so every bit of gifts we received is always appreciated. I can’t wait as well to get a glimpsed of the short film. I hope we can get a copy of our own because I’ll definitely treasure it. One day when were old and forgetful maybe we can play it to reminisce our happy memories together. Ingat~

~Mommy Poreber