Friday, October 30, 2020

Come Join Us at the Globe Halloween @ Home Virtual Event!

Halloween is one of the most awaited celebrations every year, especially for kids and kids at heart who has a penchant for spooky things and playing dress-up. Tristan, Athena, and Brianna are sad because they can't go out for trick or treat or attend Halloween parties. While this year’s celebration might be different than usual, it doesn't mean that Halloween is canceled. Don’t let anything stop you from wearing your favorite costume and enjoying all the candies that you can, even just at home! This is exactly what we're doing!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Lemon Square Cheesecake Dessert Ideas + Recipe

"Mommy, it's like we're eating the same thing."

These are the exact words, my daughter told me. Complaining? Well, more of telling the truth. Since the pandemic started, I've been stocking up on as much food as possible. This is especially true for their snacks, because they eat like there's no tomorrow. Haha! I try to minimize kase outside contact, whether going to the grocery or food delivery. And, it's been over two weeks since our last trip to the grocery. So it's no surprise when my daughter told me that. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How to be a Certified Medical Aesthetician

Have you ever wondered how people working in skincare at spas or salons, providing IV Infusion & Nutrition Therapy (yes glutathione) and even tattoo artists got to start their career? It's not like they just decided to suddenly want to do those for a living and started right away. There are certain certifications that needs to be met. Those mentioned are considered part of the lucrative Medical Aesthetic industry which amazingly still thrives even during the pandemic.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Get up to 50% off on Crayola’s grand launch from October 26-November 1 on Shopee

Tristan, Athena, and Brianna love to draw a lot. We always have papers full of their drawings all over the house. Before the quarantine, I bought them new boxes of crayons each. And, they are all worn out already. They've been drawing and coloring a lot. They even made greeting cards for every birthday that passed. Oh, they also made "get well soon cards" for the Covid-19 patients last April. So it's time to buy new crayons for my little artists. 

Just in time, Crayola will be launching in Shopee! And they'll have a grand launch sale, wherein you can get up to 50% of on select Crayola products from October 26- November 1! I don't go out unless it's to buy food, so if you are like me who prefers to buy anything else online, then this a good news for us! 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Diana Stalder’s Promise of a Better You Emerges in the New Normal

Skin care is self care! So don't believe anyone who says that good skincare isn’t essential in these trying times. The new normal has been changing the way people do things—including the way one takes care of his/her skin. Now that everyone has more time for himself/herself, there surely is much room for continuing to come up with the better version of one’s self. 

Diana Stalder, one of the country’s top authorities on skincare and beauty, is continuously providing the best products and services in the market during the new normal. With the dermatological breakthrough products continuously manufactured by its contract manufacturer, Stalder Laboratories, Inc., you can be sure the health of your skin will not get left behind. 

There is no excuse from getting the Diana Stalder skincare you have been accustomed to as the flagship products of the brand remain up for purchase at the Gateway Center aside from its authorized resellers nationwide and online through its official Shopee store. Here are the in-demand Diana Stalder products and services that you can still conveniently avail even in the community quarantine. 

Diana Stalder Skincare Kits

Diana Stalder Hygiene Kit has the essential items that will keep you protected at all times. The Tea Tree Soap has natural antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties to protect you not just from the coronavirus but also from all other ailment- causing microorganisms. The Kiwi Lush Hand Sanitizer—the new liquid gold—is your handy protection against coronavirus, also bringing the refreshing and invigorating feel from the tropical fruit. The kit comes with a 30-mL-bottle of alcohol for added hygiene. 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Tristan Turns 11!

My other September baby just turned 11. Whaaattt??? I can't believe that two more years and my firstborn is officially turning into a teenager. Shucks. I know I've said this countless times, but really, where did the time go? 

Tristan's birthday was last September 15, Tuesday, and it was their second day of distance learning. So we were all busy (and stressed hence the late posting), but we managed to have a simple celebration.