Friday, November 17, 2017

Little Changes That Can Make Life With Kids A Lot Easier

Let's face it, as utterly wonderful as life with kids can be, it can also be a source of some serious stress. Kids can often be something of a handful, and that's putting it lightly. It can often feel like you're pretty much run off your feet trying to figure out how you can go about keeping your kids happy, well-fed, and safe without becoming completely overwhelmed. Of course, it doesn't need to be such a challenge. Here are a few incredibly simple changes that you make to your life that will make life with kids a whole lot easier.

Unbreakable glassware

Every parent has had that moment: you're getting on with some important task, and you realise that the kids have been uncharacteristically quiet for a long time. Just as you think that it might be too good to be true, you hear a crash. Next thing you know you're sweeping up piles of glass while you're kids are huddled in the next room feeling guilty. The amount of broken glasses, bowls, and plates in any given family home is probably pretty ridiculous. Which is why you need to check out SwishPlastic.com.au. These glasses are incredibly high quality, they look great, and they're plastic which makes them virtually unbreakable! That way you can be sure that your kids aren't going to destroy them when you're not looking. 

A daily to-do list

Staying on top of everything is a serious challenge and one that you have to be willing to rise to unless you want to end up buried in unfinished tasks and huge piles of mess. The best way to deal with these kinds of things is to be as organised as possible. Make sure that you create a daily to-do list that's organised by how important each task is. That way you're never going to end up getting overwhelmed by everything you need to do since you can break it up into bite-sized chunks that are much more manageable.

Home safety

Keeping your kids safe at home is often a major priority for many parents. After all, kids love to get into every nook and cranny in the house and put themselves in harm's way. Things like locks on drawers containing anything dangerous, as well as putting things like foam on the door frames to stop any little hands from getting squashed are incredibly small and simple changes, but they can help to stop you worrying too much about your kids hurting themselves. After all, even the best parent can't be watching their kids every second of the day.

Hopefully, with these tips and others like them, you'll be in a position where you don't have to spend every minute worrying about your kids, and you can just get on with spending time with them. Remember, if you're a bit more relaxed and happy then your kids are probably going to pick up on that and feel more relaxed and happy as well. That way all of your lives are going to get just a little bit more pleasant.

When Home Maintenance Equals Health Maintenance

How far do you go to maintain your health? For most, health is synonymous with regular exercises and a balanced diet, preferably without added sugar or fat. In fact, it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that most of us probably keep an eye on the calories too and make sure to avoid second helpings when they can! With the rise of fitness trackers, it’s becoming incredibly easy to keep track of your activities every day and to make sure that you are not being too lazy. Additionally, if you’ve got a smartwatch – especially the latest Apple watch – you’ve probably noticed that the clever device has an in-built reminder that pushes you to stand up and regularly walk, even if you work in an office. So, it seems that there is no way you can improve your health even more. But you would be wrong to think that there’s nothing left to change. In reality, there’s something that all fitness aficionados have forgotten in their health plan, and that’s their home maintenance. What does home maintenance have to do with health? Read on to find out! 

Looking after the air quality

You probably know everything about air pollution, and maybe you’ve already decided to reduce car drive and walk more – which will keep your pedometer and the people who measure the quality of the air outdoors satisfied. But have you ever considered indoor air pollution? The air in your home can transport pollutant, contaminants and unwanted bacterial particles, consequently putting your health at risk. You can find houseplants that are recommended to purify the air, such as Boston fern or bamboo palms, which are great to get rid of formaldehyde, for example. Additionally, you need to ventilate your home regularly to avoid the presence of humidity and mold formation. Finally, if you’re using an air-con system, you should book a yearly AC maintenance to ensure that the unit doesn’t spread contaminated air. If you live in a humid home, you should consider the addition of a dehumidifier too. 

Giving no chance to pest and mold invasion

As a homeowner, your maintenance duties include undertaking the necessary renovation work in the flooring, ceiling and wall structure to avoid air or water infiltration that could weaken the building. A damp ceiling, for instance, can present the perfect environment for mold growth, without mentioning the health hazard of stagnant water. Besides, a breach in the wall can also appear inviting to unwanted guests, such as mice or bugs. 

Messy home, messy mind

With time, clutter accumulates in your home. From old newspapers to unloved items that you’ve bought and never used, most households have too much unnecessary stuff that collects dust and takes a lot of room. That’s exactly why decluttering can be helpful. As the room cleans from all the things you don’t need; you’ll notice that your mind clears out too. In fact, decluttering has a positive domino effect. Clutter-free environment means clear thinking. 

In conclusion, it’s worth adding a new point to your health to-do list: Home maintenance. A clean home for a clean body, how does that sound to you? 

The Most Popular Mobile Game Types

By far and away, the most popular apps that people download are games. Whether you are an avid gamer or just an occasional player, there is bound to be something for you with such a wide selection out there. Here, we are going to be breaking down the most common different types that are available on the market.


Action is a fairly broad category that encapsulates classic first-person shooters, arcade games or fighting games. But the one thing that all of these things have in common is that they require fast reflexes. Of course, there is an element of strategy as well, but unless you have those razor-sharp reactions, you are unlikely to be able to succeed when you are playing these types of games.


Action and adventure are two categories that tend to be grouped together, but there is generally a difference between the two. Adventure games tend to be much more concerned with puzzle solving, though they also have elements of reflex testing as well. They are a little slower-paced, but they can be just as engrossing as their fast-moving counterparts.

Card and Casino

Now, you can have a casino in the palm of your hand from wherever you are in the world, allowing you to play a host of popular games such as blackjack, roulette and poker. You usually have options whether to play for money or just for fun, and many of them are linked to sports betting services, so it is worth checking out the laws against sports betting if you are planning on using any of these services. There is no doubt that card and casino games are some of the most popular out there.


Role playing games (RPGs) tend to be more complex, and involve you steadily building up your abilities and taking your character on a journey. As smartphones become steadily more advanced, many more now have the capability of supporting these types of games, though it is likely that you will need an up-to-date model to get a full experience.


Sports games are pretty self-explanatory, and you can find different versions of all your favourite activities. The mobile versions of these games tend to be less complicated and merely focus on a single aspect of the experience. But there is no doubt that they can still be very entertaining for all sports enthusiasts.


If you are into the more cerebral aspects of games, and you pride yourself on building strategies that work, these are the type of games for you. Many classic board games such as chess and checkers also fall into this category. But you could also be playing a big-scale army game in which you direct your troops to achieve your objectives.

Most mobile games fall into these categories, so it is worth trying all of the different options and variations out until you find the one or ones that are perfect for you.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Making Room: Building A Nursery

When you’re expecting a new baby in a home that doesn’t have enough bedrooms, you need to get creative. Not everyone has the luxury of a larger house, but the idea of selling the home you’ve worked so hard to decorate can be a step too far. The decisions that come with having a baby feel endless most of the time, but finding a space to fit the baby? That’s a decision that is also a necessity!

Designing your nursery space isn’t just about finding the right color scheme and giving your baby a beautiful set of cot bedding to sleep on. It’s about deciding whether to utilize a small closet space, like the ideas you find here, or whether you want to add to your home with the help of Siding & Windows Group and tack on a bedroom extension. Regardless of how you choose to do it, you don’t have too much time to make the big decision before your tiny baby comes screaming into the world. The real question is how you plan to design your nursery scheme! Knocking through a wall and building one onto the side of the house and your bedroom is a great way to start afresh and is a practical solution when you don’t want to sell your home. We’ve put together some tips below, so you can have the most beautiful nursery set up right on time.

Practicality. When you build your extension to your bedroom, make sure you add a lot of light. You need to ensure that the heating is adequate, you also need to apply the right blinds and curtains for night time and you need to ensure that the nursery isn’t too far from your own bed. Be practical with your design here so that when the baby is older, you can shut or slide the door over and keep it private.

Consistency. If you have a traditionally built home, you need to make sure that the décor in the nursery and the layout is in-keeping with the house. You want to be able to sell it one day and an ultra-modern nursery attached to an old-style home really won’t match!

Simplicity. The décor of the actual nursery is going to be individual to your taste, but you need to think about making it a child-friendly space rather than one that is complicated by design. Stay neutral with your colour scheme and jazz it up with accessories instead to make the nursery the place you want to spend time in.

Beauty. A nursery should be a beautiful and part of that beauty comes in the colour scheme you decide to use. Colours should be tranquil, nurturing and not too busy for the baby in the room. Lots of solid colours and soothing tones creates an environment that is peaceful.

Your nursery addition should match the rest of the house, and it should be a space that you want to spend time in. Make it beautiful and take your time planning it.

Buy or Build: What's The Best Option For Your New Home?

Buying or building a house, which is the best option for you? If you’re thinking about moving into a new home, then you might be at this crossroads. Well, I’ve got a few arguments in favor of both sides for you to take a look at down below. 

Buying a house is easily the most obvious choice out of the two. The main reason is that it’s just more convenient for most people. You haven’t got to organize everything from architects to builders, and so on, there’s less work on your behalf. 

Furthermore, it can take a couple of months to find a house, buy it, and move in. When you build, it could take up to a year, maybe longer. Some complications can occur, bad weather might prevent building from taking place on some days; a lot can go wrong. But, if you’re lucky, you could end up with a new house in a few weeks when you buy. 

Also, buying a house gives you the chance to improve on an existing property. You can make a few changes here and there, meaning you increase the market value. As a consequence, you can sell the house for way more than you bought it. 

I think most families don’t even consider this as an option, which is a little strange seeing as it does have many benefits. However, there is one obvious issue that probably explains why so few build rather than buy; planning permission. Some people might not get the planning permission they need to build their new house, and they may not even have a location to build it, to begin with!

But, if you move past that, you will see some excellent positives in choosing this option. The first of which is that you get to completely design your house. You’ll work alongside some home builders and architects to come up with a plan for your ultimate dream home. Everything is built to your desires, it should mean you have a home that’s 100% your cup of tea, and you can’t fault anything. 

Building off this point, you also have a brand new house. It’s hard to find brand new homes these days, and the ones you do find are often overly expensive. Here, you get a new home that’s properly new and comes with no existing faults that need to be fixed. 

Lastly, don’t you hate it when you buy a house and then have to re-decorate it before you can properly settle in. You move, like, half your stuff in, and have to work around your boxes getting the interior design sorted, it’s a heck of a mess. But, when you build, you build your home and design it so you can move in and everything is already sorted!

Should you buy, should you build? In an ideal world, everyone could build their home from scratch. I love the idea of creating something designed specifically for you and your family. However, in a lot of cases, buying is more convenient. It’s a tough one, my advice is to look at both sides of the coin before you flip it!