Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hairtastic Makeover at Mary Pauline Salon, Starmall Las Piñas

Naturally i have a wavy, porous and a simply thick hair, that’s why I opt for a hair rebond every now and then. Recently I have noticed that my hair is starting to have more volume and some waves so I decided to have my hair rebonded again besides it’s been more than a year already since my last. Also I wanted to have a new look for my upcoming birthday, being a a mom doesn't mean that I have to stop looking good right?

With the increase in the number of salon establishments nowadays we sure got lots of options to choose from, but as a mom there are actually 3 things that i consider before availing any services. First is the price, Is it affordable? Money doesn’t just grow on trees so we have to be wise, set a budget and try to stick with it. Second is the Quality, should i elaborate more on this? Third is location, is it accessible? How far and how long is my travel time going to be? All of which seems to fit the newly opened branch of Mary Pauline Salon Star Mall Las Pinas Branch last October 3rd and they have really good deals that you definitely don't want to miss out for the month of October! Luckily I was invited by the beautiful Ms. Bianca Festejo to try any of their promo packages.

Mary Pauline Salon is just beside the cinema at the 2nd level of the mall so it’s very easy to locate.

 Upon entering the salon, the first thing you’ll see is the TV, the waiting or reception area on the opposite side so while waiting for your turn you and your companion can watch and won’t get bored. The Salon looks neat in its white interior with a very classy design and some touch of green which is very relaxing to the eye.

Here's their promo rate till the end of the month of October only! I'll probably go here even if I'm not from Las Pinas! Note: It's for any length!

I went there last Thursday, October 15 and arrived at around 3PM. I availed Package D which consists of "Rebond + Permanent hair color + keratin treatment + hair cut" because I really wanted to get a better hair color. I would suggest package C if ever your already satisfied with you hair color so you can get cellophane which is an extra treatment to give your hair that beautiful shine and luster.

Me saying goodbye to my old look :D

Shampoo area

After shampooing my hair, it was then blow dried before applying the hair color.

The whole process takes 4-5 hours, quite long right? Don't fret though cause they have magazines, music playing for a more lively vibe and the friendly staffs whom I was able to make Chika in between the treatments. I was offered coffee or iced tea and sandwich which was well appreciated. They see to it that you are getting only the best of their service.

 This is the product they used to color my hair. They also make sure that the products they use are of good quality.

 I was styled by sir JR their senior stylist. (It always makes me feel safe to be styled by a senior stylist)
The 5 hours of Tiis Ganda moments wasn't as dull as i expected. I found with my Chika moments, how the staffs really seem to enjoy and appreciate their work. ^_^

 It was already past 8 PM when we finished yet the salon is still full packed with customers. The staffs are all busy with their thing.

I was also able to meet the owner, the beautiful and kind Ms. Bianca Festejo.

I know you are already excited to see how my makeover turned out, so without further ado, here it is!

Tada! Photo taken at home so it was already exposed outside.

I really wanted a lighter hair color so I chose the "Ash blonde" but I was informed that since my hair is dark, it wont be as blonde as how I want it to be. It was a good thing that they told me about it, at least I didn't expect too much. I also like how they give tips of what's going to happen instead of simply discouraging customers from what they originally want. I love how it turned out though and next time, I'll be able to achieve lighter colors. I also had a side bangs done and had my hair trimmed at the tip since my husband wants me to keep it long this time. One of the things i like about the treatment is how refreshing it is to know that my hair doesn't have that foul scent that you usually have to put up with for the next 3 days. Most especially since i have three kids who are so sensitive to smell.

3 days after being able to wash my hair.
I feel and look young with my new hairdo. It definitely boosts my self confidence, thanks to Mary Pauline Salon! 

 Proper hair care and monthly treatment is a must if you wish to maintain your beautiful locks and good thing they got it covered. A loyalty card will be given to you after your first treatment and on your 6th visit you get yourself a free one! Freebies anyone?

What I really look for in any company is their sense of ownership which Mary Pauline Salon Starmall LasPinas clearly exudes. The reason I say this is because as I've experience and read from their post if ever customers are not happy they do offer a free retouch to make your hair even better. Respectively because client satisfaction is their main priority. Overall i can say that they truly deliver. Price, Quality and Location wise I am really satisfied. Even without the promo, their prices are more affordable compared to other known Salons. You get what you truly want and deserve. It's money well spent!
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~Mommy Poreber

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