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United Home: Keeping the Family Healthy Together

When you're a mom, there is nothing compared to the feeling that your family is healthy. Nothing's wrong in wanting the best for our family. But do you know where we might be wrong? We tend to put our children's health first before ourselves, when in fact we should treat ours as equally important as theirs. After all, who will take care of them when we get sick? 

Being a mother entails a lot of sacrifices but that shouldn't include our health. So the next time that you're buying vitamins for your children, don't think twice and get for yourself too! Money shouldn't be a hindrance because there's Unilab who provides affordable yet quality healthcare products for the whole family. 

Unilab is the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines and has continuously provided Filipinos with trusted and quality healthcare products and services for the past 70 years. Unilab is known as the makers of biogesic, neozep and a lot more but they also carry the United Home product line.

Here are some of United Home's products that you may give a try:


Do you sometimes feel weak and tired? Do you lack energy? You blame it on your workload but have you ever checked if it could be anemia? Studies have shown that there is an increase in the number of Filipino women with anemia. If you suspect that you're anemic, consult a doctor and include Fersulfate Iron on your daily vitamins.

Formulation: Ferrous Sulfate 325mg
Target Market: Women of reproductive age – 12 YO and above

Price: Php 1.05 per piece
Main Benefit: Treats anemia and eradicates different causes of fatigue, weakness, and headache


Formulation: Ferrous Sulfate 300mg, Folic Acid 250mcg
Target Market: Pregnant mothers –20 to 40 YO

Price: Php 3.50 per piece

 Promotes healthy pregnancy for the mother and baby –healthy blood and avoidance of birth defects


Formulation: Sodium Ascorbate 568.18mg
Format: Capsule
Configuration: 10 Blister Packs x 10 capsules
SRP: P 4.50/PC

Sodium Ascorbate is a good alternative for ascorbic acid because it is non-acidic and it is more soluble which lessens gastrointestinal upset. Ceetab can prevent and treat Vitamin C deficiency. It also increases the body’s resistance. 


Formulation: Paracetamol 500mg
Format: Tablet
Configuration: 10 Blister Packs x 10 tablets


LP: P 1.26/PC

There comes a point when we can' avoid sickness, that's why we have to make sure we fill our medicine cabinets with maintenance medicine if you have certain health conditions as well as over the counter medicines such as Fevertab. It's for fever reduction and for the relief of minor aches and pains.


Generic Name: Carbocisteine
Format: Capsule
Configuration: 10 Blister Packs x 10 capsules
Each Tablet contains: Carbocisteine 500mg
SRP: P 4.50

Here's another over the counter medicine that relieves cough characterized by excessive or sticky sputum or phlegm. Help treat respiratory tract disorders such as acute or chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Mommies, you and your partner deserve an equal amount of care as what you give to your children. Don't deprive yourself with good health. A healthy parent equates healthy children. Who says being healthy has to be expensive? With Unilab's United Home healthcare products being healthy together as a family is within reach.

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Autumnal Updating: Simple Ways To Create Comfort and Coziness At Home

Is there anything nicer than a cozy night in when the weather is bad outside? Movies, hot chocolate, and cozy pajamas, now that the summer has come to an end it’s all about being as warm and comfortable as possible again. When you’re spending less time outdoors, and more time in your home, you of course want it to be as inviting and pleasant to spend time in as possible. So if you’re hoping to make some updates before the colder weather really sets in, here are a few things to consider. 

Sort Your Heating

Chances are your heating won’t have been used since the start of the year. But now that the summer is coming to a close and the nights are getting colder it’s time to fire it up. Since it’s not been used in a while, it’s worth putting it on and doing a test run, go around the house and make sure all radiators and things like heated towel rails are warming up properly. If radiators aren’t hot all the way up, there might be air trapped in the system. This is a simple fix, you can ‘bleed’ them which removes this and will ensure they work correctly again. Any issues you can call a heating repair company now and get it up and running again before the cold weather really sets in. If you have a wood burning stove, now is the time to start stocking up on wood. If you have a shed or somewhere to store it, you could start stockpiling now to spread the cost meaning you have less to buy later in the year. 

Get Rid of Drafts

There’s nothing worse than feeling a big chill or gust of cold air come through the home when the weather cools down. Old houses are particularly bad when it comes to drafts. Two things you can do from a home improvement perspective are to get new windows fitted and have the walls and loft insulated. Not only is this better for the environment since you’re wasting less heat but it will also save you money in the long run and mean you’re much more comfortable at home. Companies like Renewal by Andersen windows specialize in energy efficient windows and patio doors which will be a welcome upgrade if you’ve been dealing with drafty windows for a while. Cavity wall and loft insulation will provide your property with almost a thermal jacket, heat stays trapped in instead of escaping keeping you far more warm and cozy. Other things you can do is ensure that doors fit right in the frames. If for example you once had a thick carpet but replaced this with wooden floors, you might now have a gap along the bottom where drafts can get through. Also, houses can settle and shift over the years meaning doors don’t fit as well as they once did. Having all new internal doors fitted will not only look nice but keep the heat trapped in the rooms more efficiently. At the very least, use draft excluders along the bottom of doors to keep the cold out. 

Refresh The Beds

There’s no cozier place to be than in bed, and when the colder months roll back around there’s plenty you can do to make this the loveliest, comfiest place in the world. First, if your mattress is over seven years old, it’s time to buy a replacement, since after this time it will no longer be supporting your body properly. Plus it can harbor dust mites and their waste, which can set off allergies. Replace duvets after five years and pillows after one or two for the same reason- plus new bedding feels extra plush and cozy. For bedding, brushed cotton or flannel will be extra soft and cozy, and you could pile up your bed with throws and a bedspread for added warmth. An electric blanket is useful for those really chilly evenings, pop it on for a few minutes before you get into bed. Whether you spend your evenings curled up with a book or watching Netflix, a comfortable bed is a perfect way to relax and unwind at home. 

Make The Sofa Cosy

Another way you can get cozy at home is by making the sitting area a warm and comfortable place to be. If your furniture is leather, we all know how cold and unpleasant this can be to sit on! One way you can get around this is by using throws. You can get large throws big enough to cover a kingsize bed on places like eBay. Pop one underneath you and then a couple for over the top. Perfect for snuggling up within your pajamas after a hot bath on a chilly autumn or winter’s evening. If you buy a basket or a storage ottoman to go in your living room, it’s easy to put the blankets away when they’re not in use. Otherwise, you could just fold them up and hang them over the back of the sofa or armchairs. Plenty of plush cushions too will make everything extra comfortable. 

Work On The Bathroom

Cold nights are all about long soaks in a hot bubble bath, but if your surroundings in the bathroom are lacking you might not feel like luxuriating in there for long! If you can’t afford a full bathroom refit, there are a few things that can make all the difference. First, remove any moldy sealant from around the bath, and re-do this, so it looks nice and clean. Next, using a grout tool scrape some of the grout from between the tiles and fill it again. This gives you the look of a freshly tiled bathroom for a fraction of the cost! Replace your shower curtain if yours has gone moldy, and bring in some new accessories. A new bath mat, some soft fluffy towels, and a new soap dispenser are all practical while making your bathroom look nice. Another important thing to get right in the bathroom is storage. Instead of being surrounded by products and kids toys, these can all be neatly put away. Then when you run your bath, you have clean and tidy surroundings so you can properly relax. Buy some bath bombs or oils and light a candle. 

Make it Look Nice

A cozy home isn’t just about it being warm, although that is important. It should look pleasant and inviting too. Plenty of soft textiles like cozy rugs, throws, cushions and sumptuous curtains will make it feel cozy. Display some personal touches like art and photographs, along with some plants and decorative accessories. Rooms that look homely and personal tend to have a cozy feel, so don’t overlook the decor if you want to feel as comfortable as possible over the colder months. If your home is decorated in neutral colors, bringing in an accent color is a good way to update it. Choose an accent shade, brown, terracotta, gold, navy, deep purple- all of these shades work well for the autumn. Buy your accessories and soft furnishings in this color to bring depth and dimension to space and update it for the season ahead. Generally decluttering and keeping everywhere tidy helps too, people go crazy for spring cleaning at the start of the year, but really this is worth getting on board with at the start of every season. Have carpets professionally cleaned, wash windows, curtains, vacuum behind large pieces of furniture and organize cupboards. Basically, tackle the jobs that would usually get left (or don’t need doing) during a normal clean. Lighting is another element to get right when it comes to the look and ambiance of the home. If you go with LED smart bulbs, you can easily tailor how dim or bright you want them meaning you can perfectly set the scene for whatever you’re doing. If you’re crafting or kids are doing homework, for example, you could have them brighter, if you’re relaxing with a movie you could dim them. If you have a voice-controlled speaker, you can change up the lighting mood using this. Otherwise, it’s from an app on your phone. It’s a useful way to make the room feel cozy. 

Think About Fragrance 

Another way to bring a homely ambiance for the colder months is to fragrance your home. Plug in air fresheners, fabric sprays, reed diffusers, wax burners, candles, potpourri- there are tonnes of ways you can do this. Opt for seasonal scents such as autumn fruits, vanilla, and spices like cinnamon and gingerbread. It’s another way to add a level of coziness to your home and make it a space that you love spending time in. 

A few updates to your home can really make the difference, and when you’re spending more time indoors you want it to be as nice as possible. Whether you’re looking to renovate or just make some simple changes you can set yourself up for a much cozier autumn and winter. 

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Set Sale! Preparing Your Home For A Big Sell

It can be one of the most stressful things you will ever go through, although not as stressful as childbirth, selling your house is a long and difficult process sometimes. And the selling process can mean a lot of going back and forth to the estate agents, bartering with a potential buyer, and, of course opening up your house for incessant viewings for an extended period of time. Preparing your home for selling can be a bit expensive, but this should only relate to essential fixes. When you are selling your home, it makes no sense to completely overhaul the house, but you also want to strike the right balance for potential buyers by presenting a welcoming atmosphere. So how can you do this?

5 Tips to getting rid of water in your basement

When water has seeped into your basement, whether due to flood or pipe damage, it’s important that you clean it right away. Water may look harmless but it can damage furniture and even the structure of the home if not removed properly.

If you find yourself needing to get rid of some water in your basement, refer to the tips below or go to for more information on how to make sure that your house will be cleaned and free from water that may cause damage or disease.

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Mothers, Treat Yourself To The Little Things

As a Mother, our jobs are to put everyone else before ourselves - that's just the way our minds work, we are prone to care and nurture and make sure our children and our other half have everything that they need in order to be happy. But who do you have to do that for you?

Motherhood can be tough at times, and we all deserve that little treat to make things just that tad bit better. But who said about waiting for someone to come along and save you? We're Mothers; we don't need to wait around for anybody, right ladies?

So the next time you're out doing the grocery shopping and you see that dress that you wanted or that fancy coffee maker - indulge yourself for once!

Have a bestie

What better way of unwinding than with a girlfriend over a nice drink and a good old gossip. Not only that though, but friends are there to lean on when times get tough, so don't worry about feeling like a burden - you'd do the same for them. So when you feel like things are getting to you, open up and tell them about how you're feeling, it will make you feel so much better.

Schedule unplug times

Although you may think that it's near impossible to find free time with all that you do - if you look hard enough, you'll be able to create at least an hour. This is so important to do because it's what will keep you sane and balanced. So every now and then, take an afternoon or an evening off and do something that you enjoy, like going out to watch a movie, or treating yourself to a spa day. Or even if you just decide to stay home and do nothing - that in itself can work wonders on the mind.

A better night's sleep

It's hard enough to get a proper night's rest when you have so many different responsibilities and tasks running around in your head, so how much worse is that going to be if you have a ten-year-old mattress that has broken springs inside? Don't suffer in silence, even if you think you can put up with it ‘for now’, it'll soon start grating away at you physically and mentally. So visit some mattress stores and pick out a brand new piece of heaven - it'll make all your dreams come true... Really.


A lot of people can associate exercise as being a chore, but if you figure out what you love doing, it will work as an amazing stress reliever. Take dancing for example, even if it's just in your living room when no one is around - this counts. So stick on your favorite tunes and dance like no one's watching. - The neighbors don't count...

As you can see it's really not that difficult to treat yourself, in fact, these are all just things that ordinary people do, but now you're a Mother it seems like a luxury. So take them - take as many as you want. You deserve it.

Strong and Able: The Best Diet in Old Age

As we grow older and have children, we also watch our own parents go from active adults to sedentary seniors. They’ll be more or less depending on us in the same way we used to depend on them; the only difference is, that as adults with children of our own, we don’t always get to spend as much time with them as we’d like. 

Image credit: Pexels

They will be able to hang around for a while longer with the right kind of diet and exercise, though, and a specific diet seems to be working better for people in old age than others. Here is a neat guide on how you can help keep your parents healthy with the right kind of food - and company.

Pre-pregnancy Preparedness: Important Health Moves Before You Start Trying

If you're planning a pregnancy, you shouldn't wait until you're pregnant to start thinking about your health. Just because you don't have a fetus to worry about yet, it doesn't mean you can continue making unhealthy choices. Paying attention to your health when you're trying to have a baby can help you get pregnant. A healthier body can be better prepared to have a baby, so you might get pregnant quicker or have an easier pregnancy. There are also some health issues it's wise to address before getting pregnant, like vaccinations or checking if you're a carrier for common health conditions. These are some of the things you might want to do before you start trying for a baby.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

Smoking is bad for you and, if you get pregnant, bad for the baby too. If you smoke while you're pregnant, you can increase the risk of your baby having a low birth weight or breathing problems. It can also mean you have a higher chance of miscarriage or premature birth, as well an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). While you could stop smoking when you find out you're pregnant, it's better to try and do it before you start trying for a baby. Drinking during pregnancy can also cause problems, including fetal alcohol syndrome if you're a heavy drinker. You should cut out or at least limit your drinking while you're trying to get pregnant, especially as you could be pregnant for a while without realizing it.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight could make it more difficult for you to get pregnant, and if you need fertility treatments, they could be less likely to work. There's also a possibility of some problems during pregnancy, such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and blood clots. Losing weight before you try for a baby could help you to get pregnant and avoid problems when you are pregnant. A balanced diet and moderate exercise can help you to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight when you're pregnant. If you want to adjust your diet, it's a good idea to get into healthy habits before you get pregnant.


There are some illnesses that are dangerous to have while you're pregnant, but you might not be able to get vaccinated for them during your pregnancy. For example, rubella (or German measles) can cause birth defects if you get it during the first half of your pregnancy. You should make sure you're vaccinated, along with measles and mumps, at least a month before you want to get pregnant (if you aren't already fully vaccinated). Other vaccinations you might consider include chicken pox and hepatitis B.

Sexual Health Check

Having a sexual health check before you try for a baby is a good idea, and often a routine part of health checks when you're pregnant. Many sexually transmitted diseases can cause harm to a baby, either during development or during labor. Others, such as chlamydia, can affect your fertility. If you want to get tested before you start trying for a baby, you can find pricing and locations for nearby testing clinics. Both you and your partner should get tested, even if you've been in a monogamous relationship for a long time. If nothing else, it will help to reassure you. Some of the important infections to test for include HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. STDs don't always present symptoms, so it's important not to assume you couldn't have one.

Managing a Long-term Health Condition

If you have a health condition you need to manage, whether it's physical or mental, it's important to take this into consideration before getting pregnant. Being pregnant could cause complications or in some cases might mean that taking your usual medication is unsafe. The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor about what getting pregnant might mean for you. You might need to be monitored carefully during your pregnancy and birth, just to make sure you and the baby are as healthy as possible. You also could benefit from taking your condition into account when making certain decisions, such as choosing a hospital to give birth or a doctor to manage your pregnancy.

Screening Tests

There are some things you might want to screen for before you get pregnant, in case there is a chance you could pass something to your baby. These include conditions such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia, for which you could be a carrier, even if you don't have one of these illnesses yourself. These two blood disorders are particularly common in people from certain ethnic groups, such as those of African, Caribbean, Mediterranean or south and south-east Asian descent. If you're of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, your doctor may also recommend testing for a number of conditions.

Visit Your Dentist

It's a good idea to also go to your dentist before getting pregnant. Gum disease could increase the risk of having a preterm or low birthweight baby, according to some studies. So it's important to get a health checkup for your teeth and gums to see if you might have gum disease and treat it. Even if you don't have gum disease, which many people do without realizing, you should make sure to maintain good oral hygiene so you can prevent it.

Take Folic Acid

Finally, you've probably heard that it's a good idea to take folic acid during early pregnancy. It's also recommended if you're trying to get pregnant. Folic acid helps to prevent birth defects, and it's recommended that you take it for three months before getting pregnant, plus during your pregnancy. 0.4mg a day is the recommended amount to take, in addition to a balanced diet. You can take it as part of a multivitamin so that you get some of the other nutrients you need to stay healthy too.

Start your pregnancy off right by paying attention to your health before you start trying for a baby. You could have a healthier pregnancy and a healthier baby if you do.

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Moms: Quick Ways To Enviable Tresses

When you’re a mom, you haven’t always got lots of time to get ready. However, this doesn’t mean you want to compromise on your looks! You should still feel great about yourself when you leave the house - you simply need to change your routine so you can look great in a shorter time frame. Here are a few quick ways to enviable tresses to help you:

Spray In Some Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a god send, whether you have greasy hair or not. If your hair is the kind that gets greasy quickly, dry shampoo can offer you a day off from washing your hair the traditional way. If it’s not greasy, you can still use it to give our hair a root boost. Simply spray it at your roots wherever you want a boost and massage with your fingers. 

Buy A Comb For Backcombing

Backcombing the hair is an age old technique that can help to give you more lift at the roots of your hair. It’s perfect when you’re trying to achieve certain styles, such as a messy ponytail, high bun, or even a simple voluminous down style. The key is to really go for it at the very root of your hair, and then smooth over to hide the tangle. It’s crucial you brush these out at the end of the day though, or you risk damaging your hair! 

Invest In Plenty Of Pins

Pins are a great way to create a multitude of quick hairstyles. By tying your hair up, you can backcomb various pieces and pin them, creating many different messy bun looks that can work for day or night. You can even use them to simply pin your bangs away from your face, or create a half up half down style. 

Buy A Hair Donut 

A hair donut is perfect for those who don’t have much in the way of volume. You can simply place it at the base of your ponytail and pin your hair around it, creating a gorgeous bun. 

Find Some High Quality Hair Extensions 

If you need extra length, volume, or both, quality hair extensions are the perfect way to go. Tape in hair extensions look natural and are great if you’re looking to completely hide the fact you’re wearing extensions. However, you’ll need to research the different types out there to find the right set for you. Make sure you carefully color match your hair to avoid any embarrassing faux pas. 

Invest In Your Hair Health 

Something else you need to do if you want enviable tresses is to play the long game by investing in your hair health. This means sleeping on a silk pillowcase, eating nutritious food, exercising, and taking the right vitamins. When you’re consistent with these things you’ll find that the look of your hair improves and it becomes more manageable. 

Hopefully, these tips for enviable tresses have been useful to you. Do you have any tips for enviable tresses? Leave them below!

Stylish And Practical: Building The Perfect Kitchen

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to appreciate a beautiful kitchen; something that sparkles in the light, radiates style, and is still practical enough to accommodate a family. Whenever you dream about giving your kitchen a makeover, you eliminate a lot of ideas from catalogs and magazines because they don’t seem functional enough to merit the expense. Fortunately, here are some easy and cost-effective makeover ideas to prove once and for all that practicality and style are perfect partners. 

You Only Have One Body, so Keep It Clean!

We humans have, as of yet, failed to create synthetic bodies for ourselves. We have, thus far, failed to create robots for us to be able to put our brains into when we die. Despite it being 2017, these things are still yet to happen. And because these types of things have not yet happened, we humans still have only one body to call our own for a lifetime. And because we have only one body, we have to do all we can to protect it. And to protect our bodies, we must keep them as cleansed as can be. For advice on how to do so, make sure to read on.

Don't Be Egotistic, Be Eco-Tastic

Just thinking about yourself and doing things to only better your own life will only get you so far. Thinking about others, on the other hand, will open up a whole host of opportunities. And thinking about the environment and trying to make an active difference in regards to climate change will open up even more opportunities, for both the rest of the world and yourself. Yes, by going green you could end up helping yourself, your fellow earth inhabitants and earth itself. Read on to see just how you can do it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Using Natural Light To Style Your Home

Every home benefits from careful lighting choices. You might use several table lamps or even candles to illuminate your living room. Fairy lights and chandeliers also offer a delicate ambiance that adds to the cozy effect you’re looking for. But are you using the natural light in the room to full effect as well? 

Natural light streams through any windows during daylight hours. This can be manipulated to offer different qualities of light, shadows, and even a gentle glow as you need it. Different times of day also offer different effects. The morning sun can be quite bright and yellow. At noon, you might notice the color change to a whiter, cooler quality. And as the sun goes down, everything warms up again with ‘Golden Hour’ before the moodiness of dusk comes into play.

Using this light for the different rooms in your home can create styled effects you’ll love. The first thing to consider is the window itself. The larger the aperture, the more light might come in. Of course, the direction of the window will also make a difference. If it is facing away from the sun, the light will be cooler, whiter and not as strong. The room facing the sun will be bright, warm, yellow and perhaps difficult to manage.

Home Is Where The Health Is… Or At Least It Should Be!

No one likes the idea of living in a home which impacts their health in a negative way. Of all the places in the world, this is the one place where you should be able to guarantee safety, security, and comfort. This goal can be hard to achieve if you don’t know what to look for, though. So, to help you out, this post will be going through some of the ways you can work to make your home a healthier place. Now, it’s just a matter of putting some time into it.

The air your breath is something you should be very conscious of, especially in areas with a lot of air pollution. Air filters can be purchased for your home, enabling you to clean the air before you suck it in. Along with this, though, it can also help to look into any other factors contaminating your air. A company like can help you to identify and eliminate mold in your home. Mold releases spores which can have a negative impact on breathing, especially in young children and the elderly. Cleaning this sort of issue is very important, and will often require professional help.

With the air in your home sorted, you can start to think about the water you use and drink. Being made almost completely out of the stuff, people need to have a good, healthy source of water in their home. In some places, the normal water you get from the tap is drinkable. But, for a boost to the liquids you consume, you could consider a deionizer for your home. This sort of tool takes out a lot of the negative minerals from your water while filling it with ones you need. People often report that devices like this even make their water taste better.

Now, it’s time to look into an area which people don’t often consider when they’re raising their children; temperature. When forced to live in a house which is too cold, illnesses will be hard to get rid of, and discomfort will be very evident. Likewise, having a hot home can cause your kids to miss out on sleep. To regulate the way your home feels, smart meters can be used to control heat and cold in your home with ease and accuracy. In some places, these sorts of tools are going to be a legal requirement in the near future.

Finally, as the last area you should be considering, emotions are incredibly important in a healthy household. Whether you live alone or with a family, it’s critical to consider this part of life, or you may find the negative impact is hard to deal with. Healthy emotions can be hard to maintain in busy life. Of course, though, with the help of a professional group like, it’s easy to get the support you need. Some people will find this area to be a lot easier than others will.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what can be done when you’re looking for ways to improve the health in your home. A lot of people fail to consider these parts of life, instead choosing to keep things the way they are. Instead, though, a little bit of work can go a long way.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Family DIY: Home Improvements With The Kids

If you haven’t embarked on any home improvements in a couple of years, your humble abode may be looking a little tired and in need of some TLC. It can be difficult to decide where to start when it comes to enhancing your home. Take a look at the ideas at to give you some much-needed inspiration. Do you go for the big jobs such as a new roof, a kitchen extension or a little spot of rewiring? You could decide to venture down a simpler path and select a couple of rooms to treat to a face-lift. Home improvements of any scale can be daunting. If you have kids who have the appropriate level of maturity and love getting stuck in, you could consider roping them into giving your property a makeover. Take a look at these home improvement jobs that your brood could have a go at helping you with.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you’re losing tufts of hair or seeing bald patches on your scalp, it’s but natural to feel the need to do something about it. 

Will you tell a friend or go immediately to a doctor? Will you hide the “shame” under the guise of a wig? While it’s quite hard to decide, there’s no way but people still find themselves falling in line over-the-counter (O.T.C.). And what’s on their hands? Chemical-based hair loss products.

Here are some of the reasons why they impulsively buy these items:

a.) They claim to be effective.
b.) They say the healing effects are felt quickly.
c.) They are widely available.
d.) They appear to be cheaper.
e.) They claim to be safe.

Sounds tempting, though, be wary enough that once you delve into the nitty-gritty of these products available to allegedly promote hair growth, you’ll see why they may not exactly be a perfect fit. These are some of the negative possibilities when you use chemical treatments:

1. Serious side effects like tightness in the chest, difficulty in breathing, rapid heartbeat
(tachycardia), and swelling of the hands and feet. These are actually some of the possible sides
effects of the hair loss drug Minoxidil, which is said to cease hair loss and promote hair growth.

2. Most chemical products say they can “treat” alopecia, but reading the fine print will lead you
to discover that it actually just slows the progress of hair loss. Little is said as well about these chemical treatments actually promoting hair growth.

3. These products or “treatments” usually contain a variety of chemicals that may or may not cause allergic reactions. It pays to check the labels. Some chemical-based products may actually be presenting the side effects as the main effects. Let the internet help you in your personal research.

There may be safer and effective alternatives out there, but NOVUHAIR is a stand out from the rest. It has 19 natural ingredients—standardized herbal extracts, essential oils and co-factor nutrients that work in synergy and has been clinically proven to help stop the progression of hair loss, aid in stimulating hair growth and reduce excessive hair shedding. 

NOVUHAIR is available in the Philippines at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide, Seafood City supermarkets and other Filipino/Asian stores in the USA and online at and at BeeOrganic in Kuwait. International online orders are also possible through For more information, you may visit or contact hotlines 4136570 and 09228830575.

Don’t make yourself fall as the next victim of the trap. Be smart; choose natural.

Give Into The Urge & Bring A Little Fall Into Your Home

If you are anything like us, then you probably find yourself wandering around your home just looking for an excuse to spruce your place up a little bit, give the decor a quick once over or just add some fresh accessories so that your interior mirrors what is going on outside the window. Well, there is no better excuse to latch onto than the arrival of fall. 

It is just the perfect time to add some autumnal touches to your home as you set about making it as cozy, welcoming and snugly as possible. We’re in the preamble to the holiday season now, so this is the time to start creating that comfy and snug ambiance you have secretly been looking forward to since the first day of Spring. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

JOLLY marks 20th anniversary with market share milestones

JOLLY Food Line, the first owned brand of Fly Ace Corporation recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and has succeeded in dominating the local market for its two variants -- JOLLY Mushrooms and JOLLY Corn.

In the consumer panel study by Kantar World from February 2016 to January 2017, JOLLY Mushrooms and JOLLY Corn dominated in the canned food categories, both earning the No. 1 spot in terms of value and volume shares. 

Fly Ace AVP for Marketing Abigail Ng-Reyes attributed the success of the company venture to aggressive marketing campaigns and to the collaborative team efforts among management, employees, trade partners, and consumers who have stayed loyal with JOLLY throughout the years. 

To date, JOLLY Food Line offers a variety of 24 mixed of canned vegetable and fruit products. During its grand anniversary celebration held recently at Solaire Resort and Casino, JOLLY tapped actress and TV host Maine Mendoza as its newest brand endorser.

Celebrating 20 years in the business is indeed a remarkable milestone for the company as it has reasserted JOLLY and Fly Ace’s commitment to provide consumers with accessible and affordable premium-grade canned fruits and vegetables. Since its launch in 1997, we are proud that JOLLY has thrived to become a consistent market leader, the top-of-mind choice among Filipino households,” she said.

In reinforcing JOLLY’s leading market positioning, Reyes said the company is keen on diversifying its canned vegetable and fruit lines further by exploring key market trends in the coming years.

“Beyond the 20th year, Fly Ace Corp. will continue efforts to maintain the relevance of the brand to the consumers, for them to consistently trust the brand and for us to continue improving what we are offering, in terms of product innovation as a way of giving better value to our consumers. Our growth prospects remain high, and we are very upbeat that we can achieve our long-term visions,” Reyes concluded. 

Happy 20th Anniversary Jolly and congratulations JOLLY Mushrooms and JOLLY Corn for earning the No. 1 spot in terms of value and volume shares. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Do You Control Your Budget Or Does It Control You?

Everything comes at a cost, and more often than not, it’s not something you can bargain on. However, for most households, the cost is nothing more than a factual number. It’s a matter of getting down to numbers crunching to define not only whether you can afford the cost, but also how you can afford it. While it seems easy in theory, in reality, nobody can remain cold and distant when it comes to money. Managing your budget can be stressful, if not overwhelming at times, and even though it is necessary, it doesn’t mean that it is easy. In fact, for most people, controlling their budget in easier on paper than it is in real life. That’s because, in real life, decisions can be driven by emotions, by trust, and by desire. And these are factors that are unfortunately not budgetable – even though they do have a significant impact on your budget. So whether you are struggling to make ends meet or you’re surfing on a wave of wealth, it’s good to sit down and measure how much your emotions impact on your budget. Because money has no feeling. 

Home Sweet Home: Caring For Elderly Parents

No one likes to admit it, but age gets the best of us all. From a middle-aged person’s point of view, it’s a scary thought. And, it's not just because you will reach pensioner age at some stage in time. No, it’s because your parents won’t be able to look after themselves and the kids have to come to the rescue. Caring for elderly parents is the least any child can do after the love they show. The thing is that parents are independent and hate the idea of a home. The H word is enough to tear a family apart, which is why it is smart to know the alternatives. 

Here’s how to care for elderly parents without one.

No Way Jose: How To Take On Mother Nature And Win

From gale force winds to storms and tornadoes, bad weather has been in the news recently. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the elements are about to calm down anytime soon with Irma and Jose rolling into America. There was even an earthquake in Mexico that measured 8.1 on the Richter scale. With the severe weather being topical, it makes sense to focus on the keys to dealing with Mother Nature. After all, no one knows when she will send something catastrophic in the direction of more homes. 

With that in mind, below are the tips which will help you prepare your home for the worst. Here’s how to take on Mother Nature and win. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

4 Habits of the Healthiest People

There are some people in life that seem to be healthy all the time, and this usually doesn’t happen by accident. They are the ones that develop healthy habits and stick to them despite all the things that life throws at them. So, if you are looking to make yourself a healthier person, there are certainly a few of these that you can try to emulate yourself. Here are a few of the top ones that you can look to incorporate into your own lifestyle.

Healthy People Make Their Well being a Priority

Whereas some people see looking after their health as an optional extra that can be squeezed into their lives if they have time, healthy people ensure that their well being is a priority. When people say that they are too busy to exercise, a lot of the time this is an excuse and there are plenty of ways that they could do this. As well as this, they make time to look after the other aspects of their health like insurance. The internet has provided a useful and time-saving tool in this regard, so just take a look at Making your health a priority is the first thing that you should be doing if you want to live a better life. 

Healthy People Enjoy Exercising

If you can get to the point where exercising is something that you can look forward to rather than being a chore, you will certainly be on the right track when it comes to your health. So, if you simply hate going to the gym, there are plenty of other options out there that you could try out including fitness classes, sports and home workout DVDs. It is worth exploring all of your different options so you can find out what motivates and drives you.

Healthy People are Skeptical of Dieting

With such a myriad of different diets out there, healthy people take a sceptical approach to them. After all, most of them only provide a temporary fix. Instead, they try to take everything in moderation, not depriving themselves of the food that they love, but instead limiting the most unhealthy options. Another way that you can make it easier to eat healthier is by preparing meals ahead of time so you are less tempted to eat out or order a takeaway.

Healthy People Get Plenty of Sleep

Not only is getting 7-8 hours sleep a night important for your general physical and mental health, it is also a key factor in giving you the willpower you need to eat healthier and get more exercise. If you struggle to sleep at night, you should try things like removing all distractions from the bedroom, getting into a regular sleep schedule and undertaking some relaxing exercises like yoga before heading to bed.

Though there are plenty more healthy habits that you could look at adopting, these are a few of the main ones which you could look at incorporating into your own life.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Make Your Next Vacation Your Most Peaceful Yet

What do you want to get out of your holiday? Everyone has their own unique response to this query - and really, there is no one right or wrong answer. But what it is you want, the chances are you also probably want it to go as smoothly as possible. That’s because, no matter what other ideas you might have, you probably also want your holiday to be as peaceful as you can get it. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your vacation time is peaceful, and it is worth taking note of them for the next time you are planning a holiday. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to ensure you have a much more relaxing time.

Primordial Intervention: How To Get Your Toddler Gung-Ho About The Kitchen

There’s no denying that toddlers have a remarkable capacity for building new skills. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they’re picking up the habits that will most help them succeed in life and health in the future. Though children’s minds are like sponges, that doesn’t mean that we want them to mop up any old habits.

It turns out that early experiences in the kitchen and the home can have long-lasting effects. Children who develop healthy habits in the kitchen before the age of five, like preparing meals from scratch, have a lower chance of getting obese and suffering from type 2 diabetes when they get older.

The question for parents is how to get their kids more interested in the kitchen. Take a look at some of these ideas.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Creating A Cozy Home For Fall

After what seems like another short summer, fall is right around the corner. You have probably felt it in your bones a little, the sun seemingly taking longer to wake up each morning, the leaves threatening to turn fifty shades of gold and drop from the trees. To your kids, that means it is time to pull on the gumboots and go kicking through the piles. To you, however, it means getting your home ready, and that means it is time for a healthy dose of nesting. 

If we had to give fall just one word to describe it, we would have to choose ‘inviting’. That is how your home needs to feel as the days get shorter and the night's longer. So it is time to put away the outdoor furniture for another year and start getting your cozy on, and here is how:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Advice On Being Sensible With Your Finances

Finances are something that give many of us a headache. As a parent, it becomes a matter not only of protecting yourself financially but your entire family. You have kids for whom you need to provide and a house that you need to keep running. It can become exhausting to juggle all the different ways in which you need to save and make money.

Of course, whether you’re getting by on a minimum-wage salary or you’re in a career-based role which offers room for growth, there are always ways to make your money cover more of your everyday necessities and provide a better living for your entire family. If you need some advice as to how you can be a little more sensible with your finances and better provide for your family then here are some ideas which might just help you out.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Quick Fixes You Can Make To Your Home Decor

Many of us can grow a little tired of the way our homes look. We can all get wrapped in focusing on one project at a time, and get to the point where we feel our house is done. But after some time, you can fall out of love with themes, color choices and pieces of furniture. However, not many of us can find ourselves in a position to completely redecorate a room or our whole home often. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the quick fixes you can make to your home decor. Most of which are budget-friendly you will be pleased to read. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fun Family Getaway Ideas

The holiday season is one which brings glorious weather, ice cream vans and plenty of adventure. Whether you plan on spending your holiday sunning it up on a foreign beach or hiking in the countryside, there are plenty of amazing ways to spend the summer with your family and explore the world at your fingertips. Today we are going to take a look of some of the different types of trip you can make with your family this year! 

Can You Still Progress In Your Career As A Work At Home Mom?

When you start out with any career, you’re often always thinking ahead. Even when you enjoy your studies and you then go on to enjoy your everyday work, you’re always thinking about the next phase. From starting out to getting a promotion and finally reaching the top of your game - because a huge part of climbing that career ladder is always being at your best. And to know that you’re at your best, you have to progress. But what about when you work at home?

Working at home can offer you so many wonderful benefits, as we already know. But can you still see yourself as progressing in the same way as when you were out in the working world? Sometimes, it’s hard to see any kind of career ladder at all. Yet it still exists. By setting your own goals, you’re able to carve your own path. Whether you’re a consultant or a blogger, and entrepreneur or freelancer, here’s how you can progress within your chosen work at home career.

Floodplain Living: What You Need To Know

So you have finally found your dream home. It’s the ideal size, is in the perfect location, and it is styled exactly how you have always dreamed your home would be. In every single way it is perfect, and then the realtor drops a bomb - it is on the floodplain. That’s one thing no one wants to hear when buying a house, after all, floodplain means that the property is at constant risk of flooding, doesn’t it? 

The fact is that one in six homes is located on a floodplain, so it’s a much more common occurrence than you would think. In the US, flooding is the most common natural disaster to impact homes, which is why it is taken so seriously. Admittedly, it may not seem all that appealing buying a home on a floodplain, but it is a lot more common than you probably realize. 

The question is, what does it mean if your home is on a floodplain and what is the impact, aside from the risk of flooding, of course? For everything that you need to know, have a read of the below guide. 

3 Convenient Home Improvements Everyone Should Perform

There are many ways in which any family could improve their properties for convenience. However, the suggestions mentioned here today should provide more benefits than almost everything else. Regardless of the size or shape of the house, most people could perform these jobs and reap the rewards. Of course, in some instances, it might make sense to employ professional assistance. Sometimes it’s worth investing in specialist services to ensure the job gets done properly. 

1. Switching to a better water heater

At the moment, most American families use huge tanks to provide hot water for their homes. That method works well, but it isn’t convenient because people have to switch their furnaces on and wait for the liquid to reach a reasonable temperature. That uses a lot of energy, and it’s often a wasteful approach. Luckily, residents in Europe use an alternative that is slowly becoming popular in the US. Anyone who wants to find the best tankless water heater on the market just needs to read some online reviews. There are also suppliers all around the country, and so there is always someone on hand to offer advice. The advantages of those devices are:
  • Instant hot water (the water heats as it passes through the system)
  • Reduced energy bills (it does not require as much power to heat the water)
  • Automating as much as possible
2. Automating as much as possible

There are lots of home automation tools that anyone can purchase and install these days. Most of them help to provide a level of convenience unmatched in previous times. While there isn’t anything that will clean the house on the homeowner’s behalf just yet, there are some excellent products out there. Indeed, with the right items, families can automate things like:
  • Locking the doors
  • Switching the lights on or off
  • Turning the TV on
  • Opening garage doors before arriving home

Friday, September 8, 2017

Buying A Gaming System That's Right For The Whole Family

Moms are always wary when they know their kids want a gaming system. You hear all the same whines - “my friends have one,” “I’m the only one that doesn’t play that game,” “Billy’s younger than me and he has one in his bedroom.” You can’t switch off the pestering like you can switch off the console! Of course, we moms might be overly cautious here. Gaming can be a good way to spend quality time together. And many games are educational. Ultimately, you’re the boss, so you can decide where it goes and how often it is played.

Console Brand

First, you need to decide which platform to use. This might depend on your choice of smartphone! Sony phones like the Xperia Z3 were launched to work with your PlayStation games. This won’t be the last time this happens, so think about what other things you would like to do with it. Most of the consoles play regular movie DVDs and Blu-Rays. Some of them are also compatible with emerging technologies like VR and home 3D gaming.

Where To Put It

Now you need to consider where it’s going to go. If you’re buying it for all the family to use together, then the living room is probably the best place for it. You already have seating in there, and you probably can hook it up to your TV. However, if you have a playroom or den, it might be better to have it in there. That way it is out of the way when you have people over so you can engage in other activities.

You’ll need a good seat that is comfortable for the player. Kids of different sizes need seats of different sizes. Of course, they might be happy on the floor or on a bean bag chair! What about the grown-ups though? You’ll also need a monitor that you can all see. Check out some gaming monitor reviews before you choose one. This will give you a good idea about the different refresh rates, sizes, and aspect ratios that you can buy.

How To Play It

Controllers are often included in the box with your console. You might choose to buy one for everyone though. This makes sense if you’re playing multiplayer games like the Mario series. There aren’t many controllers that are suitable for very small children. Consider holding it yourself while your child presses the button. Alternatively, pop it on the table surface with a sticky mat to stop it sliding away.

Pick A Game

Finally, you’re ready to choose the games to suit the ages of your children. When you’re looking for any games, start with the rating. Like movies, games must be ‘certificated’ as age appropriate. These vary from region to region, so have a look in store for the kid-friendly games. There are literally hundreds of different titles. You can select educational games that include solving puzzles with literacy or maths. Or you can choose entertainment titles that are lots of fun.

If you’re worried about how long your kids spend gaming, then why not set a time limit of thirty minutes? You could even restrict play to the weekends when everyone is home to play together. The choice is yours. Happy gaming.

5 Positive Qualities of Video Games

Since video games started to become popular amongst kids, they have always gotten a bad rap. Various commentators have claimed that they are a waste of time and can harm your child’s development. But more recent studies have started to highlight the positive aspects of video games in helping kids to develop various emotional and intellectual skills. So, let’s take a closer look at five ways that video games can help kids.

Everything You Need To Know About Kids And Technology

If you’re a parent, knowing about kids and technology is an absolute must. Many people don’t realize the severity of technology, when in fact, it’s making a huge difference to the way the kids of today are developing. You only have to see toddlers using iPhones to watch TV and teenagers with their heads bowed low all day to get an idea of how it’s affecting us. Let’s take a look at the way technology can hinder kids development, how it can potentially help them, and what you can do for the best results:

Baby Soft Skin: Buying Fabrics For Your Little One

When you become a parent, it makes you think about all kinds of things you’d previously not given a second thought to. But it’s all because we love our children and want the very best for them. One thing you’d probably never considered much before having kids is the materials clothes are made out of, but when you scratch the surface, it’s actually something to take very seriously. Babies skin is far more porous than adults meaning any toxins on fabrics are easily absorbed. Their skin is also far more sensitive and delicate, so the choice of fabrics you use on them really does make a difference. If you have a baby on the way and are shopping for their things, here are a few points to bear in mind. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Gift Of Giving: Getting A Great Present With A Limited Budget

It can be stressful to make sure you have enough finances to give your children the Birthday or Christmas that they really want, but is that what they really need? When it comes to giving your children gifts, we will do almost anything to get that one toy, but are there other ways to give them gifts that, not only mean well but are things there you will use for a long time and not just play with them for a couple of months? Let's look at how you can do this without it having a major impact on your finances.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Water Too Boring? Try These Healthy Alternatives

Everyone knows the importance of drinking water. Merely carrying a bottle of water with you and sipping at it every now and then can have some fantastic health benefits that are often overlooked and misunderstood. It helps to maintain a healthy balance of your bodily fluids and can result in better calorie control if your aim is to lose weight. However, there’s one major problem with water and why a lot of people fail to get enough of it:

It’s too boring.

Water is one of the healthiest drinks available to us because it doesn’t contain calories and helps to flush our system of bad toxins and keep our bodies hydrated. Sadly, it’s incredibly boring, bland and occasionally even hard to swallow if you can’t stand tap water.

Fortunately, there are some ways to spice up your water so that you’re more inclined to drink it. Here is a couple of fun and interesting ways to ensure that you’re getting more water in your system to help with any fitness or health goals you have.

Monday, September 4, 2017

ENLIST: Job Carnival

"ENLIST: Job Carnival” will be happening on September 28, 2017 at Makati Sports Club, Makati, Philippines from 9AM to 5PM, “ and they are inviting job seekers to join. The event is brought to us by Elabram Systems, Xremo and TAG Media and Public Relations. It is a not just an ordinary job fair, it is the only event that there will be entertainment from Artist League Manila plus career talks with discussion about digital marketing, branding and E- commerce.

This year, they are looking to meet thousands of job seekers in the carnival. There will be coaching also to better help young professionals and fresh graduates to find the right job while enjoying the event.

Since the venue is big, the whole function halls of the exclusive Makati Sports Club will be reserved. ENLIST: Job Carnival will have a simultaneous event with TRAVELOOZA, a travel and tour event to promote the Philippines as the premier travel destination in the world. 

What to expect: 
1. Company Booths 
2. Career Coaching 
3. Talks on stage and discussions from the expert speakers 
4. Entertainment 
5. Freebies 

To register, please contact 09166299381 on or before September 15, 2017. It is a FREE event. Just bring your CV/Resume. Goodluck!!!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

From Pre-Teen to Teenager: Bedroom Decoration

We go through a lot of changes as we grow into teenagers and not just with regards to our bodies. Stuff that used to be fun is suddenly considered childish, playing with our siblings is something that’s done when no friends are around, and our sense of style changes as well. Make the transition as easy as possible for them, and help your pre-teenager out by encouraging them to find themselves and their own sense of style by pimping up their bedroom.

Here is a handful of great ideas that your child will love, making the prospects of growing up a bit less frightening and a lot more fun.

Image credit: Pexels