Sunday, May 30, 2021

HALI Cosmetics Lip Blur Tints Review

I am challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and do something new and different. And, one thing that I'd love to learn is how to put on makeup. Well, technically, I can put on makeup but just the basic, face powder or tinted sunscreen, blush on and my must-have, lipstick or lip tint, anything that would put color on my pale lips and would not make me look sick. LOL! 

So if you've been following me on social media, then you already saw my  HALI Cosmetics Lip blur tints post. Yes, slowly ticking off "putting on makeup" from my list. Yey! 

HALI Cosmetics is a new Cosmetic brand in the market with an FDA-approved manufacturer. It was born out of Rayrose's (owner) love of makeup. The name HALI was even coined from her sons' names HA- Harvey, and LI-Liam. This brand is close to her heart and aims to bring out the beauty of the people who will use her products. 

And, their first product is the Lip blur! It is a matte finish lip creme that has most of the colors of red, pink, and orange that will sure to complement every skin tone. It is available in 8 shades, and every shade has its meanings. Each shade is named after the people who helped Rayrose when she was feeling down.  

Interesting, right? Let's get to know more about them.

HALI Cosmetics Lip blur tints

From left to right: Cannie, Zhania, Lean, and Nicole

Cannie- This shade is a muted pink that will give your lips a younger-looking color. Behind the shade, Cannie is a tweaked version of Rayrose's mom's name. She is her stone and a perfect color to describe her. A Muted personality but once you swipe it to your lips you can see how beautiful she is.

Zhania- Zhania is on a muted Coral shade in the collection that will add warmth to your look. Behind the shade, Zhania is Rayrose's sweet niece who loves art.

Lean- This shade is one of the reds in the collection. It has a blue undertone, wear this shade when you feel lonely and this will brighten up your day. Behind the shade, Lean is a morena girl who loves arts
and designing. 

Nicole- This shade is one of the Coral in the collection. Nicole is a perfect mix of red and orange for those who prefer a vibrant red-orange to their lips. Behind the shade, Nicole is a strong woman, perfect for this striking color. She has a personality that can conquer every dream.

From left to right: Skylar, Michelle, Brielle, and Mandy

Skylar- Another pink in the collection. It is muted pink that gives your lips a younger-looking color. Skylar named after the daughter of one of  Rayrose's friends who helped her when she was down.

Michelle- Another red in the collection. This has a deep red color that gives a sultry look, incredible on all skin tones. Behind the shade is her Ate Michelle, one of my Rayrose's dearest friends. The one who knows her every problem and gives her bits of advice. 

Brielle - Here's another red. This color is perfect for those who love a dynamic red color like Marilyn Monroe. Behind the shade, Brielle is a cute little girl of another friend.

Mandy- It is a dark red shade that definitely looks good on anyone. Mandy is an adorable and sweet little girl, Rayrose's cousin. 

All 8 shades are very pretty which makes it hard for me to choose. But, my top 3 favorites are Nicole, Skylar, and Brielle. They all make my teeth look white especially the red ones. 

  • Aside from its beautiful shades, these tints are infused with Vitamin E & aloe vera extract. Vitamin E promotes cell regeneration and relieves chapped and dry lips while aloe vera extract has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Long-wearing lip color
  • Formulated by an FDA manufacturer
  • No harmful chemicals included

Expiration: 24 months after opening the product
Ingredients: Rose Water, Vitamin E, Flavorant, Premium Colorant, Talcum, Kaolin, Food Preservative

  • To Achieve that Korean lip color with our Lip Blur tints. Apply 3 small dots to your lips and blur it out using a brush or your hands.
  • To Achieve a bolder look. Apply the Lip Blur throughout your lips. You can do it for about 1-3 layers depending on your preference.
Oh, here's a behind the scene story. I almost left my lips bleeding because I swatched all 8 shades in just one sitting! I thought it was just easy, but I was wrong! How do beauty vloggers make it look so easy? Haha!

Anyway, if you wish to try HALI Cosmetics Lip Blur tints, here's a 10% discount for a minimum purchase of 300php. Use my code "HALIAngelsPearlwhen you order on their partner website: Mandy Mae Co.

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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Why You Should Get Outdoors More Often

We spend a lot of time indoors, like a lot of time. We sleep about 8 hours a day. We work 8 or more hours a day, often indoors. And so on and so on. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for getting outside, and yet there are so many advantages of doing that!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Experts Have Spoken: What They Wish Parents of 3+ Toddlers Knew

When you have a 3+ toddler, there’s always so much going on!  As your child grows and develops, they start to learn new skills and experience a new sense of self-awareness—and it’s truly incredible to witness as parents! But unless you’re an expert in early childhood development, 3+ toddlerhood can be quite a tricky phase to navigate, especially when they start being picky with food. 

"How can you be mindful of the food you serve?"

How do you make sure you’re giving them the right nutrients but at the same time, something they also like and enjoy eating?"

All these questions—and more—were answered by a panel of experts as NIDO® 3+ hosted the ExperTIPS Congress last May 15, 2021. The virtual parenting congress provided a fun and interactive learning experience for all attendees. There were exciting booths to try out, and even an interactive website featuring rooms they can explore. All this while learning helpful and valuable tips on how to make sure they’re providing the right nutrients to their #TodoExplorer during this crucial stage in their development.

Also present during the event were some celebrity moms like Marian Rivera and Iya Villania who shared their first-hand experiences in 3+ toddler parenthood and inspired more parents to enjoy little and big moments of parenting.

Here are some of the topics and tips shared by expert pediatricians and nutritionists from the event:

The lack of diversity in a 3+ toddler’s diet

Based on a global project collaboration between Nestle Research Center and the Philippines’ Food and Nutrition Research Institute, the typical diet of a Filipino toddler has inadequate intakes for many nutrients needed to support their growth and development.

“Their diet includes a lot of carbohydrates in the form of rice and sweets and less of proteins and fats as seen in low intake of milk, fruits and vegetables, and other iron sources. Thus, there is an imbalance of important macronutrients and micronutrients,” said Dr. Edward Santos. These nutrients are important to support physical and cognitive growth and development as well as normal immune function during 3+ toddlerhood. While we all have our favorite homemade food, Dr. Santos reminded parents that they play a key role in shaping their +3 toddlers’ diet and they have to be mindful of the food they introduce at home.

The Science of Picky Eating

There are many reasons why kids shun their food but Dr. Katrina Anne Valera said that the earlier we address them, the better for our 3+ toddler’s health and nutrition. Some practical tips she shared include encouraging independent feeding to allow the child to explore and feel in control of what he or she is eating. Another way is to encourage the child to “eat your colors” or eat food of different colors every day. This way, you can also introduce different nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits.

How to Improve Food and Beverage Intake of your 3+ Toddler

3+ Toddlers are drawn to sugary treats that are tasty but not all too nutritious. According to Nutritionist-Dietitian, Ms. Ditas Sagarbarria, parents must avoid giving high-calorie milk to their 3+ toddler because it may promote excessive caloric intake or excessive energy intake. Ms. Sagarbarria also shared that parents can improve the nutrient intake of their 3+ toddlers by giving them healthy finger foods like fruits or Vitamin A-rich vegetables such as carrots or squash. “It lessens the fear of trying the new food as they can feel and enjoy the color. Since the amount is very small, they will also welcome it and they will be more open to trying the new food,” she said. Adding small changes in the diet of your kids can make a big difference in the nutrients they get.

Ms. Sagarbarria also emphasized including age-appropriate milk in your 3+ toddler’s diet to support their growth and development. “Age-appropriate milk is formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of young children,” said Ms. Sagarbarria. As parents, we shouldn’t only be mindful of what we feed our 3+ toddlers but also the milk we choose.

That is why, mommy Marian Rivera, only trusts NIDO® 3+ for her daughter Zia. “I make sure na nakakainom s'ya ng 2 glasses of NIDO® 3+ a day along with balanced meals, para confident ako na TODO PROTECTED si Ate Zia at maiwasan ang nutrient inadequacy lalong lalo na at big milestones ang 3+ toddlerhood,” shared the celebrity mom. Marian also mentioned how NIDO® 3+ helps her feel assured that Zia is getting all the age-appropriate nutrients and vitamins she needs, to equip and protect her as she explores 3+ toddlerhood years with confidence.

As the true expert in 3+ toddlerhood, NIDO® 3+ is formulated to be rich in protection nutrients like Vitamins A, C, E, PREBIO3®, Iron, Zinc and other essential minerals; not to mention the only milk with LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS® that helps support a child's upper respiratory defenses. NIDO® 3+ is definitely every parent’s ally in 3+toddler nutrition, helping parents keep their Todo Explorers TODO protected and TODO supported during this adventurous time in their development.

In case you missed the event, you can still watch, learn, and play through this website Also, 

Want to learn more about how you can TODO protect your child as he journeys through his healthy 3+ toddler years? Check out

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Freshly Brewed Coffee at home with Silcafe Coffee Blends

I'm a self-confessed coffeeholic and I never thought coffee would become a huge part of my day like it is now.

I'll have a cup of hot coffee 30 minutes upon waking up (it used to be immediately upon waking up), in the afternoon, in the evening, and even past midnight especially when I'm working.

I remember having my first cup of coffee when I was still a student nurse. It was just a 3 in 1 coffee mix but it's what keeps me up all night during my graveyard shifts. So even after not pursuing my nursing career, whenever I smell coffee, I would associate it with my memories in the hospital, which are just some of my best memories.

And, I don't know if it comes with age, or it's just simply the love for coffee, but my taste for coffee has greatly evolved. From 3 in 1 coffee mixes, instant coffee, and now I brew my coffee at home.

So, I am really happy when I received Silcafe Coffee Blends as a gift last Mother's Day. It's my current go-to coffee. It's really good and proudly local.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

A Mother’s Life Well-Lived, a Priceless Legacy

Edwin Aquino, a retired bank executive, misses most of the family get-togethers that his family used to have--and it's especially poignant this coming Mother's Day. His mom Amelia passed away in 2019, while his dad Pedro Jr. passed on four years earlier. Mother's Day, in particular, was a very special
occasion that they celebrated with gusto.

Being the mom God created me to be


“How do you do it?
"How do you get it all figured out?"

Being a working mom to 3 kids, and no helper, I get these kinds of questions and comments a lot. And honestly, I don't know how to answer them.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Celebrate Mother's Month with Andok's Simple Salu-salo

Happiness is waking up next to my family and, to this- a sumptuous Andok's feast waiting on the dining table! I work graveyard shifts and waking up after 3-4 hours of sleep every morning is such a struggle, and here comes thinking about what to cook for lunch or dinner. So this much-needed break from the kitchen 2 days before Mother's Day makes me feel happy and appreciated.

Friday, May 7, 2021

5 Fun activities that kids can do at home

Mommies tend to be the most tired member of the family especially during school days. We mainly handle getting our kids ready for school, meals, laundry, and even trying to make a living. No wonder an article from Forbes mentioned how our Kids might be the main reason why we are so tired.