Saturday, October 10, 2015

Is it worth it to get Loyalty Cards?

One day I’ve checked my wallet and thought it had a lot of stuffs inside. Unfortunately it’s not money that’s making it bulky hahaha! ^_^ I just recently noticed that I have a lot of Cards from different restaurants and places (I know other people who have more but yeah…)

Out of these cards, here’s a quick review and rates of how useful they are base on, affordability and how it can help you save.

First one on the list is
7-Eleven’s Every Day Rewards Card

Price: 10 pesos

Benefits: Every 50 pesos purchase (single or accumulated) entitles you to 1 point. You can use these points to redeem certain reward items depending on what’s available. There are branches that host a WiFi network and you can get access for 15 minutes at a cost of 1 point too.

Score: 3.5/5 I go to 7-Eleven almost everyday to buy drinks or snacks when at work so this one tends to get used a lot by me. It’s a bit slow to accumulate points though. Hoping they can give more points per 50 pesos.

Next is
Shakey’s Pizzanatic Super Card

Price: 399 pesos (may differ depending on the promotion)

Benefits: Earn 1 point Every 100 pesos worth of purchase. 1 point = 1 pesos.
10% discount for dine in or take out.
Buy 1 get 1 if you have a delivery for a large or party size pizza with 1.5 liter of Coke
Birthday Pizza, You get 1 free pepperoni pizza on your birthday. You can claim it 3 days on or before your birthday.

Score: 3.5/5 I love everything about it except for the point system also. The price of the card can really make you get a second thought. If it weren’t for the free banana split we got when we bought it and with the 10% immediate discount we got after spending roughly 1,500 pesos I would not have bought it. All in all it looks like we got the card for only 99 pesos. 150+ discount on our food and I believe the banana split cost somewhere around 150 pesos also. I just wish they would give us a choice about the birthday pizza since not everyone likes pepperoni.

Third one is
Mercury Drug Suki Card

Price: Get it for free if you spend 1000 worth of items.

Benefits: Earn Suki points which you can use to redeem certain stuffs. Every accumulated purchase worth Php200.00 is equivalent to 1 point.

Score: 4/5
Who doesn’t buy medicine or vitamins? I’d say this card is worth it especially since you can get it for free. I’d say make the most out of all the things you buy with this card +

Second to the last is
SM Advantage Card

Price: 150 pesos

Benefits: Too many to mention but the ones I like are;
Discounts for stores affiliated with SM.
 Earning SMAC points that can be used to redeem a lot of rewards!

Score: 4/5
Awesome promos like a raffle for car or even a fully furnished condo! It’s doesn’t hurt to try. One of the cards I can definitely say that’s worth getting. Every savings count, I’m hoping they can do something like spend a certain amount and get this card for free LOL but aside for that I love this card.

Last but not the least
Jolibee’s Happy Plus Card

Price: 150 pesos

Benefits: Earn happy plus points, Every P 50 food purchase earns you one happy point. One happy point is equal to 1 peso.
Monthly Cash Winner, Every time you load up you earn raffle entries and can earn up to 100 thousand pesos. I was surprised when I suddenly saw my name on the list before for one of the lucky card holder who won 1000.00 pesos. Hey better than nothing right? ^_^
Get certain freebies like sundaes or fries with certain minimum purchases.
Can be used to Jollibee obviously hehe, Greenwhich, Red Ribbon and Chowking and as an added bonus earn 1 happy plus point for every 100 pesos spent if you gas up at Caltex.

Score: 5/5
The most useful card out there. When I bought mine for 150 pesos it included a 50 pesos discount for any purchase at jolibee, 50 pesos off for chowking, 50 pesos for greenwhich and 100 pesos off for red ribbon. If you think about it you get more of what you paid for. Just like what Kris and Bimby said in their commercial “SULIT”

I’m not sure what other loyalty cards out there is worth getting. Do leave a comment if you have any suggestions ^_^Y

~Daddy Poreber

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