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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Go further with Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, now at Php 499 until August 31 only!

As we make things happen from home, the internet has become our trusty partner that makes digital learning, work-from-home setup, and more possible for the whole family. Now, you can go even further with Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi. Enjoy affordable, reloadable, and Ultra-fast LTE speeds for a limited price offer of only Php 499 from Php 999 when you avail of the Prepaid WiFi until August 31, 2021!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Six upgraded features to enjoy from TECNO Mobile’s new AI-powered, revolutionary TECNO Spark 6

Global premier mobile phone brand, TECNO Mobile recently released its latest innovation, TECNO Spark 6, a high-performing, multitasking, affordable smartphone for the masses. This feature-packed phone is designed for work and play, and comes with a budget-friendly price tag of P6,490 for the Spark 6 4GB RAM + 128GB.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

TECNO Mobile launches new AI-powered, revolutionary TECNO Spark 6 Series - A smartphone for the masses

Recognizing the evolving need for high-performing, multi-tasking and affordable smartphones during these challenging times, global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobile has launched its latest innovation, the TECNO Spark 6 Series.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Great Value Everyday! iTrueMart Debuts in the Philippines

It's the Christmas Season already, one of the most awaited and celebrated occasion by most Filipinos. In fact, Filipinos are known to have the longest Christmas celebration and that starts as soon as the Ber-months begin. One of the Christmas traditions we Filipinos observe is the gift giving or exchange gifts, which is actually being observed on any occasions. Everyone seems to be excited about it but in all honesty not all has the time to actually go out and shop and why online shopping plays a big role. However, with the increase in the number of online shops here in our country, we really couldn't tell whether which one is to trust. But this should not be a problem anymore because iTrueMart is now here in the Philippines, making shopping a whole lot better!

iTrueMart, Thailand's leading e-commerce retailer has launched the e-commerce website to serve the Philippine market and bring an unrivaled shopping experience with the goals of becoming the top-of-mind e-commerce brand, to have great assortment at best prices, to provide the best end-to-end customer experience and to become the most trusted online shipping platform.

I together with my fellow Bloggers got to attend the launching last November 24, 2015 
at Discovery Primea Ayala Ave. Makati City.

"Great Value, Everyday" that is their slogan, because assures that they only work with  authorized distributors of international brands and act as authorized dealer of local brands so customers can be assured that all products on the website are genuine. Customers can browse through a variety of verified and trusted both local and international brands like Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, ArcMobile, Samsung, Asus, Xiaomi, TDK, Lenovo and enjoy truly amazing offers every day with special promotions, deals, and privileges for everyone, catering Filipinos' love for bargains.

As of now, their current focus is on smartphones and gadgets and it will expand into consumer electronics, computers and laptops, health and beauty and moms and kids in the future. 

Convenient and risk free, iTrueMart makes customers online shopping experience one-of-a-kind with its easy-to-navigate assortments, best buy endorsements, exceptional promotions and quality customer service. Purchases are risk and hassle-free and customer satisfaction is assured with it's free delivery, cash on delivery and money-back guarantee. 

iTrueMart was launched in Thailand in 2013 by True Corporation as a business-to-concsumer (B2C) e-Commerce platform, following the success of its consumer-to-tconsumer (C2C) platform, WeLoveShopping. Both brands became part of Ascend Commerce, a business unit of Ascend Group.

Mr. Punnamas Vichitkulwongsa, CEO of Ascend Group says, "e-commerce will have huge potential when the AEC fully materializes. According to a study by Ystats SE Asia eCommerce, the volume of ASEAN's mobile internet users rose 56% in 2015. Recognizing the growing number of mobile-internet users, we are confident that online shopping will also grow. The AEC is an emerging and interesting market for e-commerce through which entrepreneurs can expand their business."

They are debuting their operations in the Philippines followed by Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore later in 2016. 

"We are committed for long term success in the Philippines and everywhere else that we go to." he added.

Mr. Seubsakol Sakolsatayadorn, General Manager of the iTrueMart division at Ascend Commerce,says " is not a newcomer to the market as the team is backed by the strong success of iTrueMart in Thailand. receives 7,000 orders per day on average, with the highest volume of daily orders at 10,000. This marks the highest record in Thailand's online retail industry."

According to Mr. Sakolsatayadorn, "'s delivery averages at two days throughout Thailand and it enjoys the lowest e-commerce return rate, which confirms the trust and shows the high quality of the products offered on the website.

Mr. Dean Krstevski, Chief Operating Officer E-Commerce of Ascend Group says, "iTrueMart's decision to launch in the Philippines stemmed from the fact that competition in the e-commerce sector in the Philippines is still considered low. With the market still in its infancy there are plenty of opportunities for new players to enter. Now that the e-commerce market is being developed, brands are increasingly looking for partners to sell their products online, which iTrueMart sees as a great advantage that will help speed up its market entry.We are confident of our success in the Philippines because we have a strong team with extensive experience in both online and offline retail."

This Christmas season aside from attractive Christmas campaigns and great value Mr Krstevski also guaranteed delivery of your orders before Christmas eve. Great! Isn't it?
Note: iTrueMart.PH is currently delivering in Luzon area and will further expand from the beginning of next year.

Me, together with the Big Bosses (left-right) Mr. Seubsakol Sakolsatayadorn, Mr. Punnamas Vichitkulwongsa and Mr. Dean Krstevski is the answer to Filipinos' shopping woes, offering various products, easy payment methods and great deals with just a click of a button. It allows shopping from home or the office, using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone- definitely an easier and faster way to shop. Online shopping is the future and is here to stay.

Got this as a gift from the event. The mysterious itrueMART PH box ^_^ Find out on my next blog post about it's content and review.

~Mommy Poreber

Friday, November 13, 2015

Dyson Fluffy DC74: Dyson's Latest Technology Media Exhibit

In this day and age, modernization is unstoppable as we aim to attain a better way of living. What gets a mom like me excited are things that can make life easier with kids, food, home and living. That's why I didn't think twice when I got invited together with my fellow Mommy Bloggers to attend the Dyson's media exhibit.

The exhibit showcased different modern products that promises a better way of living.

Dyson cylinder vacuums capture allergens and up to 99.99% of small dusts as small as 0.3 microns

The Dream Fan of every mom who worries that the fingers of their small kids might get cut with an ordinary fan's blade.

Dyson Air Multiplier. Powerful air projections. No blades. I simply wanted to take one home upon seeing that it works like how our regular fans work at home but without visible blades that can cause accidents. Less worries equals more fun at home!

Introducing, Dyson Fluffy DC74: Soft to touch but not a soft touch

The Dyson Fluffy DC74 is very compact and powerful, it's every modern mom's must have for an effective housekeeping. Every detail about Dyson's latest technology is just exceptional, It's Wireless and Super light but what I admire most is that it captures harmful fine dusts contrary to conventional cleaning thus leaving allergens behind which can cause respiratory problems. Amazing right?

The exhibit was hosted by Mr. Bobby Yan, Communications Head of WhitePlanet Inc. exclusive distributor of Dyson in the Philippines.

(Mr. Bobby Yan discussing the latest technology from Dyson)

In dept details on what exactly is the difference of Dyson's Fluffy DC74 from ordinary vacuum cleaners.

Nowadays, modern moms prefer using a vacuum cleaner rather than a traditional broom. But let's admit it, not all vacuums are created equal. Dyson Fluffy DC74 has been engineered to tackle dust and debris on hard floors without leaving a scratch behind. Dirt-- big or small--is definitely a no match!

The whole cleaner head of the DC74 has been redesigned by Dyson engineers; as a result the machine’s performance has increased dramatically. Though it's tough on dirt, it's kind to any kind of floor

The soft nylon cleaner head with carbon strips engulfs large debris and envelopes fine dust. 

Dyson Fluffy’s cleaner head casing is high at the front thus, gone are the days when the dirt just gets pushed around and gets stuck in the corners and crevices.  The brush bar can reach right up to skirting boards achieving outstanding edge to edge cleaning.. Also, the motor of the cleaner head is sat within the roller ensuring side-to-side pick-up is unrivaled. Not a speck left behind.

Dirt is then effortlessly sucked-up into the clear bin which can easily be emptied.

The Dyson digital motor sits at the heart of Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners. Spinning at 120,000rmp - 5 times faster than a formula 1 car engine- the Dyson digital V6 motor offers the power of a full-size vacuum cleaner. Powerful suction in a small, light package and without the hassle of wrangling a power cord around furniture.

Dyson Fluffy is always ready to go for easy floor cleaning and quickly converts to handheld mode, for cleaning the ceiling and even mattresses. It has 8 additional tools tackling hard-to-reach places. It has a motorised turbine head glides up stairs. The flexible crevice tool reaches narrow spaces behind furniture. There's the soft dusting brush sweeps up dust on blinds, a stubborn dirt brush tackles the hardest of grime. Mattress tool, removes dust, dirt and allergens from mattresses.

 Combination tool, nozzle converts to a brush tool for dusting.

 Crevice Tool, for cleaning in tight gaps and narrow spaces.

It also comes with a mini motorised tool, Nylon bristles agitate the fibers of mattresses to remove more dust and allergens.

You can get your own Dyson Fluffy DC74 for Php 38,500 and is available in Century City Mall (Dyson Concept Store), Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan's Cebu, Rustan's Gateway, Abenson Ascott, Duty Free Philippines, Anson's Makati, Robinson's Appliance Magnolia, True Value Rockwell, True Value Estancia and True Value 8Forbes.

A picture with the perky and nice Bobby Yan. He was my seatmate during lunch time at the exhibit.
(Na conscious tuloy ako kumain hehe)

With my fellow Mommy Bloggers Ms. Lariza Garcia and Ms. Eihdra Gatchalian
The Exhibit took place at Shangrila Plaza last November 6, 2015

I could just hold on to this forever.

For advice and support, Contact Dyson expert on 632-7274092 loc. 123, 9 am- 5:30 am. Mon.- Fri.
For further information and online assistance visit them at 
Facebook: Dyson
Instagram: Dyson Philippines

~Mommy Poreber

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

A day without my gadgets reminds me of that movie where all technology got destroyed. Yes, it would probably feel like it's the end of the world hahaha. My husband and I are always on the go as bloggers, parents and professionals. I remember what we used to also say to our customers when we used to work in a telecommunication company as sales representatives in the US. "Even kids nowadays have cell phones right?" Our gadgets especially our mobile phone really have a big role in our life. May it be checking our emails for updates from our clients, checking out our social media accounts like facebook, twitter and instagram, taking a bunch of pictures for blog reviews and even with our selfies! We want to always be on the go, luckily we encountered some of these must have "On the Go" products from the merchant, BELKIN PH BY MACPOWER.

My #BelkinWishlist

You can check these out at Lazada for reference.

What could possible go wrong without these? Chaos and Madness! *Ok that's too much exaggeration but you get the point* Definitely an experience you can solve with some Belkin magic~

Belkin Premium 1.2 Meter Lightning Sync/Charge Cable (White) 
Choice of 5 metallic colors to mix & match

 Belkin Black Mamba Mixit Micro USB to USB Cable (Black)  
Choice of 5 metallic colors to mix & match

I love how these are specifically made for specific type of devices. One for the Apple Woman and One for the Android Man. We can just simply plug it in to charge, sync media files to our device, or upload data to a laptop. What we love most about this is it's durability. Both have braided cables with Aluminum shells that makes these the perfect partner to withstand heavy usage.

I can only imagine the horror of having to buy new ones cause of our frequent usage especially since we have some playful kids in the house.

Belkin Mixit 4000mAh Power Pack (Pink) and (Blue)
Also comes in (Black)

First things first! I love the matching colors which coincidentally our favorite colors. The fact that it's compatible with any usb enabled devices makes it the perfect battery backup you can always rely on. (4,000 mAh for hours of charge) The best part is that it has a Belkin Connected Equipment Warranty. If your device is damaged by an electrical charge while properly connected to the charger, Belkin will repair or replace it up to a value of $2,500

We sometimes can't resist using our phones before going to different events, travelling or simply going out. In some cases it will be him playing some games and me going online. It would be terrible to lose out on some instagramable pictures as well as staying in touch with your friends and family while going to different places and events.

Belkin Road Rockstar 4 Port Family Car Charger Port 7.2A (Black)  

Imagine a Barkada Size Pizza (Oopps now I'm craving for one haha) This is my ideal on the go car charger for the whole family. It allows up to 4 devices to charge all at the same time at optimal speed. (2 USB ports for driver and passenger, while 2 USB ports extend to the backseat passengers.) It's also covered with BELKIN CONNECTED EQUIPMENT WARRANTY

No more Chaos and Madness! (again with the exaggeration haha) Every one will never have to worry about taking turns on charging their devices. 

The family that charges their devices together takes a groupie together ^_^
How about you? Do you have a #BelkinWishlist ?

 ~Mommy Poreber

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A9 HD 1080p 5MP Sport DV Camera 2" LCD (Review)

No GoPro? No Problem! We recently got this A9 HD 1080p 5MP Sports Camera from GreatValuePlus A9 HD 1080p 5MP Sports Camera

We already played with it, Used it and pretty much abused it. All we really wanted was to be able to capture videos and pictures underwater like what action cameras are made for and we didn't get disappointed.

(Pretty much everything you might need like the accessories that normally cost around P 2,000 for GoPro)

                                            Front View                                     Back view of LCD

Price: P 2,999
Special Price: P 1,999 which gives a 33% discount!

1080p + Waterproof
Video: 1920*1080 pixel 15fps
            1280*720 pixels 30fps
Wide Angle Lens: 120 degree
Waterproff: Up to 30m
2-inch LCD
Storage: Micro SDHC card (not included)
Battery: 900mAh (1.5hours) (2 Batteries Included)
Input/Output: Micro USB
Dimensions: (L*W*H) 59.3*24.6*41.1mm

Picture wise we didn't expect much out of 5MP.
Here's some sample pictures taken from the Action Camera:

 What surprised us is really more on the video quality. Videos seems to be much clearer than pictures. I love this Underwater video that I took while swimming in the pool 
(Can't wait to test it out in the sea)

All in all I love the price, Like the pictures, Love the videos and there's a bonus point for the accessories included! Definitely worth it if you're in a budget and your main concern is more on taking action videos!

~Mommy Poreber

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Flyff All Stars Adroid App Game

I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who felt blue when Flyff (PC version) ended and if you also did by all means continue reading on.

It has a unique game feature and the BGM definitely gives you that Flyff feel on it. The graphics is also good All 3d characters and effects.

I settled with this 3 beauties to start with my game. Luckily I got Alice to boost the other two heroes.

Although i secretly wish i got these other two together with alice. ^_^

Here they are now.

 I'm quite happy with my current journey on this game since i got the chance to get these cool characters speficically Silphia and Luana (All long range character)

I love Long range characters. It's pretty awesome especially in boosting your other character or farming.

Hope to add you in game in soon. ^_^ Add me "Brianna111213" It's my daughter's name.
(It was a great game until the updates stopped.)

~Daddy Poreber

Play PS4 Games with Sony Xperia Z3

Sony announced that owners of the Sony Xperia Z3 will be able to play PS4 games.
Apparently it acts like as an external TV screen, meaning other friends or family members who wants to watch on their TV won't have to worry, when you wanna play your PS4 games.
*You have to already have PS4 to play the games*

The design is as cool and sleek as ever which comes in 4 colors : White, Blue, Copper and Black

You can still bring it together with your water adventures!

Lovely Crisp Camera 20.7MP with auto focus and a 2.2MP front-facing camera ISO 3200

With all these cool features it makes you wonder if the phone is up for the test of time. The answer? It sure is! with it's 2-day battery life! 
*based on average daily usage of an average person*

Here's the full specification of Sony Xperia Z3 :

The Sony Xperia Z3 is definitely gonna set the standards for all smartphones.

~Daddy Poreber