Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pondering A Pond?

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It is the time of year where people start thinking about their gardens. Your home will always be on your mind, but you will want your garden in top shape for the spring and summer months to ensure that you can enjoy it to its fullest potential. If you were thinking of adding something to your garden as a focal point then this can be it. Or, alternately, you can use it as a small addition in a corner or edge, that can just be part of a wider garden. The choice is yours. If you are considering a pond there are certain things you need to think about. You may have already thought these through, but if not, you need to give them consideration.


Depending on the pond size, you will need to keep it clean. This can range in difficulty depending on exactly what type of pond you use. Filth and dirt can build up with relative ease, meaning you will need specific cleaning utilities such as the Oase pond vac to clean excess muck and grime. It looks bad when you don’t clean a pond, with a build up of green algae and scum. Not cleaning it isn’t really an option. Again, if the pond is small this won’t be too hard. But if you use a huge pond you may even need to think about commercial cleaning to get the job done properly, which is, of course, expensive. You may not need to do this often at all, though it should remain a consideration of yours and a factor in the overall decision.

Fish Or No Fish

Some ponds are used simply as water features. Others house fish of different varieties, ranging from smaller fish to the larger kind. You will need to feed these once a day to ensure they stay healthy and live well, adding another consideration to think through. You must also try to ensure birds and cats can’t get to them because they are easy prey. They make an intriguing point of interest in your garden, especially if you get fish of a colorful variety. You just need to make sure they can be compatible with the water temperature you have in your country or they will soon be dead otherwise.

Garden Size

If you have a small garden you may want to reconsider getting a pond. It can end up taking up too much of your garden, meaning it can look quite silly. Consider using your front garden for a small pond instead. The pond requires a bigger space to bed down in. So although the surface area of water may be minimum, the larger area around will be affected by a retaining wall and plastic sheeting used to hold the water in and ensure it doesn’t seep into the ground. Ensure you do your measurements before committing to anything or you could end up wasting a lot of money for something that just does not fit. Consider down sizing the pond or thinking of another kind of garden feature.

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