Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Busy Moms Do This!

If you are a mom, you will know the true meaning of the word busy. In fact, as a mom, you get very little time for yourself even when you're in the bathroom! But there are some ways you can claim back a little time in the day, while still doing a top notch job of caring for you little ones. Read on to find out more. 

Prepared snacks 

So, one of the biggest things that are a drain on your time as a mom, is all the preparation and cooking of food that you have to do.

With so much stuff in the media these days about how prepared foods are bad for you, it can really feel like you have to make absolutely everything from scratch. But worry not, because there are some healthy options that come ready prepared so you can just pop then you bag and go when you are on your way out of the house. 

For example, why not try some healthy puffs or crackers? Or carrot sticks and celery make perfect kid-friendly snacks, that are great for their health too. 

Online doctors 

Something else that can take up a lot of time when you have kids, is taking them to the doctors. You can spend forever trying to get seen at doctors when you looking after your kid’s health

This is partly because kids are more at risk of getting ill, as their immune systems are less developed. Also when they mix with other children it's very easy for them to pass on illnesses from one to another. 

But of course, Dr’s visits are something that is vital to their well-being, and can't be missed out. But thanks to technology like this Dr app you can now get them seen by a doctor at a time convenient to you, and in your own home. 

All you do is register for the service and then book an appointment. Then you will receive a video call from a doctor who can help you identify them the problem. They can even prescribe medications, so you can get you little one back up and making mischief again in no time. 

Nap time 

Another great way of reclaiming a little more time in the day for yourself is to be strict about nap time. When the kids are little they are going to need it anyway. As they take in and learn so much, they need the sleep to help them organize and store their new memories. 

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But nap time is also an excellent way of taking a pause in the day and having a little time for you. Whether you choose to sit down with a cup of tea and catch up on your favorite show, or even take a quick nap time yourself. Just remember to try and keep this time available for something that is restorative to your wellbeing and provide you with some breathing space. Remember that pile of washing can wait! 

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