Monday, March 6, 2017

The Best Places To Get Involved In Your Community

Want to meet new people in your neighborhood? Want to give something back to the community? There are countless places to get involved that don’t require you getting elected onto a council. Here are a few different methods of getting involved in your community

Local fairs and festivals

Whether it’s a food fair, a music festival or a charity fete, organizers will be looking for volunteers to run stalls, sell tickets or simply spread the word. Such events can be great for meeting people in your area. It’s best to follow your passion and donate your time to an event that means something to you. You should note that such events are great for budding photographers, journalists, and musicians. Sites such as Eventful are great for finding local events near to you.

Libraries and museums

Libraries and museums can often be council run and so have a large input into their local community. Libraries will often work with schools, disability charities, local literary groups and parents groups, helping to encourage reading skills. If books are a passion of yours, this may be a great opportunity to get involved. Those keen on their local history meanwhile should volunteer at their local museum, which is likely to work with similar groups, as well often organizing fun historical events such as traditional festivals and local ghost tours.

Business groups

If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, you may be able to get involved in a local business group. Some are specifically set up for networking, whilst others such as rotary clubs are set up to provide humanitarian services to their local community. You may end up working with council members, urban planners and charities to fund local changes to your neighborhood and make a real impact.

Religious groups

For that are religious, your local place of worship is sure to be heavily involved in community events and charities. These are ideal places to make connections and do some community work. There are meanwhile a number of specific groups such as Catholic community services that also put time and money into helping their neighborhood. Such groups are always looking for new members and are relatively easy to find.

Schools and hospitals

If you have kids that are in school, you may be able to get involved in a parental committee and get involved in school events. Here you can meet other like-minded moms and dads eager to give back to the community.

Hospitals meanwhile can be great places for providing charitable services for the sick. Simply helping someone bedridden by doing some shopping for them or reading stories for young patients on a children’s ward could be a great help to your local hospital.

Environmental groups

There are all kinds of local environmental groups for those with a keen interest in nature. You could help fund local projects such as wind farms and animal shelters, or you could join a preservation group and help protect a local wild animal or plant that is endangered. 

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