Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Easy Easter Crafts To Try With The Kids

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, chances are you’re thinking of things you can do with the kids to keep them busy while they’re off school. One great solution is to get crafty. It’s not too expensive, allows kids to express their creativity and is something you can do from home so perfect for rainy days. Here are some fun craft activities you can try with kids, which aren’t too difficult and don’t require masses of equipment. 

Paper Crafts

Easter wreaths are a fun and easy craft. Cut out and decorate a number of Easter egg designs, and then stick them onto a wreath (you can make yourself with just a circle of sturdy cardboard). You could even stick on a couple of small plastic hollow eggs, bows or anything else to make it look extra festive for Easter. Larger items may require a glue gun for them to stick, you can find these on sites like Glue Guns Direct. For a very quick and easy Easter activity, you could print out some Easter egg designs to color in. You can buy bumper packs of things like feathers, sequins, rhinestones and pipe cleaners from most craft stores. These could be stuck on afterward for your child to create their masterpiece!


If sewing is something that interests your kids, and they’re old enough to use a sewing needle, there are loads of great textile crafts you could try for Easter. You could do some cross stitch, create simple Easter themed cushions or even make little soft toys if you’re feeling enthusiastic. The patterns are available online so it’s not as difficult as it sounds- with a little help from you, they could really create something to be proud of. 

Easter Bonnet

Many children’s schools have an Easter bonnet competitions, but even if yours don’t, it’s a fun craft you can do together. Plain Easter bonnet hats can be bought on places like eBay and Amazon, craft stores. Even dollar stores sometimes have them at this time of year. Using paper, fluffy chicks, faux flowers, pom poms and whatever else you like the look of- decorate to your heart’s content! It will make for some cute Easter photos, and you’ll have a blast making it. 


Baking is something that most children enjoy. With Easter being an indulgent time of year, it’s the perfect opportunity to get baking! You could create a variety of treats to enjoy with family and friends or enjoy after Easter dinner. If you’re after something very simple, chocolate melted and added to cereal is an easy one for Easter. Divide into cupcake cases and decorate the top with some mini chocolate eggs. You could bake a cake together and decorate it in an Easter theme (if you’re not the best baker, use a store bought cake mix!) You could make cupcakes to decorate, creme egg brownies, hot cross buns or whatever else you fancy. There are tons of recipes online so have a browse through and decide what you like the look of. 

Painting Eggs

Painting eggs is something we’re all familiar with at Easter, and is something you probably did yourself as a child! Boil up some eggs, leave them to cool and you’re good to go. Have fun painting them different colors, trying out different designs and letting your children’s creativity run wild. There are loads of ideas on sites like Pinterest you could get inspiration from, or you could see what you’re able to dream up!


The great thing about clay is it’s so versatile. Modeling clay is great for kids, you can buy brands which air dry, so you don’t even have to bake the creations at the end. You could make rabbits, chicks, easter eggs, whatever your heart desires. Once they’re dry, they can be painted and decorated too, that could even be saved for another day. 

A few basic supplies is all you need for hours of fun and creativity. As well as keeping kids occupied (and therefore making your life as a parent easier!) it helps kids to gain new skills and develop new interests too which is always a good thing. While getting out and about over Easter is always great, there are always going to be occasions when you’re at home and need something fun to do. So stock up at the craft store and you’re ready for a fun filled Easter break!

Do you have any crafts you’re hoping to try out this Easter? 

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