Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bring The Outside In

As spring starts to rear its beautiful head, it gives us time to take stock of our lives, and remember everything we love about the outside world. Pretty soon we’ll be able to throw our windows open, walk in the park among blossom, and invite our nearest and dearest over for barbecues and summer parties. But the good old British weather can make some of these trickier than our fantasies might hope. Bringing the garden, in all its fresh and beautiful greenery, into our homes brings brightness, life, and summer, even when it’s raining.
Grow your own food

If you’ve ever eaten a strawberry fresh from the bush, you’ll know there’s just no way that supermarket strawberries can compete. Their fresh, bright flavor is just something else. Planting your own little vegetable patch or herb garden is a great way to grow your appreciation for your garden, and you get to cook them in your own kitchen and eat them on your own dining table - there’s no greater sense of achievement.

Create a halfway point

Being able to spend time in the garden while it’s pouring with rain is one of life's true pleasures, but a nice roof over your head is a bonus. A conservatory is the perfect halfway point, and when it’s good quality, with decent temperature controls, it can be a perfect inside-outside room. Ensuring that there is a good quality roof, such as a Guardian roof system can really help to maintain the temperature. This makes it comfortable to use all year round, so even in the dead of winter or height of summer, the conservatory is still a great investment.

Let the plants do the talking

Houseplants are totally underrated, and the perfect addition to any home. They bring brightness, natural color, and can help to soften the edges of a room beautifully. Some plants even help to purify the air or can help you to wind down and relax. If you’re looking to liven up your home, especially now spring is basically here, low maintenance houseplants are a great addition.

Don’t block out the light

Natural light is important in any home. It energizes you, and can even help to lift your mood. If your home is a bit lacking in natural light, it’s important to optimize the little you do get. Reflective surfaces, bright walls, and a few choice mirrors can bring a whole lot of light to a room and even helps to reflect the scenery, making the outside and inside feel more cohesive.

Be sure to have flowers

Houseplants become almost part of the furniture - they bring muted beauty to a room all year round. Fresh flowers, on the other hand, are accessories to a room in their own right. They bring the brightness and greenery of the outside into the room and look stunning to boot. If you really want to brighten your room up, a vase of fresh flowers can make a world of difference.

When summer is just around the corner, blurring the line between outside and in can really help to invite it into your home.

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