Thursday, March 2, 2017

Making Your Home More Child-Friendly

If you’ve recently welcomed a new addition to your family, you may have thought of moving house. Sometimes, when your circumstances change dramatically, it’s good to weigh up the options. Having children turns your life upside down, but moving house isn’t always on the cards. If you’ve got enough space at home, there’s usually scope to make your home more suitable for living with little ones. Here are some tips to make your house more child-friendly.

Knock down walls

If you have an old house, you may find that you have a series of small rooms rather than large open spaces often found in newer homes. Many families find that open plan living works better for them. If you don’t have a spacious kitchen, you don’t have to start looking online for houses for sale or calling estate agents. It’s often possible to knock down walls to create a bigger, more open space. If you’ve got a large kitchen-diner, your room becomes more versatile, and you can do lots of different jobs at the same time. It’s easier to spend time together as a family, and you can chat, cook and play with the kids at the same time. If you are thinking about changing the layout of your home, ask friends and colleagues for recommendations, and search online for building firms in your local area. It’s always beneficial to shop around. Don’t just go for the first quote, as you may find that timeframes and fees vary hugely. 

Safety measures

When you have children, you have to think about safety at all times. You want your children to enjoy growing up at home without any worries about injuries or accidents. Of course, it’s not possible to prevent every accident, but there are steps you can take to make your home safer. Falls are very common, so try and ensure you have plenty of storage, and keep toys, clothing, and books away from stairwells and corridors. Secure trailing wires, and make sure cords are tied up properly if you have blinds. Use safety locks for cupboards and drawers, and switch halogen lights for LED spotlights. LED versions last a long longer, they’re cheaper to run, and most importantly, they don’t get hot. Fit stair gates at the top and bottom of stairs, and make sure any harmful cleaning products and medicines are stored safely in a locked cupboard. 

Fun interior design

You want your kids to be able to have fun at home, so embrace child-friendly interior design. You don’t have to devote every room to the kids, and it’s good to have some adult-only zones. But it’s beneficial to encourage them to be creative, sociable and imaginative. If you have a spare room, you could create a playroom for small children or a games room for older kids. If you don’t, don’t worry. You can use distinctive colors and prints to section off an area of the kitchen-diner. You can create a messy play area with an easel and a mini table and chairs or a chill out zone with floor cushions, books, and soft toys. 

If you have kids, you don’t have to up sticks and move house immediately. There are ways of making your home more child-friendly.

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