Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Convenient Lies You Tell Yourself (And Why You're Wrong)

Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement in life sometimes. Even those of us who are generally confident will encounter difficulty here and there, and will need a little pep talk. For most of us, this is something we can do ourselves. Over a quick coffee or a snack, we say: “you’ve dealt with worse before” or “this is a challenge, but I’ll be stronger for it”. 

What we have to be careful about is the line we sometimes cross. On one side of it, there is helpful encouragement. On the other, there are kind lies we tell ourselves to deal with niggling issues, the stress of bringing up kids, or dealing with a daily grind. These lies can be small and harmless. What we need to be sure of, though, is that we don’t become too used to telling ourselves what we want to hear. 

Lie Number 1: “I Don’t Need To See A Doctor; I’m Fine.” 

It’s fair to say that we all take the advice “if you’re not sure, see a doctor” with a pinch of salt. Sometimes, with health issues, we wait it out and it gets better without needing to see someone. 

However, we need to make a clarification between a minor, annoying issue like a niggling muscle pain and something more major. If you find yourself fainting, waking up in serious pain, or anything that seriously impedes your day-to-day life, then don’t wait. Go and see a doctor. It may be easier to ignore it, but a time will come when you just can’t do so anymore. By that point, it may be a much bigger problem. 

Lie Number 2: “I Don’t Need Insurance; I’ll Just Be Careful.” 

We all know how irritating it is to find money for all the bills we have to pay. When it comes to insurance - something we all go through life hoping never to use - it can be even more irritating. Some people even justify not taking out policies by thinking: “I don’t see why I - a careful, healthy person - should pay for the claims of someone more reckless”. 

That’s the thing about insurance - you can go years, even decades, without needing to use it. However, if you need it and don’t have it, you’ll soon regret being so cavalier about the idea. Grit your teeth, do your research, compare policies on Banner Life insurance ratings, select a policy, pay the premiums and be glad you’re covered just in case. 

Lie Number 3: “I Don’t Need To Exercise Much; I Eat Healthily Anyway.” 

If you eat a calorie-controlled healthy diet, then you’ll get the nutrients that you need and not have to worry much about your weight. So - no need to go the gym, right? 

Well, it would be lovely to think so, but unfortunately, your body still needs exercise. Put simply, unless you’re getting a bit sweaty and out of breath on a regular basis, you won’t build muscle and endurance. You’ll be more at risk of injury and strains. Boring it may be, but deal with it - it’s better for you than just relying on food.

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