Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Room That Grows With Your Child

Time never moves so fast as it does when you’re a parent. One minute, your baby is tiny and helpless, the next, they’re taller than you and have a mind of their own. With time moving so fast, it can be hard to keep up. But, it’s important you try. Treating your child as a baby when they’re not can cause to a divide. They’ll feel misunderstood and frustrated. Instead, it’s important you acknowledge the age they are. That acknowledgment includes the room you provide for them. Modernizing your interiors is always worth doing. With ever-growing children, redecoration will be even more necessary. They need a room that expresses who they are, and who they are is changing all the time. So, what do you need to update?



The color of a child’s walls will need changing quite often. While young children appreciate bright walls, teenagers are liable to prefer dark colors. Your teen may even go through a stage where black walls are what they want. Despite your personal tastes, you’d be best giving them the color they want. It’s important that your child feels their room reflects who they are. And besides, bad choices are sure to change as fast as they happen. 


Another thing that will need constant updating is the bed your child sleeps in. This may be a pricey thing to upgrade, but children grow at such a rate that new beds will be necessary. From a crib to a child’s bed, and so on. As soon as your child is old enough, it may be worth buying them a double. That way, you won’t have to worry again. Think, too, about bedding. Bed covers of their favorite television characters may have worked to start, but they’ll soon need changing. Think about stocking up on california king bed sheets and other good quality pieces. Like the double bed, these will save you having to update every five seconds! Of course, the bed may be the leading furniture in a bedroom, but there are other things to consider. That play desk will soon need upgrading to a real desk. That kid’s chair will need to become a more serious armchair. Ask your child’s opinion to ensure you buy things that will last!


As well as the color and furniture choices, it may be necessary to update your kid’s accessories. For obvious reasons, those Thomas the Tank Engine posters won’t cut it when they get older. Buying pieces that fit perfectly with a teen’s room is a fantastic way of showing them that you take an interest. Surprise them with new posters from their favorite bands. Or, get them action figures from films they like best. Bear in mind that this plan could backfire if you get it wrong. Instead of bringing you closer, the wrong choice could cause a divide. Make sure to listen to what your child talks about before you jump in and buy something!

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