Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fall In Love With Your iPhone All Over Again

iPhone is an iconic device from the world’s most famous company, Apple. But the iPhone is getting on a bit. It’s been in its present form for nearly a decade now and has now become a part of the furniture of our lives. Some people are just as in love with their latest iPhone 7 as they were when the original iPhone first hit the shelves back in 2007. But for many, the relationship has become a little dull and boring. Here are some ways to fall in love with your iPhone all over again.

Shut Off Flashlight Quickly

Mobile phones do everything these days, even act as torches. But unlike torches, turning the light on and off isn’t usually as simple as flicking a button. You have to go into a specific app and turn the light on and off through that.

There is, however, another option. Instead of messing about with the app to switch off the torch, you can quickly turn it off by using the camera shortcut from the lock screen.

Use It As A Spirit Level

If you love DIY, you’ve probably got a whole toolkit dedicated to just that. In that toolkit, you’ll have a spirit level: an old-fashioned tool designed to test whether a surface is level or not. But these days, there’s no need to go rooting around in a toolbox to find a spirit level. Instead, you can just use your iPhone.

Inside your iPhone, there is a gyro and an accelerometer. These two systems work together to tell you whether a surface is level or not. To access the spirit level app on your phone, go to the compass and then choose the built-in leveling tool app.

Avoid Torrents

Downloading movies and shows to your phone via a torrent is slow and potentially dangerous. But people who own iPhones don’t need to bother with that. Instead, they can just download the Movie Box app and get all the shows they want, streamed to their phone. Apps like Movie Box source content from multiple providers, including Netflix.

Use Rich Formatting In Mail

All Apple phones come with the ability to add rich formatting to things like emails. But many iPhone users miss these options. All you have to do is highlight the text you’d like to put in rich format and then a popup will appear asking you whether you want to put it in bold, italics or underline. Choose all three if you want.

Discover Earbud Controls

Most people think of their Apple earbuds as things that they just stick in their ears when they want to listen to music on the train. But did you know that earbuds have over ten different controls on them? Your Apple earbuds can be used to snap a photo, reject phone calls as well as many other functions.

Create Vibration Alerts

Finally, iPhones allow you to create different kinds of vibration alerts depending on who’s calling or texting you. You can “create new vibration” in the settings.

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