Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Feeling Tired? : Simple Tips for Reenergizing

As a busy mom, we have a lot on our plate. Not only do we have to look after the kids, go to work each day and handle the chores, but we also have to ensure the family is happy, healthy and well-fed. It can really take a lot out of you and leave you in a constant state of fatigue.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way – check out these simple tips for reenergizing in an instant:

Up Your Magnesium Intake

If you are eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, there is a good chance you are already getting your recommended daily dose of magnesium, but if you’re still feeling too tired to do anything much, there is a chance that you could be deficient and might well 

benefit from either upping your intake of magnesium rich foods like avocadoes bananas and beans, or taking a daily supplement until things improve.

Take a Walk

It seems a bit counterintuitive, but taking yourself off for a brisk walk around the block is a great way to boost your energy and leave you feeling refreshed. Other exercises will probably have a similar effect, but walking is the easiest to do in many cases.

Have a Nap

It can be tough to find the time when you are busy, but if you can find even 10 minutes in your schedule to have an afternoon nap, you might well find that your energy, and your productivity, increases in the afternoon. Try not to nap for too long, though, or you might find it difficult to sleep at night.

A Vitamin Injection

If you’re really struggling to get your eyes open and get through the day doing all that you need to do, you could consider having IV vitamin therapy. Basically, a professional will inject you with an infusion of B vitamins and other energy boosters, to keep you going when things get tough.

Eat Regularly

If you eat at regular intervals, your body will never be short of the energy it needs to get on with life. So, be sure to eat your breakfast, dinner, and lunch, along with a healthy snack or two, every day to beat back fatigue.


Spending even a few minutes each day meditating can give you the space you need to relax, de-stress and deal with any issues that could be zapping your energy. Just find a quiet place, sit down and focus on your breath for five minutes or so.

Cut Down on Sugar and Carbs

If you’ve ever eaten a big bowl of pasta for dinner only to crash an hour later, you will know that eating lots of carbs and puddings can cause your energy levels to plummet when your blood sugar comes down from the huge spike caused by your favorite foods. So stick to fruits, veggies, and whole grains during the day to stay on top of your game.

If you make changes to your diet and lifestyle and you still find yourself feeling fatigued on a regular basis, it could be wise to visit your doctor just in case.

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