Saturday, March 18, 2017

Keeping Your Child Healthy at School

When your child is at home, you’re able to keep a watchful eye on them to ensure they’re kept as healthy and fit as possible. Too much time playing video games? You’re on it. Playing in dirty areas ripe for disease? You’re on it. But while you can make sure they’re kept well at home, what about at school, where they spend the majority of their day? His or her teachers can’t be watching your child all the time. It’s up to you to ensure they’re kept healthy.

What’s in the Bag?

There’s no way that your child can do away with a school bag, but did you know that what they’re carrying around on their backs might be causing them serious back pain and spinal problems? Children are routinely carrying more than 15% of their bodyweight to and from school, far above the recommended limit a person should carry. This is just one school related issue why a child would need services like those offered at In the future, try to limit what your child has in their bag by making sure only the essentials are in there - their back will thank you for it later on down the line.

On the Field

Talking of back problems, your child might just develop an issue and not even realize it. Schools are getting more and more competitive, and unfortunately, this is leading to a rise in sporting injuries suffered by children. Most of them are just superficial injuries that just need some time to heal, but others may require an immediate trip to the hospital. Others yet might not really be felt until weeks after the incident, when something “just doesn’t feel right”. Because you can’t be there (or stop them from playing), you should do your best to make sure they’re properly prepared for their sport, including having all the correct safety equipment.

Healthy Eating

Wouldn’t it be great if your child actually enjoyed eating healthily? Alas, very few seldom do. While you can spice up the home cooked meals to make them healthy and tasty, it’s a little bit more difficult when it comes to their meals at school. Try as you might, you’ll never be able to stop them accessing less than healthy foods while in the playground. That’s why it’s good to pack a treat in with their lunch - if they’re going to eat something “bad”, it’s better if you control what it is.

Keeping Germs at Bay 

You can’t stop your child from getting bugs and colds and the rest while in school, but you can limit the chances germs have of spreading to your child’s body. Making sure they’re fully aware of cleanliness habits (including washing hands before eating) and the extra importance of following them at school will help keep germs at bay. Also, the first line of defense against illness is a good night’s sleep, so do your best to ensure your child has everything they need for an uninterrupted night of dreaming.

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