Friday, March 3, 2017

Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains The Same: Timeless Home Decor

Just like with clothes, trends can fall out of fashion when it comes to home decor. Certain patterns, colors, and accessories that once looked sleek and modern can look frumpy and outdated when trends move on. This is unavoidable, and generally, something to embrace. Let’s face it, it can be fun revamping your home and breathing in a new lease of life every few years. But there are some things you don’t want to have to change every time you decorate. Choose well, and these will last you through all of the different decor changes over the years. They’re the kind of thing that simply don’t go out of style.

Wooden Floors

Solid wooden floors are incredibly long lasting. Looked after well they’ll last for a couple of decades, and can even be fully sanded and restained a good few times over the years allowing them to stay looking like new. They work with both modern and traditional decor. They can look homely or sleek depending on what else you have in the room. They can be dressed up with mats and rugs. If you come to sell your house, it's something that buyers love too and can even add value. If you want a floor covering that will stand the test of time, never fall out of fashion and stay looking gorgeous then wood, specifically using hardwoods, is the way to go. Avoid cheap laminates which can chip and warp, invest in the good stuff. It will be worth the money in the long run.

Chesterfield Chairs and Sofas

Classics like Chesterfield furniture has stood the test of time. It’s elegant, beautiful and choose a well-made piece and you’ll be sitting on it for many, many years. Any relatively plain, sturdy pieces will work; avoid trendy colours, patterns and styles which will date faster. The trick is to choose a neutral color, that way when you redecorate over the years it always works. You can add cushions and throws to soften the look and tie it in with the rest of the decor if needed. Leather is a good choice of covering since it’s easy to clean and hard wearing- perfect for households with kids, pets and lots of house guests.

Solid Wooden Furniture

Timeless furniture isn’t fussy or ornate. It’s simple, elegant and beautiful. Solid wooden pieces will last you forever providing you take care of them. Choose well, and you can update your theme, colors, patterns and everything else and yet your furniture will never look out of place. If you’ve gone with wooden floors, choose something that complements them for the best finish. 

By choosing these kinds of features, you can still have fun with your home, without having to constantly buy expensive new items. For a truly timeless look, you won’t go wrong with clean white walls and neutral rugs and accessories. 

Have you opted for any timeless, classic pieces of home decor? Or are you the kind of person that follows trends and replaces everything after a few years?

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