Monday, March 6, 2017

Healthy Momma, Healthy Baby

When you are pregnant, it can seem like her is an awful lot of pressure on you. This is because it's not just you that you are looking after but also you unborn child. Which mean that what you do also affect them. Indeed, for those nine months and a while after it's a symbiotic relationship between you and your baby. So it's important to take the best care of yourself as possible. As not only will this make you healthy during your pregnancy and for the birth, but will also give you baby the best start in life as well. Read on to find out more.

What to eat

As we know what we eat is vital to our health, as it is through our food that we gain most of our fuel and nutrients to allow the body to work properly. Of course, many women are prone to strange carving during pregnancy of food that they would not normally eat or wouldn't put together. You can find some example of bizarre pregnancy craving here.

But craving aside, what sort of food should we be eating when we are pregnant? Well, first of all, it's important to read on up on the sorts of things you should be avoiding. Like some fish and seafood, as well as unpasteurized milk and cheeses. It's also a good idea to get the latest information for the government on eating nuts when pregnant. As some say it best to avoid them to prevent allergies in your child, while other say the opposite.


Now some folks treatment pregnant women as it f they are invalids, which can be super frustrating, especially if you are an active person. Yes, there is an extra strain on your body, but by being more careful, you can account for this. Meaning you don't need to sit in a chair for the next nine months! Of course, the exception of this is if you doctor has advised bed rest for a medical reason.

That means, medical issues aside, you can pretty much exercise as normal for the first trimester. Although as you get a little bigger, you may want to consider modifying some of your moves. Or attending classes especially for pregnant ladies.

Having said that some moms can get some lower back pain while pregnant and moving, because of each stress on these muscles during this time. But there are some ways of moving sensibly to minimize this risk. Such as not over stretching and being more mindful of your changing body.


Something else that you need to ensure you are keeping up to date with when you are pregnant is your medications. Firstly, if you are on any long term medications, it is important that you discuss these with your doctor. As some can slightly increase the risk of problems with the baby. 

However, it is always advisable to keep taking your meds, until you have spoken to your doctor. As coming off them quickly and without a replacement can be very dangerous for both mom and baby.

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