Friday, February 10, 2017

Alternative Gifts For The Love Of Your Life

As of posting, it's just four more days before Valentine’s Day, and if you’re anything like the average person, you’re probably already getting a little anxious because you haven’t actually managed to get something for your partner yet. Let’s face it: Christmas was less than two months ago and you probably used up all your best ideas then. Romance sometimes dries up a little after you’ve been together for a while and if you’re finding yourself trying to decide between new oven gloves that they need or a power drill that you wish they’d use to finally put up that picture, then stop right there: check out these Valentine’s Day gift ideas instead.

Give Them A Romantic Night In At Home

Let’s face it: going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day is always terrible. If you’ve just got into a new relationship and you’re really feeling the romance then that’s all well and good – but if you’ve been together for a while, then there’s absolutely nothing that sounds like fun about cramming yourself into a crowded restaurant to order from a menu that’s been drastically downsized and overpriced to prepare for the most supposedly romantic night of the year. Instead, have a romantic night in at home. Order your favorite takeout or make his favorite dinner, and build yourselves a pillow fort in the living room so you can snuggle together and watch your favorite movie.

Try Out A New Activity

If you’ve been together for a while then you probably think that you’ve done it all already – but chances are, there’s something that neither of you has done that you can try out for the first time as a duo! Maybe you love sports and you’d like to go rock climbing, or you want to try out surfing – if so, be careful because nothing says ‘ruined Valentine’s Day’ like broken limbs. But you could also go a little nut and try out a panic room for the day or even bubble soccer suits – you might look ridiculous but you’ll never have laughed more! Alternatively, if you’re feeling really wild you could create a scavenger hunt for the pair of you to do together – you’ll get to know your town even better and have a great time as well.

Whisk Them Away For The Weekend

Everyday life often boils down to the same old, same old, all the time – so why not throw that routine away and take your partner for a weekend away? If they aren’t a fan of surprises, make sure that they have a prior warning (remember, it’s all about them and what they enjoy!). You could go for a romantic break or even an Airbnb in the town closest to you that you’ve never explored properly. Do some research first and make some dinner reservations so you have plans for the evening – or alternatively, arm yourselves with maps, and have a romantic hand-in-hand stroll all day, discovering somewhere completely new together. Not only will it be a great Valentine’s day but it’ll also create some incredible memories.

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