Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Pros And Cons Of Old Houses

If you have decided to move into an old house, it’s important to get a real picture of the advantages and the inconveniences of old properties. Indeed, while you may know that you won’t find the same energy-efficient solutions in old buildings than you would in a modern house, there are a few factors to keep in mind as a homeowner. So, before you can fully appreciate your new home, it’s helpful to understand the potential issues that are awaiting you, and to make the most of your advantages too! 

Old Insulation Systems

Old houses tend to have an outdated insulation system. This means that the house will not be able to regulate the temperature easily: You’ll get hot when it’s hot outside, and cold when it’s cold outside. Consequently, it’s something that you want to check as soon as possible with a certified engineer. You might need to get in touch with your local industrial adhesive suppliers to upgrade your roof and wall insulation system. Old windows will also need renovating for the same insulation reason. In short, if you are still in the buying process, do make sure to account for these investments in the final cost. 

Unsafe Electrics

It is not uncommon for an old house to still have partially, or fully, their original electric settings. Before you begin to use the electrics, do make sure to arrange an appointment with a professional electrician who will be able to review the standard of your plugs, cables and fuse box to make sure that there is no risk. As a rule of the thumb, an electrician will not require more than a few hours to change most elements of your electric system. So it’s worth waiting for his or her advice instead of risking an electric fire. The same argument is valid for old gas appliances too!

Failing Mechanicals And Appliances

You will soon notice as well that appliances and mechanicals that are built inside the house might not be of the highest standard anymore. Heating systems, commonly, need to be changed every 10 to 20 years, so you’ll need to bill this into your total cost when you are considering buying an old house. Finally, don’t trust anything that comes with kitchen appliances if these are past their warranty date. 

Original Features

Old houses tend to come with hard-to-duplicate original features, such as the staircase, the fireplace or maybe the built-in storage cabinets. These are part of the charm of the place. They add a valuable aesthetic aspect that is very typical of old properties. 

Established Neighborhood

In towns and cities, old houses are generally located in established neighborhoods with long-term homeowners who care about the community and the area they live in. As a result, by buying an old house, you join a lively community that is well connected to all the urban facilities. You can expect your neighbors to want to know more about you too!

Better Construction Quality 

Old houses were built to last. The solid and durable construction of an old property is very different from mass-built houses that come to the estate market. The materials used tend to be of better quality than what more affordable and modern houses rely on. 

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