Monday, February 6, 2017

How To Get That Spare Room Made Up!

I recently saw a bloggers DIY list that she wanted to do in 2017. The one on the list I'm interested on is getting the spare room sorted. The spare room can turn into a guest bedroom eventually, but it can serve some better purposes in the meantime, more than just housing the TV and a bookcase. Here are the options I have in mind.

Making It A Chillout Area

If there are enough cushions in there to make it a little meditation space if you are into that sort of thing, but if you're not, so maybe just making it a space for relaxing and away from the normal stresses could be what the doctor ordered! It’s nice to have somewhere away from everything else to just sit back and give your mind some time to wander. Maybe getting some bean bags would be a nice little addition. There used to be vinyl shops that had dedicated listening spaces back in the 50’s and 60’s, where people would stand in a booth with some headphones on and listen to the latest Buddy Holly or Beatles records. Maybe you can turn the room into a place for you vinyls to live and just stick some headphones on and have a chill. We all need somewhere to go and relax that’s not our couch, don’t we? Or maybe it’s just me.

Home Office?

If it’s not a good chill out space, then maybe it’s a good place to do work in the meantime. Maybe adding a desk and chair in the corner, you can really get some work done. Home offices are becoming the norm nowadays, maybe you can get some time to work from home and spend time on your blog or other important things without TV being a distraction. Installing some vinyl flooring would be an ambitious task, but it would mean that there’d be a lot less mess than there would be on a carpet. So the mop can come out and, hey presto, it’s clean!

Music! All The Music

Or maybe before it becomes a guest room you can just kit it out with all your books and vinyl and make it a fully-fledged music room. You can hold listening parties and have your friends over with some comfy chairs and just talk nonsense! If there’s already a couple of bookshelves in there, so with all your books and records in there, it will be a space that’s (predominately) yours. That might be an idea. But we’ll see… there’s some food for thought there. And it takes a long time to settle on something that you and your other family members both agree on. You’ll get there!

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