Friday, February 10, 2017

Stain Removal Tips: As Easy As ABC!

Every homeowner’s nightmare is getting a very noticeable stain right in the middle of their carpets. There are many stains that are not removable, and very bad stains could result in the homeowner having to get the whole room recarpeted. However, you will be very happy to hear that those days are very much in the past! In fact, these days there are now lots of different ways to remove stains, so you will never have to strategically place a piece of furniture or mat to cover up an unsightly stain again!

Here are some great stain removal products that make cleaning carpets as easy as ABC!

Steam Carpet Cleaners

Your regular vacuum cleaner won’t be much good when it comes to fighting stains. Instead, you need a steam carpet cleaner. These appliances use hot steam to lift the stain off the fibers of the carpet. You can also use them with a carpet shampoo to ensure your carpets look as good as new. If you aren’t too sure which cleaner is worth buying, you will find lots of websites that offer their opinion on the best carpet steam cleaner.

If you own a car, you will also surely find the best steamer for car detailing online.


Vinegar is the housewife’s best friend! This natural ingredient can be put to work almost anywhere in your home as it has so many different beneficial properties. But it is also a very effective carpet cleaner. There are various ways you can use this on stains on your carpet. One way is to dissolve two teaspoons of salt into half a cup of white vinegar. You can then gently rub this solution into the carpet. For dirt that has been ground into the carpet, you should mix the vinegar with some cornstarch and then rub this into the carpet fibers. Leave it there for a day before rinsing it off. 


I’ve already briefly mentioned that salt can be used alongside vinegar to help clear your carpets of any stains, but there are also many ways of using it on its own. You will already know that you should pour white wine onto a red wine stain. Well, after you have wiped off the white wine, you should sprinkle some salt onto the damp patch of carpet. When you vacuum up the salt, the stain will be completely gone. Salt is also useful for cleaning greasy stains. Mix salt with rubbing alcohol and then rub onto the patch of grease. 

Baking Soda

If you ever need to deal with any stains caused by vomit or urine, you should reach for the baking soda straight away. Wipe away any excess liquid and mess before sprinkling on plenty of baking soda. Pat it with a dry paper towel. Once this patch has completely dried, you can vacuum up all the baking soda. The powder will help to dry up the stain as well as sanitize the area. You can also use baking soda to help clean greasy patches on your carpet. 

As you can see, you never have to worry about carpet stains ever again!

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