Friday, February 3, 2017

Clever Ideas For Engaging Your Kids in Music

I belong to a family of musicians, well except me I guess (haha). Both my parents can sing and play the guitar, my eldest brother can sing, play the bass, guitar and the keyboard, my other brother can sing, play the keyboard and the drums and my sister sings too, play the guitar and the keyboard as well. When I was a kid, I can't sing, but I learned eventually. However, I can't play any musical instrument, my family attempted to teach me play the guitar and the piano but I wasn't just that determined to learn before, which I really regret.

Now, I want my kids to engage in music and as I can see they also have interest in it. All three of them loves to sing and dance along to some songs from the TV shows they watch. So I am planning to enroll them to Music Class this summer.

Music is actually an excellent activity for children that can have a profound impact on their future. And while the occasional child will have a natural affinity - and ability - for music and rhythm, it’s something that can be taught to all of them. There are so many benefits for our children that it's an idea worth pursuing. 

Research suggests music can increase brainpower and activity, fosters creativity and expression, and can also help teach discipline and patience. Finally, it’s a fantastic confidence builder - even the shyest child can be brought out of their shells when they are singing or have a musical instrument in their hands. 

However, never forget that you need to encourage your children to engage with music - not force it on them. Here are some quick tips and ideas on how you can do it. 


The first step is simple enough: make music a part of your family life. Ask any professional musician, and they will all tell you the same thing - they recall music being played in the family home from an incredibly early age. It’s also important to start listening to a broad range of styles and different sounds, and you will soon start to see your child develop their own musical ear.


Some parents are happy to sing with their children, while others can feel a little embarrassed. But the thing is, your kids don’t care how well or badly you can sing - so start working out those lungs! Singing is a natural activity for kids, and is fun, healthy, and starts to engage them with melody, rhythm, and creativity.


The earlier you can get your children banging on drums and messing around with keyboards the better. Kids love to explore making sounds, and if you spot a hint of talent or interest, consider encouraging your little one to learn a proper musical instrument. If you can find a great teacher, you will find that they will inspire your child and help them see many of the possibilities that music offers. 


It’s never been easier to make music recordings than it is today. All you need is a computer and some free music software or a four-track recorder, and you can get your kids started straight away. It’s a fun way for them to listen to their progress - and it makes for a great gift for grandparents, too. As Nationwide Disc point out, mastering a batch of CDs doesn't have to be expensive, and it will give your child's efforts a professional sheen. 


Finally, get out there and see as much live music as you possibly can. Take your children to everything from orchestral concerts to their favorite pop star’s gigs. Festivals are an excellent choice, too, and these days there are hundreds of child-friendly events that exposes them to beautiful music and friendly atmospheres. 

To conclude, music can have an incredible impact on our child’s life, and who knows where it might take them in the future? While a career as a pop or rock star is unlikely, there are thousands of professional musicians out there who have amazing careers, either playing in orchestras or as session musicians. It’s a wonderful life, and everyone wants that for their children, right? 

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