Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Busy Moms Guide To A Fabulous Home

Being a mom is one of the busiest job there is, we are masters of multitasking and we wear many hats at once. And, when we get  busy with our kids, the last thing on our mind is sorting out our home., right? After all, we struggle to find any time in the day to ensure it looks great. And after the kids have been playing during the day, it can look like a disaster zone! However, our humble abode doesn’t have to look shabby when you have kids. In fact, here are some ways to ensure it looks fabulous, even when you are a busy mom.

Keep your best furniture out of bounds from the kids

Children love to get their hands on everything. But it can soon lead your furniture to get dirty and past it’s best. Therefore, to ensure your home still looks great, you should set some rules in the home. You might want to make your best furniture out of bounds to the kids. For example, one of the sofas you could name as the ‘adult couch’ and the kids aren’t allowed to go on it. You can get them their own chairs which they can use in the lounge. That way, you won’t end up with dirty furniture in your home. Also, to help protect your best furniture from your kids, you could get a cover to go over the pieces. That way, even if your children go up to it with paint on their hands, it will just go on the cover rather than on the beautiful furniture. You should get a machine washable one so that you can put it in the wash to ensure it stays clean.

Find great ideas online and in magazines during nap time 

When it comes to decorating the interior of your home, you often have little time to think about it when you have kids. In fact, it can lead you to make poor choices as you have to make a rushed decision on the weekends with your hubby. But there are some ways you can ensure you make the right decision. For one thing, you should take advantage of naptimes. While your kid is getting some shuteye, use the time to search for great decor ideas for your home. You can look in magazines similar to interior design magazine and search online to find great ideas for your home. Save ideas you love, and then after collating a good few, you can decide on what will suit your home! 

Hire a professional to work on your home

If you have little time to work on making your home look fantastic when you are busy with the kids, you should hire someone to help out. After all, there are many interior designers out there who can come and sprinkle some design goodness to your home. They will show you different ideas, and you pick out what you want for your home. And then you and the kids can get out of the day while the designer works their magic! If you do get an interior designer to come out to your home, it will definitely look a masterpiece.

And remember to keep cleaning as you go during the day. Otherwise, you will find that the amount of mess builds up and your home will look horrific. Therefore, keep cleaning and putting things away to ensure the property looks great!

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