Friday, February 17, 2017

Keeping Your Kids’ Bedrooms Clean and Tidy

The average parent knows that a child’s bedroom can go from sparkling clean to garbage dump dirty in the blink of an eye. After all, kids are interested in playing and enjoying life; they don’t have much time for cleaning up and organizing their room, so it doesn’t take long for toys to be strewn all over the floor, stains to appear and mess to accumulate.

If you’re a mom who’s sick and tired of the state of your kid’s room, don’t despair; here are some simple tips you can use to help keep your kids’ bedrooms clean and tidy:

Storage and Organization

Perhaps, the biggest problem in kids’ rooms is the amount of clutter. Luckily, this is one of the easiest problems to remedy. First and foremost, what you need to do to tackle this problem is buy some handy storage boxes. These can be used for everything from storing toys neatly in one place, to keeping clothing safe and clean. Best of all, if your child has space under the bed, you can store the boxes there, where they will be completely out of sight.

Another good way to keep clutter to a minimum is to add shelves and encourage your kids to display their favorite teddies, robots, and figures on the shelving units, rather than leaving them on the floor or all over the bed.

Alternatively, you could even affix a storage net to the wall, which they can use to keep dolls, teddies, and cars off the floor, but easily available should they wish to play with them.

Color Coding

Color coding is a great way of convincing kids to put their things away in an organized manner. Either buy shelves or drawers in different bright colors or make use of colored stickers, to show your child which stuff belongs where and they’ll never have trouble finding their socks or their favorite toy again.


Kids are very messy. They think nothing of eating cookies in bed or spilling paint on their sheets, which is why you should try and clean your kids’ bedding at least once a week if you want to get rid of germs and keep illnesses away. Ideally, you should wash comforters and pillows at least once a week too.

When creating a kid’s room, you should also try to buy a strong, durable mattress like harrisons mattresses, which will stand up to more wear and tear, and you should aim to flip and clean the mattress with a mixture of water, vinegar and baking soda in a spray bottle every month. You will probably need to replace your children's’ mattresses more often than your own, too.

Cleaning and Dusting

You might get away with cleaning the rest of your home once a fortnight or so, but kids make more dust and grime than the average person, which is why you should really be dusting and cleaning their rooms at least once a week. Ideally, you should use chemical-free products to clean up if you want to keep your children healthy. A mix of white vinegar, lemon juice, and water is great for cleaning walls, floors, and other surfaces, whereas you can normally dust with just a plain old feather duster. If your kid’s room is carpeted, sprinkling baking soda and essential pills over the floor before vacuuming is a great way to clean up the carpet and remove any unpleasant odors.

Removing Pen from Walls

If your child is an aspiring Banksy and can’t resist using their bedroom walls as their own personal easel, don’t worry; all you have to do is spray any drawing marks with hairspray before wiping with a cloth. You can also use toothpaste, rubbing alcohol and a paste of baking soda and water to remove the stains. A combination of all methods should be enough to deal with the most stubborn of stains.

Get Them Involved

If you want your kids to grow up into responsible young adults, it is a good idea to get then used to taking responsibility for their own space as soon as possible. Hang up a star chart and add to it whenever they put their toys away in the right place, get them to vacuum along with you and generally encourage them to take care of their things by offering them rewards when they have enough stars on their chart. By doing this, not only will you cut down on your workload, but you will encourage your kids to be tidier people as the years go by.

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