Tuesday, February 7, 2017

3 Financial Challenges Faced By Young Adults

Sometimes, life doesn’t go quite according to plan, and we can find ourselves in some major financial difficulties without much of an idea of how we got there, or how we’re going to dig ourselves out. If you’re a young adult and life seems to have crept up on you, it’s essential to get a handle on your personal finances before they overwhelm you. Here are three of the biggest financial challenges young people commonly face.

Financial Illiteracy

This is one of the most fundamental issues that young adults come across when they’re trying to manage their personal finances, as well as one of the most common. Now that you’ve left school and stepped into the big wide world, you may know all the big names of the cold war, but have no idea what half of the financial terms you’re coming across mean! Until something clicks and teachers start covering financial literacy, people like you need to help themselves. Go out of your way to learn about interest rates, different kinds of mortgages and loans, and what all those long words on your bank statements mean. There are many online resources like this financial dictionary which can be very helpful.
Student Debt

These days, the job market is totally flooded with people who have bachelor’s degrees or equivalents, making student debt one of the biggest financial challenges facing a lot of young adults. Whether it’s from your tuition or anything else, paying off debt needs to be a priority when you’re trying to get a handle on your personal finances. Things may look pretty bleak right now, especially when the jobs you’re going for are extremely competitive and hard to obtain. However, no matter how long it seems like it will take, or how many sacrifices you have to make in your day-to-day spending, you need to come up with a plan for paying down your loan. There’s a whole wealth of consolidation plans and guides on the internet you can use, but ultimately rubbing out your student debt is going to be a matter of foresight and self-discipline. The sooner you get it off your back, the sooner you’ll be able to spend on the things that really matter.
Learning to Invest and Take Risks

The economy has been pretty bumpy over the past ten years, and this has made a lot of millennials a little scared of capitalism in all its forms. Generation Y types, who may have struggled to find work or watched their parents’ investments fall apart, can be extremely skittish about even the smallest of risks. However, if you want your personal finances to be as healthy as possible, you can’t let this fear get the best of you! As rough as things have been in the past, investing in stock, property and so on has made people a lot of money over time. The sooner you start investing, the easier it will be for you to kindle your wealth in later life.

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